Strength of (Movie) Character

Mahatma Gandhi believed, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Strong-willed body builders turned bumbling criminals were feeling invincible this weekend as they felt the “Pain and Gain” of the #1 spot at the North American box office, bringing in a pleasurable $20 million through sheer determination (and audience participation). Moviegoers were still hanging out in the “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise, sending him on a journey to the #2 spot with $17.4 million. They were also finding “42” reasons to bask in the baseball glow, blazing a trail to #3 with $10.7 million. The romantics among us have slowly risen, as “The Big Wedding” brought in less-than large numbers, coming in at #4 with a disappointing $7.5 million. Still seeking family-friendly fun, movie aficionados sent “The Croods” straight to the animated land of #5 with $6.6 million.

Our willful, strong cast of characters felt no pain this weekend, as the crooks beat “The Croods” while cruising right past the Cruise! Weddings were a (somewhat) welcomed addition as baseball continued to bring in the crowds.

As we breeze entertainingly through a calm spring, the forecast for our summer by the movie sea is looking bright with brilliant blockbusters adorning the big-screen sky. “Movie-casters” are predicting sunny days and nights filled with the brightest stars.

From seaside days to starry nights, our cool cinema universe promises to heat up in the months to come (hello Iron Man) …

Movies Made Big

Did the vast void Tom Cruise and company filled last weekend in the cinematic “Oblivion” leave room for “The Big Wedding” and its equally big stars Robert DiNero and Diane Keaton in the gargantuan movie cosmos? Thanks to imposing characters, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are on a quest to feel the “Pain and Gain” from box-office battles. Think the body builders gone astray can clobber their competition (in the most entertaining, non-violent way possible?) Baseball biopics, meanwhile, remain big among the movie set, who have found “42” ways to say box-office success as Harrison Ford heeds the call for quality acting among the mature crowd. Then there’s “Scary Movie” projecting its five versions of film fears (including dysfunctional characters and dreadful dance numbers).

As aliens in all their big-screen glory continue to invade our universe, we’ve learned there’s always room for more (movie) space invaders. Looking for cheeky fear with a side order of family-friendly fare (with crafty, postmodern animated people?) In the mood for calamity or comedy this weekend? Baseball versus body building? Weddings or Wahlberg? Thanks to the selections residing on our movie menu, you can have it all at!

From seaside days to starry nights, BIG events are waiting at your local, larger-than-life multiplex…

Traveling through Movie Time

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are feeling the “Pain and (hoping to) Gain” box-office success this last weekend in April as “The Big Wedding” ushers in the biggest stars (including Diane Keaton and Robert DiNero). Among their big competition is alien-fighter Tom Cruise, hoping to maintain his #1 box-office status and send them all soaring into that great, big “Oblivion.” “G.I. Joe” has no reason for “Retaliation” as his film, as well as his comic and action-figure franchise, continues to thrive. As spring fever has finally settled in, baseball is still big, with audiences finding more than “42” reasons to celebrate its all-American history. History was huge in the month of March, as the “Evil Dead” made a lively comeback from their 1981 roots alongside “Jurassic Park 3D” and its prehistoric dinosaurs first featured in 1993. They clashed a bit, in animated fashion, with “The Croods” and their antiquated attitude. Fortunately, there was room enough for everyone at your local movie theater, where the past and the present, not to mention 60 years into the future, were all welcome.

Who will be welcomed this weekend at the local multiplex?

Finding Entertainment in the Middle of the (Movie) Void

“Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.” Horace Greeley

Audiences were far from apathetic this weekend, as they discovered a keen interest in alien invasions and their aftermath; unearthing enough energy to watch Tom Cruise as he set out into that great, entertainment-filled “Oblivion.” Once there, he became determined to battle those creepy aliens and competitive animated creatures, among others he encountered along the way to this week’s #1 spot at the U.S. box office where $38. 2 million was added to the earthly account. Finding a cinematic diversion among the void, moviegoers also established “42” reasons and then some to see last week’s #1, the Jackie Robinson sports drama that proves baseball legends still have a place among the (movie) stars as he headed appropriately toward second base with $18 million. The still-popular cave family, “The Croods” is still cruising along the star struck boulevard, hitting the road and landing at the familiar territory known as #3 with $9.5 million. “Scary Movie V” held quite a chill fest at the #4 spot with a terrifying $6.3 million. “G.I. Joe” continued to show a healthy “Retaliation” at #5 with an acceptable $5.8 million.

