Movie Talk Ain’t Cheap

Last week’s box-office results remind me of Mark Twain, who once said, “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.” Now I know he wasn’t referring to the world of movies when he uttered that often used sentiment, but they certainly apply to our action-packed movie world. After all, an action film claimed the coveted #1 spot at the box office last week when Bruce Willis turned an otherwise romantic weekend into A Good Day to Die Hard.

Who’s talking the loudest this week?

The box office has spoken, and a thief and a snitch are shouting while A Good Day is Dying Hard. Stealing the #1 spot is the still-popular Identity Thief with $14.1 million. The newly-released Snitch walked off to the corner of #2 with $13.0 million. The animated Escape from Planet Earth took flight at #3 with $11 million. The Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven dipped dangerously to #4 with $10.6 million. So, where is John McClane? He was eventually found far from last week’s top spot, landing A Good Day to Die Hard at #5 with $10.0 million.

Ticket sales seem to be saying what moviegoers really want (at least this weekend) is a comedic show stealer offering a safe place for action and animation within a darkened movie theater leading to a bright and profitably sunny day.

From seaside days to starry nights, may your movie trip into darkness lead to the brightest light…



Author: Meg

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