Us Gets Ready to Rear its Ugly Heads

As we march into another cinematic season, how much longer will that heroic Captain Marvel save our vast movie universe? Can the cast of Captive State find freedom in their confined community? Will the occupants within Hotel Mumbai find the greatest movie meaning?
Might a meaningful trip to that fun and freeing Wonder Park offer its young (and young-at-heart) audience the sweetest break or will moviegoers prefer a more clandestine (but no less wonderful) visit courtesy of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World? Of course, our littlest, most discerning movie lovers could, as a whole, choose The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, loving all of its sequel-worthy parts.
Moving on, will young love keep us (and its young lovers) Five Feet Apart or draw us all closer together?
Just glad to be a part of the cinematic landscape, the workers conducting The Hummingbird Project will attempt to make the best movie deals this weekend. When will their number be up? What’s up with A Madea Family Funeral ? How much longer will audiences be offering their respects?
Finally, offering twice the horror, it’s Us against the doppelgangers this weekend. Who will be having double the fun?
Heroes? Humor? Horror, and hmmm, hummingbirds?? Who can pick just one?😊


A Marvel and a Wonder

Captain Marvel was still successfully cruising along on our bumpy cinematic roads, taking the driver’s seat once again and ending up first at the domestic box office. The second greatest place to visit, Wonder Park, offered the most imaginative playground. Audiences found themselves Five Feet Apart from ailing teenagers, who they ironically held close to heart. Always heartfelt, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World opened up unlimited possibilities in our world while A Madea Family Funeral perfectly blended laughter and tears.
The perfect blend was created this weekend at the movies, a female-driven film commanded our attention, animation, as always, was pure wonder, teenagers taught us (once again) the (successful) significance of doomed love and a mournful procession was cause for a “somber” celebration.
Which of our celebrated tales added wonder to your weekend?
Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Captain Marvel $69.3 million.
2. Wonder Park $16 million.
3. Five Feet Apart $13.2 million.
4. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World $9.3 million.
5. A Madea Family Funeral $8.1 million.

A Marvel-Filled Wonder Weekend

After last week’s marvelous debut, can we assume that history-making Captain Marvel will be in charge, cinematically speaking, for the foreseeable future? In the face of such competition, how big will the attendance be at A Madea Family Funeral?
Have we learned all we can on How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World? How many parts of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part are worth seeing a second time?  First time out to play, there’s clearly much to behold within Wonder Park for our spirited moviegoers. Wondering what their opening weekend will be like?
Might The Hummingbird Project have the thrill-seekers among us humming to the sweetest tune? What about a visit to Captive State? Will it create an overpopulation in their confined community?
What can we expect The Aftermath to be in our movie population this weekend?
Finally, how much longer will Alita: Battle Angel remain in our crowded community, fighting her “spiritual” struggles?
No sense struggling, fellow movie lovers, just follow the cinematic spirits to your local movie theater this weekend😊

Captain Marvel Crashes the Biggest Party


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Captain Marvel led the way to one marvelous debut, making box-office history while reaching the top of the charts. Barely visible in her rearview mirror, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World proudly remained a visible part of our world and A Madea Family Funeral maintained a respectable number of mourners, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part happily remained a part of it all but still left a bit of cinematic space for Alita: Battle Angel, who continued the spiritual battle of the box office.
A captain took profitable control, a funeral was still fun and our animated jewels sparkled as the most entertaining battle played on…
Which of our playful tales won your attention this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Captain Marvel $153 million.
2. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World $14.7 million.
3. A Madea Family Funeral $12 million.
4. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part $3.8 million.
5. Alita: Battle Angel $3.2million.

A Captain Gets Ready to Take Control

Captain Marvel is ready to rumble, as she puts up her dukes for the latest (hopefully) greatest of Marvel wars. How marvelous will her debut be among our earthbound moviegoers? Will she be welcomed by Alita: Battle Angel, who, like the captain, just can’t stop kicking butt? Will they all find kindred spirits among those Fighting With My Family? Will the members of A Madea Family Funeral finally realize family (at least theirs) is the key to movie fortune?
Who will be getting kicked to the curb this weekend?
Will it be the softies continually asking, Isn’t It Romantic? who are clearly more lovers than fighters? What about Gloria Bell, who’s dancing as fast as she can? Will she be clobbered by The Kid, who is most definitely not a “kidder?” What about the colorful kids comprising How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World? Will they come out of hiding with their cinematic dukes up, ready to take apart The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part while they all do their part to keep the animation world intact?
Which of our odd assortment of delights will make your weekend complete?

A Hidden World Welcomes the Madea Mourners

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World continued to uncover the biggest cure to the late winter blues this weekend at the movies, coming in first for the second weekend in a row. First week out to play and pray, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral proved to be a lot of fun for mourners and revelers alike. Having very little fun, Alita: Battle Angel was still putting up a fight. The Lego Movie: The Second Part refused to fall totally apart, at least in moviegoers’ hearts, while life’s most heartfelt questions were answered in the Green Book.
Family and friends were well represented this weekend at the movies with animation and angels revealing the best world to get lost within, each adding their own brand of fun to the festivities
Which of our family-friendly tales offered you the greatest escape this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World $30 million.
2. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral $27.1 million.
3. Alita: Battle Angel $7 million.
4. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part $6.6 million.
5. Green Book $4.7 million.

Fun at a Funeral?

There’s something for everyone this weekend at the movies. For the littlest among us, How To Train Your Dragon 2: Hidden World will uncover the most imaginative universe, with The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part offering the sweetest seconds. Horror lovers are promised A Happy Death Day 2U while The Turning pledges to tame the creepiest of cinematic souls. Who among them will be taking a turn for the worse?
Turning briefly to those new in town, will the clearly-troubled Greta be clashing with The Wedding Guest, who’s on his own troubling journey?
A trip through the comedic world wouldn’t be complete without someone asking Isn’t It Romantic? when What Men Want primarily is to let the women lead. Leading into another month in movie town, A Madea Family Funeral promises to grieve alongside their (hopefully) large crowd of madcap mourners. Fighting With My Family, naturally, comes with the cinematic territory, providing all the necessary “grief.”
Fortunately, Alita: Battle Angel is in fine fighting form, ready to take on whatever tale threatens to creatively kill our upcoming weekend.
Which of our battling tales will bring a bit of creativity to your weekend?