The Stars Align And Annihilate

Where would we be without the stars, guiding the way to the most entertaining weekend (and much-needed shopping break?)
The breakout star this weekend, to the surprise of absolutely no one, was STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI who landed in first place by lighting the cinematic skies with its own brand of celestial beings. On solid albeit animated ground, FERDINAND found success while COCO politely stepped aside, both offering family-friendly fun. Those WONDER-ful folks were still having loads of fun as the JUSTICE LEAGUE gallantly rounded out the Box Office Top Five.
Around our movie parts, the stars exploded and animation arrived in glorious color, illuminating a wonder to behold. Justice, as always, was entertainingly served.
Did the stars lead the way to an illuminating weekend for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi $220 million.
2. Ferdinand $13.3 million.
3. Coco $10 million.
4. Wonder $5.4 million.
5. Justice League $4.2 million.


The Stars Prepare to Shine

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Martin Luther King

With the color of the season sure to block out any threatening darkness, will COCO remain the liveliest animated thing going or will FERDINAND burst onto the scene and steal her thunder? Will the thunder stop rumbling around volatile THOR: RAGNAROK, casting a glow on WONDER while finding the meaning of it all thanks to that oh-so-smart JUSTICE LEAGUE?
Perhaps THE DISASTER ARTIST will perform to a sold-out audience (who clearly love a catastrophe in its most creative stages).
Of course, a little film called STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI may get the last warring word as well as first place in the hearts of starry-eyed moviegoers, who wisely subscribe to the notion that stars shine their brightest in the darkness (naturally provided by their local movie theater).
Will there by stars in your eyes this weekend?

Coco Continues to Crash the Christmas Celebration

COCO was still counting her many (profitable) blessings this weekend at the movies, rivaling the holiday décor for the most festive of sights. Audiences were once again checking out the justifiable sights courtesy of JUSTICE LEAGUE while the “wonder” of the season was experienced in one WONDER-filled film.
The still wonderful THOR: RAGNAROK remained a hero to all, inspiring THE DISASTER ARTIST to create his own artistic creation.
The holidays created the perfect backdrop for a jolly good time at our local movie theaters. Coco was cool, justice was served and Thor was satisfying. Wonder was a work of art while an artist was in a disastrous class of his own.
Which of our classy stories was a satisfying wonder to behold for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Coco $19 million.
2. Justice League $9.6 million.
3. Wonder $8.5 million.
4. The Disaster Artist $6.4 million.
5. Thor: Ragnarok $6.3million.

The Movie Weekend is Shaping Up

With the beginning of the most festive month finally here, will THE SHAPE OF WATER fill moviegoers with a sense of belief in fairy tales (and the elusive Santa Claus) or will the WONDER of it all be found in our favorite family tale?
Might champion COCO continue to make us believe in the magic of movies? Can DADDY’S HOME 2 provide double the fun, making a trip away from home worthwhile? Perhaps the services of JUSTICE LEAGUE, with a heroic assist from THOR: RAGNAROK, will be needed, even during these magical times, to make the MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS more compelling and less holiday mood killer.
Naturally, all of our pre-Christmas stories, from the lively to the lethal, the enchanting to the just-plain entertaining, promise to extend all season long,
Aren’t you glad we’re JUST GETTING STARTED?

Coco Holds Court

COCO continued to add colorful life to the cinematic community, paving an animated way for the JUSTICE LEAGUE, who remained the coolest club among the most discriminating movie members. The WONDER of the season was properly highlighted, graciously sharing the spotlight with THOR: RAGNAROK, who proved once again that reel heroes never quit. Refusing to quit during the homespun holiday season, DADDY’S HOME 2 offer a respite from killer sales and crowded stores.
Our most festive characters found a profitable place among the elves and the all-out entertainment the holiday season provides, discovering life is best spent in magical color, with justice, naturally served, a one-of-a-kind child was king, a hero was taking prisoners and home held all the yuletide answers!
Which of our yuletide tales was the answer to a fun weekend for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Coco $26.1 million.
2. Justice League $16.6 million.
3. Wonder $12.5 million.
4. Thor: Ragnarok $9.7 million.
5. Daddy’s Home 2 $7.5 million.

Will Wonder fill our Weekend?

With Christmas just around the story-filled corner, will moviegoers become so caught up in the WONDER currently revolving around a unique family tale (and wonderful, in general, holiday season), that they forget there are no wide releases this weekend? With no new contenders, does last week’s champion COCO still have a lot of life left in her or will that judgmental JUSTICE LEAGUE intend to hold court over anyone who doesn’t believe in the aforementioned wonder of the movie season? Does the (limited-released) DISASTER ARTIST have what it takes to steal some of their holiday joy courtesy of his own artistic tale?
Fortunately, DADDY’S HOME 2 make a believer out of anybody, artist or otherwise, with an assist, naturally, from THOR: RAGNAROK, who’s always ready to help out an imaginative friend (or friendly competition) in need.
Do you need a better reason to take in a movie (or two) this weekend?

Coco Clobbers the Competition

Disney-Pixar’s COCO burst onto the cinematic scene this long holiday weekend, livening up our movie landscape to the biggest, most grateful audience. Our reliable JUSTICE LEAGUE was still serving justice for all moviegoers, illuminating The WONDER of the family-filled season. THOR: RAGNAROK continued to play the hero to perfection while movie lovers (and Santa seekers) once again discovered DADDY’S HOME 2 make our character-driven party complete!
Audiences gave the most thanks for animation this weekend, which was gloriously alive and well. All of our heroes were in a successful league of their own and we learned, once again, there’s no place like home for the holidays!
Which of our gratifying tales made you feel at home this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Coco $49 million.
2. Justice League $40.7 million.
3. Wonder $22.3 million.
4. Thor: Ragnarok $16.8 million.
5. Daddy’s Home 2 $13.3 million.