The Good Guys Come in First this Week at the Movies

An insightful yet anonymous author once stated, “To be a star you must follow your own light, follow your own path, and never fear the darkness, for that is when the stars shine the brightest.” Could that unknown stargazer have been referring to the lights in Hollywood, which never seem to dim?  As a soft breeze lights the way to the ultimate in movies this week, the days are anything but dark. This week’s cast of characters, however, could use a sunny seaside retreat as they face heavy drama of the major motion picture kind. Strangely, everyone wants to be the hero this week, with varying degrees of “superman” success. A pilot (Denzel Washington) with an until-now hidden drinking problem takes a heroic yet controversial Flight leading him straight into infamy while The Man with the Iron Fists (Wu-Tang Clan) struggles with his own notoriety as he searches for the steely hero within needed to save China’s Jungle Village, his adopted town. Heroes apparently exist in the animated world as well as Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly), tired of always being the guy who wrecks things, becomes determined to save the day in his own arcade-game loving way. Next up, The Details are unimportant to a family man (Tobey Maguire) who tries to save his yard (and his sanity) from a destructive family of raccoons. Finally, a retired rock star (Sean Penn) declares This Must be the Place when he takes a road trip on his father’s behalf on a gallant hunt for a Nazi war criminal.

With twinkling eyes, our heroes reach the end of their journey and find magic within the movie mayhem, following their own well-lit path, where every star shines the brightest on the big screen…

Hope everyone has a great time at the movies this week!


Cooler Days and Marathon Movie Nights

Poet Thomas Hood once (negatively) quipped “No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees/No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,-November!”

Okay, so we know what November doesn’t provide. The month of “giving thanks,” ironically, gets a bad rap from some. Sure, for many of us diving into an ocean or building sandcastles by the sea is not a typical November event. Still, what could be more awe-inspiring than the sun moving closer to the Earth, its rays bouncing off a still ocean, causing an almost ethereal glow?

I wonder, had the English poet lived along the coast and indulged in a late-fall stroll, maybe he would have viewed November through a sunnier lens. Of course, had he lived during the time of major motion pictures, he’d realize that every month has its value. No matter the season, there remains a soothing (Foster Grant) shade over the land of movies, where the sun somehow always manages to shine (and is somewhat magnified by that thing known as Star Power).

However, if the weather proves too chilly for a stroll to your nearest multiplex, why not take in a just-released DVD, which is sure to provide a warm respite from Mother Nature’s sometimes-fickle mood:

For Your Consideration:
At the North Pole, Arthur Christmas, mischievous son of Santa, is on an animated mission to celebrate Christmas his own way while a grieving man heads to his own ideal version of the North Pole, specifically the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound where he has a life-altering encounter with Your Sister’s Sister (it’s very confusing). Also experiencing life-altering moments is Peter Parker, who embraces The Amazing Spider-Man within when he discovers a deeply hidden family secret. Meanwhile, a reckless princess/ skilled archer is dealing with her own family drama, forcing her to be Brave as she struggles to save her family and the entire kingdom. Possessing imaginary bravery is a group of bored men who accidentally stumble upon an alien invasion during The Watch in their suburban neighborhood. The Expendables 2 finds the mercenaries on their own watch during a dangerous mission to retrieve a black box from a downed plane. On a sunnier plane, an aspiring dancer moves to Miami where she meets a flash-mob dance crew who take a Step Up (on a) Revolution to save their neighborhood from a greedy developer. Also greedy are Lawless, bootlegging brothers who strive for their own (gangster style) revolt during the Great Depression. Not revolting but clearly clairvoyant (Para)Norman must save his town from a centuries’ old witch’s curse. Topping off the cinematic month, the Men in Black 3 take a trip back in time where they must alter the past to save the future.

Whether enjoying movies from the comfort of your home or amidst the crowds at the local Cineplex, a movie style November promises to not disappoint!

What movies are you most looking forward to?