Halloween’s Happy Horrors



With All Hallows’ Eve on the horizon, and an eerie darkness filling the air, does anyone have a chance against the latest and possibly most lethal version of Halloween, not to mention Michael Meyers, who promises to slaughter everyone who dares darken his deadly door, including Venom, who we know doesn’t scare easily? Might A Star is Born light the way to safer cinematic terrain, where a troubled but Beautiful Boy can heal without all that ugliness, the First Man can tell tales of a different kind of stars and Smallfoot can remind us that even the littlest among us can inspire the biggest dreams?
Can good dreams (i.e. profits) be realized out of all those entertainingly Bad Times at El Royale?
During these imaginatively evil times, Can You Ever Forgive Me? (or anyone) for missing out on all the fun, both sinister and sweet this weekend?



Venom Remains the Victor


Venom was still poisoning the rest of the competition, keeping them far from his wicked-but-winning limelight. A Star is Born for the Big Screen, apparently, casting one tuneful light throughout our cinematic skies. Lighting the rest of the way, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween darkened our path in-a-PG-kind-of-way, making for a nice place to visit pre-Halloween. The First Man was first rate while Smallfoot, clearly first in his class, was happy to still be playing among those big stars.
The moon and the stars were out in full display this weekend, things that go bump in the night offered a creative place to crash, an alter-ego provided us with a poisonous but profitable personality and humanity found a home in the animated universe, all within our home-away-from-home movie theaters.
Which of our colorful tales made you feel at home this weekend?
Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Venom $35.7 million.
2. A Star is Born $28 million.
3. First Man $16.5 million.
4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween $16.2 million.
5. Smallfoot $9.3 million.

Goosebumps Gets Ready to Meet the Stars



As we get closer to Halloween, will those Venom(ous) spirits consume our movie nights or will a family-friendly tale create Goosebumps (2): (where a) Haunted Halloween promises a spooky good time? Can Smallfoot, quite clearly a G-rated gem, take an even bigger leap thanks to the littlest moviegoers? Might we happily stay in the sweet present moment (horror aside) within A House With a Clock in its Walls or will we bypass all that cuteness to attend “class” at Night School, hoping to learn the biggest lessons (any time of day or night?) Moving forward, will Bad Times at the El Royale spell good times within our neighborhood movie theaters?
Casting her own spell, perhaps A Star is Born, being the wise-but-troubled star she is, can counsel an also-troubled but Beautiful Boy, whose struggles outweigh the lofty goals of the First Man in space. How high will he soar this weekend? Still flying high in our strange, sparkling space, the stars requesting A Simple Favor, not fooling anyone by their misleading title, promise to complicate things even more.
I simply can’t wait for the weekend!

Venom Crushes the Stars


Antiheroes abound in our Reel World, typically shoving their competition, in the most heroic of ways, out of their exclusive limelight. This week was no exception, when Venom arrived, with all his Marvel malice, breaking box-office records while clobbering his less-marvelous competitors. More musical than malicious, Hollywood remade a remake, resulting in A Star is Born (after apparently being reborn…try to keep up). Smallfoot remained big among the littlest stargazers. Audiences were still learning life lessons within the Night School “classroom.” The House With a Clock in its Walls kept us happily in the present moment.
Presently speaking, Marvel(ous) Stars came in all shapes and (sometimes scary) sizes this weekend, making our cinematic time priceless (but profitable by Hollywood studio standards).
Which of our priceless tales brought value to your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Venom $80 million.
2. A Star is Born $41.3 million.
3. Smallfoot $14.9 million
4. Night School $12.3 on.
5. The House With a Clock in its Walls $7.3 million.

The Stars Among Us



Halloween and all it inspires has certainly motivated much in the movies playing out these days in Hollywood. The Predator and The Nun have found common ground, reveling in the Hell Fest currently being featured. Sure to fit right in, Venom, with all of his Marvel-made personalities, promises to be the freaky character to beat this weekend. Will his sense of self take a beating?
The House With a Clock in its Walls clearly knows what time of year it is but rebelliously promises to be way more wholesome than hellish. Then there’s A Simple Favor still providing a bit of trouble-free (for us, anyway) mystery at the request of many. Fortunately, class is in session within that crowded Night School, sure to make us even wiser, helping us solve any cinematic mystery coming our way.
Mystery to no one, Smallfoot is taking big steps among the big boys. Will he corner the market among the minors? What about The Happy Prince? Will he discover true happiness at the box office?
Of course, if A Star is Born this weekend, it may be courtesy of a classic tale filled with your typical fame and misfortune.
How fortunate are we to get to play a part in all of that?

School’s in Profitable Session




Night School had the highest “attendance” within domestic movie theaters this weekend, offering the biggest audience the most entertaining education. Our youngest moviegoers learned something from Smallfoot, who enjoyed a big, animated opening while The House With a Clock in its Walls was still keeping profitable time. A Simple Favor was one complicated mystery worth unraveling, culminating in a visit with The Nun, who continued to pray for our tortured movie souls
Time stood still for us movie lovers this weekend, with school providing the fun with the Nun still around offering her version of prayer. Friends and family, imagined and animated, found the humanity residing within our movie-loving hearts (with horror heightened among the sweet delights).
Which of our delightful assortments sweetened your weekend?
Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Night School $28 million.
2. Smallfoot $23 million.
3. The House With a Clock in its Walls $12.5 million.
4. A Simple Favor $6.6 million.
5. The Nun $5.4 million.

Old Men and Little Women Arrive for the Movie Fest


Life is not easy these days within our cinematic universe, what with The Predator running amok and The Nun leading us in one freakish prayer after another, leaving weary movie lovers wondering where they can go for a bit of cinematic peace. Certainly not to Hell Fest, who plan on putting on a killer show meant to provide a bit of their version of heaven reserved exclusively for horror lovers. Although not as hellish, A Simple Favor might be too complicated for the faint among us, who prefer sweet make-believe to mystery.
Happily, there’s something for everyone, with sweet Smallfoot new in town and ready to make a big animated impression. Eager to learn all he can about the human race, he’s likely to learn the value of movie time within The House With a Clock in its Walls, whose family-friendly ways are clearly timeless.
Maybe The Old Man & the Gun will hold us captive reliving his adventurous escapades. Are we ready to escape with him?
So many questions! Fortunately, Little Women (young and gunless) are back, in a modernized-but-classic kinda way, ready to share their larger-than-life wisdom on life’s toughest matters. For those of us interested in a different kind of “knowledge,” we’re invited to attend class at Night School.
Where will we find the education we need to make the smartest movie choice this weekend?

***Above beach photo taken in Wildwood, NJ. Courtesy of C.T. Costa Photography

Movie photos courtesy of Pexels