Movie theaters provided a much-needed respite from reality this weekend, as spectators were seen reveling in the comfort created by baseball and beautiful people, action figures, animation and all-out popular franchises. Moviegoers were welcomed with open arms at their local multiplex, where apathy had no home among those amazing A-list stars hard at work filling a void in the movie universe.

From seaside days to starry nights, may the week ahead lead to the most interesting, entertaining abyss…

Movie Success and Film Failures

“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.” Bob Feller

A new game is starting this weekend at the movies, one in which a baseball legend takes on a big-time movie star. Can the starry success built upon the Jackie Robinson biopic, “42” send Tom Cruise into that great, big movie-style “Oblivion?” Will “The Croods” cruise past the Cruise (who’s contending with the consequences of a long-ago alien attack) on their way to a long, happy life at the box office? And just where do the “Evil Dead” fit into all this lively action? Do the producers of the failing “Scary Movie 5” have more to fear (beside bad reviews and tepid ticket sales?) Then there’s “G.I. Joe,” who is clearly too busy for “Retaliation” thanks to his booming toy, comic and media franchises. Are his days among the Box Office Top 5 numbered?

America’s favorite pastime or abject alienation? How about artistic animation? Is there time for frightful franchises or the devious dead when there’s so much to live for cinematically?

From seaside days to starry nights, the movie landscape continues to look legendary and bright…

Fading Into the Movie Oblivion

This weekend, you can expect a trip into that great movie-style “Oblivion” thanks to our hero Tom Cruise, whose latest assignment has him extracting Earth’s residual resources as he searches for the brilliant remains of countless Hollywood dreams gone horribly wrong. Fortunately, he’ll have Morgan Freeman along to help him achieve his lofty goal. Remaining on earthly soil, “The Lords of Salem” are praying to the movie gods, hoping for the gift of box-office success as they battle demons from the past seeking revenge on the residents of Salem, Massachusetts. More than likely, they’ll run into G.I. Joe, who’s always seeking revenge of someone! Depending on how far back in time they flash back, they may encounter the “Evil Dead,” who have been running amok since 1981 in spite of their mortal status. Traveling back to prehistoric times, they can trade lively stories with “The Croods,” who are traveling their own ancient path to the modern world. Then there are the yet-to-be extinct dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park,” taking a more scenic “3D” theme-park tour unfounded in their 1993 heyday. Being lovers of all things past, they’ll have no problem finding “42” reasons to make time for a baseball biopic.

Whether turning back the hands of time or taking a step forward to modern moments, movie theaters are sporting the most vivid colors these docile, baseball-loving spring days! What’s a movie lover to do but enjoy the ride (no matter what decade it is occurring!)

It’s How You Play the Movie Game

Jackie Robinson once said, “How you played in yesterday’s game is all that counts.” Major Baseball League’s first African American player would be pleased to know the dramatic account of his life played well in yesterday’s movie game, as well as Friday and Saturday’s, as audiences found “42” reasons and beyond to take in the Harrison Ford-driven film, making its home base the #1 spot at the U.S. box office with $27.3 million. “Scary Movie 5,” which arrives seven years after “Scary Movie 4,” limped in at #2 with a disappointing $15.2 million. “The Croods” continued to create quite a stir, taking their cave man qualities on the road to #3 with $13.2 million. “G.I. Joe (continued in the game of) Retaliation” against poor ticket sales, setting up a retaliatory shop at #4 with $10.8 million. The “Evil Dead,” last week’s #1, were seen roaming the Earth around the #5 spot with $9.5 million.

Animation, action figures turned action stars, the evil dead and the eternal legends, baseball and beauty of all Croods and colors; clearly, there are more than “42” reasons to take a trip to your local movie theater!

From seaside days to starry nights, may your week be frightfully free and filled with legendary, movie-style moments…