Following the Movie Light

With Disney on the scene, A Wrinkle in Time is sure to smooth the nerves of our more family-oriented moviegoers, who may find The Black Panther, champion that he is, well, a bit too dark for their delicate temperaments. Still light on her feet, the multi-talented Red Sparrow is hoping to dance off with even more fans. Then there’s The Strangers: Prey at Night, hoping to make even more friends, whether day or night, within our darkened movie theaters. Of course, a Game Night has proven to offer some stiff competition. How much longer will that remain an entertaining way to spend our movie time?
Perhaps the Tomb Raider will bring Lara Croft out of her dark mausoleum and into the limelight, casting a shadow over the looming competition.
Thankfully, anytime of day, or night, is a valuable time to spend in our local movie theaters. I Can Only Imagine all that’s waiting there!
Which of our worth-the-wait tales will light up your weekend?


Time Closes in on the Panther

The Black Panther continued to slither through the most movie theaters this weekend at the domestic box office while A Wrinkle in Time received a smooth, family-friendly welcome. While The Strangers: Prey at Night were making friends with their target audience, the Red Sparrow was keeping movie lovers on their toes. Still performing well in the dark, a Game Night was a fun way to spend a movie night.
While a panther remained the biggest hero, time was undoubtedly on the side of our Disney friends, strangers made for intriguing companions, a ballerina remained the belle of the cinematic ball and moviegoers were clearly game for a night at the movies!
Which of our intriguing tales made your movie night?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Black Panther $41.1 million.
2. A Wrinkle in Time $33.3 million.
3. The Strangers: Prey at Night $10.5 million.
4. Red Sparrow $8.2 million.
5. Game Night $7.9 million.

Movie Prey

As we ease into all the bright colors the arrival of spring will soon bring, will the BLACK PANTHER’s light eventually dim? Will a DEATH WISH remain on moviegoers wish list or will a GAME NIGHT be a more entertaining way to spend our cinematic time? Perhaps the RED SPARROW, always on the move, will cross paths with the coolest characters this weekend.
Traveling on that mind-bending circuit, will THE STRANGER: PREY AT NIGHT find his way profitably into day?
Perhaps the R-rated universe is too wild for those looking for less fear and more family friendly. Luckily, PETER RABBIT is still hoping around, waiting for Easter and promising a sweet diversion while A WRINKLE IN TIME is hoping for some smooth sailing on the PG circuit.
How will your movie weekend rate?

The Panther Pounces the Sparrow

The BLACK PANTHER was once again saving the most moviegoers from lackluster entertainment, heroically coming in first at the domestic box office while paving the way for the RED SPARROW, who gracefully entered the movie race, outpacing a DEATH WISH (metaphorically speaking). A GAME NIGHT was once again a wonderful way to spend a night (or day). PETER RABBIT, thankfully, brought some innocence and color to an action-packed weekend.
Willis and Lawrence made for some strange competitors, giving a panther a run for his money. A rabbit ruled over the littlest audience members as a night at the movies offered the best diversion.
Which of our colorful tales made your movie night?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Black Panther $65.7million.
2. Red Sparrow $17 million.
3. Death Wish $13 million.
4. Game Night $10.7 million.
5. Peter Rabbit $10 million.

A Deadly Movie Wish

How much longer can the BLACK PANTHER, hero that he is, secure the top spot at the domestic box office? Will a GAME NIGHT prove to be more entertaining than an ANNIHILATION (day or night?)
Good thing PETER RABBIT is still around for those of us looking for a more PG (less annihilating) way to spend our movie time. Of course, if you’re cool living (temporarily) in an R-rated universe, FIFTY SHADES FREED is still around, unchaining the hearts of many. For many, however, a DEATH WISH commands their attention way more than a freed heart. Will that prove deadly to the competition?
Perhaps a RED SPARROW, sure to cause a cinematic stir, will dance away with the biggest audience this weekend?
Which of our stirring tales will have you dancing to the nearest movie theater?

A Panther Continues to Pounce

That heroic BLACK PANTHER continued to bring both darkness and successful cinematic light to our movie theaters this weekend, setting the stage nicely for a GAME NIGHT filled with one entertaining diversion after another. PETER RABBIT, naturally, possessed his own brand of animated playfulness, steering clear of the ANNIHILATION threatening to wipe out the rest of the competition. Romance seekers, thankfully, found FIFTY SHADES FREED unlocking their hearts in fifty plus ways.
A panther was pouncing anyone in his path, audiences were game for countless cinematic nights filled with 50 (and then some) ways to the ultimate entertainment, where amusement, animation and annihilation made for strange competitors.
Which of our competitors made for strangely superb company for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1 Black Panther $108 million.
2. Game Night $16.6 million.
3. Peter Rabbit $12.5 million.
4. Annihilation $11 million.
5. Fifty Shades Freed $6.9 million.

The Games Begin

After one marvelous weekend at the movies, will that heroic, not to mention popular BLACK PANTHER continue to save the most moviegoers or will a GAME NIGHT become a safer choice? How much longer will the game play on within JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE? Will those guys soon be saying a fond farewell?
Clearly safe for audiences of all ages, PETER RABBIT is still around to bring color to our cinematic community, bringing a G-rated shade unfound in the definitely-for-an-older-audience FIFTY SHADES FREED. How much longer can they count on a large crowd?
Will that over-crowded 15:17 TO PARIS lead to a safe but profitable box office locale, where an ANNIHILATION uncovers secrets and deadly lies?
What secrets will be uncovered at your local movie theater this weekend?