Solo Gets Ready to Soar

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” Vincent Van Gogh
What will you be dreaming about this long holiday weekend? Sun and surf with a few stars mixed in between of the celestial and cinematic kind? Will Solo: A Star Wars Story be the story Hollywood dreams are made of? That’s a pretty safe bet, with Deadpool 2 inappropriate to take that inevitable step down without a fight. Of course, the guys doing battle in Avengers: Infinity War are always ready for a fight. How much fight is left in them? Does the Life of the Party have any soul left for celebrating or do the partygoers prefer the much calmer Book Club, whose members are always looking for new recruits?
Among so many stars, who will be Breaking In to that top box-office spot this weekend? Only the Force knows…


Deadpool Decimates

Merc with a Mouth trash talked the most people in movieland this weekend, taking Deadpool 2 the liveliest box office locale. Avengers: Infinity War was still fighting an impressively endless battle despite the new “hero” in town. Proving heroes come in all shapes and sizes, the women hosting the Book Club received a warm welcome from its members. The Life of the Party brought a bit of comedic soul to the celebration. Finally, among all these thrills, even more edge-of-your-seat action was Breaking In to our local movie theaters.
A controversial hero broke in (in a really, really big way) to our movie lives, creating a war among his worthy (and less foul) competition. Each of our stories created its own “page turner” as the most entertaining parties played on…
As we look forward to next weekend’s starry forecast, which of our star-worthy tales created the most entertainment for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Deadpool 2 $125 million.
2. Avengers: Infinity War $28.7 million.
3. Book Club $12.5 million.
4. Life of the Party $7.7 million.
5. Breaking In $6.5 million.

Movie Life and Dead

Who will be the Life of the Party this weekend? Will it be the Avengers: Infinity War, who, let’s face it, are ready to take on anyone, sparring lot they are? Are they ready for the competition headed their warring way, threatening to break up that party while Breaking In to the Big Box-Office Times? First up is everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed friend, Deadpool 2, who’s promising to be twice as inappropriately entertaining. For the intellectual crowd, a Book Club promises one riveting “read.” Show Dogs, finally, will be around to offer a bit of unconditional love to all of our characters.
Working under these conditions, who can we expect to get thrown Overboard this weekend in our far-from A Quiet Place movie community?

Marvel Welcomes the Party Crasher

“Every second is of infinite value.” Johann von Goethe
It was one giant party within our vast movie world this weekend, but Most Valuable Player, i.e. party crasher went to our favorite warring team comprising Avengers: Infinity War, who remained the reigning champion at the domestic box office. The Life of the Party, however, was the Queen of the Comedic Ball, Breaking In(to) the action ahead of an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Audiences were still going Overboard for a sequel, offering a relaxing prelude to a visit to A Quiet Place, which, apparently, horror seekers were far from being over (or silent about).
Overwhelmed by all the choices this weekend at the movies offered? Action, adventure, Avengers and oddly awesome party crashers of all kinds created an anything-but-quiet storm within movie theaters coast to coast.
Which of our finest films did you choose?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Avengers: Infinity War $61.8 million.
2. Life of the Party $18.5 million.
3.Breaking In $16.5 million.
4. Overboard $10.1 million.
5. A Quiet Place $6.4 million.

An Inspiring Movie Weekend

With Avengers: Infinity War taking no prisoners at the box office for the second weekend in a row, what will this weekend bring in our infinite storybook world? Will there be a new Life of the Party? Will a Bad Samaritan make for the best party crasher sending the coolest characters Overboard? How much longer will a Rampage be blowing through our movie universe, making A Quiet Place even more calamitous? Of course, the Beast Within might create its own chaos within movie theaters, seeking Revenge against cheating husbands (among others) while shedding light on the Dark Crimes currently being committed (including, but not limited to uninspiring stories).
Fortunately, I (and the average moviegoer) Feel Pretty confident that whichever film we choose, we’re guaranteed an inspired time.
Who will be Breaking In to our sure-to-inspire movie weekend?

A Never-ending War

Box-office history breaker, Avengers: Infinity War was still doing big-business battle, once again coming in first at the domestic box office, just as audiences were discovered going Overboard for our nostalgia-inspiring runner up. A Quiet Place was still shouting up a storm from its current locale. Finding beauty in their movie place, audiences had no problem declaring, I Feel Pretty to anyone within hearing distance while a Rampage continued to create its own cinematic storm.
It was good to be bad this weekend at the movies, as a riotous rampage was occurring throughout out storybook world. We visited places that were quiet and pretty, with moviegoers climbing onboard for a remake, but an Infinite War won the ultimate battle.
Which of our infinite tales made for the most ultimate weekend for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Avengers: Infinity War $112.5 million.
2. Overboard $14.8 million.
3. A Quiet Place $7.6 million.
4. I Feel Pretty $4.9 million.
5. Rampage $4.6 million.

War Takes on Peace

Benjamin Franklin once said, “There never was a good war, or a bad peace.” Moviegoers may beg to differ, however, as Avengers: Infinity War put up one good fight last weekend at the box office, profitably keeping the “peacekeepers” far behind. Will they be declaring a truce this weekend? Can those on a Rampage find the peace within, shouting I Feel Pretty happy within my corner of the movie kingdom, where A Quiet Place is only a good place to be if you’re not Literally in it?
All in, the first-rate team comprising Black Panther, meanwhile, is still feeling superior over their (in their own minds) less-slick competition. Will they soon be developing an inferiority complex, or will that title go to Tully, who appears to be too tired to care where she lands in the movie community.
Among these superior stories, who will survive? Who’s going Overboard?
Stay tuned!