An Investment in Earthly Entertainment

“The best investment on earth is earth.” Louis J. Glickman
What about “After Earth” is gone, and a father and son must face uncharted territory, strangely evolved animals and, of course, the obligatory inescapable alien (with nary a movie theater in sight?) Can the sci-fi Will Smith flick survive the alien invasion alongside last week’s impressive competition? Our other worthy new addition this week possesses illusions and delusions, claiming “Now You See Me” as a top five box-office contender. Will the magicians make movie theater magic?
The crew contained in “Star Trek Into Darkness” keeps heading toward starry, box-office light while the car chasers in “Fast & Furious 6” show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With longer days and summer vacation on the horizon, we can expect family-friendly films to hold an “Epic” place at our local multiplex. Is “Iron Man 3” strong enough to outlast animation? Lest we forget, the scatterbrained troupe suffering from “The (never-ending) Hangover III” looms, threatening to overshadow the competition in its entire dysfunctional splendor.
Following a record-breaking Memorial Day movie weekend, one thing is clear; whichever film you invest your time in this weekend, you’re sure to find iron-fueled idols, animated heroes and comedic kings, with stars traveling in all the right places at the fastest speed, right here on our movie-friendly, earthly ground.
From seaside days to starry nights, may we find our most entertaining investments residing within our secular movie universe (just waiting for their major release dates)…

June Joins in the Movie Fun

June is just around the block (buster) corner, ready to cause the most entertaining stir! The “White House Down” that infamous block is throwing a summer-inspired, politically-correct party, complete with characters of all kinds (including two looking amazingly like Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox). On a break from saving any day that ends in y, the DC Comics hero, “Man of Steel” is the star of the festive show, performing party tricks while poking fun at the Marvel guys. Also in attendance are the animated students from “Monsters University,” taking the summer off from their scare studies and ready to party! Conflict soon rears its Hollywood head when the star-studded pack, including Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, declare, “This is the End” during a freaky party of their own at James Franco’s L.A. pad. Hero Brad Pitt is unable to travel along the party path when “World War Z” erupts, forcing him to deal with your standard human-turned-cadaver-carrying-virus epidemic soon to occur in theaters everywhere (a trial size antibacterial gel close at hand may make viewing the infestation fest easier). Getting to work of sorts in a less disgusting way is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who sign up for “The Internship” at Google, with comedy and calamity quickly finding a well-paying position.
The search for comedy, as well as the cure for after-party headaches is over, as a warm breeze announces the arrival of a hot female-driven film. “The Heat” is on thanks to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, who fight crime instead of fashion mistakes.
Fighting for a prime spot at the local multiplex, fortunately, should be no problem, as our heroes and heroines, wounded workers and party crashers promise to stick around and entertain all summer long…

A Memorable Weekend at the Movies

What an “Epic” weekend! The stars aligned at a “Fast & Furious” fury, all headed toward that big screen in the cinematic sky (as well as our local multiplex). “Fast & Furious 6” arrived in first place at the North American box-office finish line, carrying along a cargo which at last count contained $98.5 cool million. “The Hangover III” hung behind in second place with $42.4 million to aid their morning-after acetaminophen fund. Soaring beneath them while traveling in starry space was the crew of the “Star Trek into Darkness,” who found light, as well as $38 million, at third place. It was a long, “Epic” weekend for our animated friends, who spiritedly appeared at #4 with $34.2 million. Overseeing all of this action among the box-office newcomers was “Iron Man 3,” who bravely watched over the gang from the #5 spot where $19.4 million was safely kept.
Gridlock and gas prices were nowhere to be found this long, holiday weekend at our neighborhood movie theaters (although concession stand lines can seem pretty long when coming attractions await). Franchises, family-friendly fun and fast cars were on big, beautiful display, as were treks among the stars, triumphs among our heroes and trilogies causing no morning-after headaches. The best views were found thanks to the big screen!
From seaside days to starry nights, may this last week in May lead to even more blockbusters (“After Earth” has been safely returned to its movie-loving sphere)…

Movie Travels

What are your plans for this weekend? Do they involve a dark theater, surrounded by like-minded strangers (and the scent of buttered popcorn)? Who needs a getaway during this three-day break from work when the ultimate escape can be found at your local movie theater (no road map required?)
Thanks to our imaginative movie world, we can do all kinds of traveling, without costly gas prices! We can take an eerie adventure aboard the “Star Trek into Darkness,” attend a swanky party thrown by “The Great Gatsby” and fight battles alongside the “Iron Man III.” So, last week, you say? Well, if you’ve already scaled those cinematic heights, you can take a “Fast & Furious” trip alongside Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker or a visit to Greece with tour guides Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, best taken “Before Midnight.” “The Hangover Part III,” fortunately, promises no morning-after consequences or traveling headaches. Why, the holiday weekend promises to be “Epic!”
This weekend, you can expect vehicular warfare and Vin Diesel, animation and adventure, sequels and starry trips all courtesy of the big screen (no sunscreen required).
From seaside days to starry nights, the weekend promises to take moviegoers on the ultimate (imaginative) road trip…

Hollywood’s Epic Hangovers

“A hangover is when you open your eyes in the morning, and wish you hadn’t.” Anonymous hangover survivor
An eye-opening weekend is headed our way, with no morning-after residual effects. Two trilogies enter the movie arena, one an art-house favorite and the other an audience and studio darling. Animation is always welcomed as fast cars look for a place to park in our big-screen town, finding a colorful spot to settle in for, they hope, a long entertaining stay (with a great, curbside box-office view).
“The Hangover Part III” heeds the call, once again, for comedy, hoping to cure countless entertainment ailments. An “Epic” of the animated kind is perched on its own, Hollywood-created lily pad, offering family-friendly fun while the “Fast & Furious” provide more than 6 franchise-loving reasons, including elaborate airplane and car crashes, to check out their latest fast-paced film. “Before Midnight” picks up nine years after “Before Sunset,” which took place nine years after “Before Sunrise.” Still with me? Our star-crossed lovebirds have spent those 18 years talking and traveling, at a much slower pace, through Vienna, Paris and ultimately Greece. The midnight hour has them hoping to find a prime location at the box office.
Fortunately, anytime is a good time to get lost within one of our latest movie selections (acetaminophen not required)…

An Enterprising, Entertaining Weekend at the Movies

The crew of the USS Enterprise showed up early this weekend aboard the “Star Trek Into Darkness,” arriving at the #1 spot at the North American box-office with $70.6 million, thrilled to be in such dark, but entertaining company. Among the “company” Kirk and Spock kept was the “Iron Man 3,” who graciously took a step down to the #2 spot, collecting $35.2 million during this week’s travels. “The Great Gatsby” continued his party as well as his quest to reunite with a lost love on the exclusive island known as #3, accumulating $23.4 million in party funds. Looking for a crime caper offering no “Pain and Gain” among the select but inept body building clique? One was found at the #4 spot with $3.1 million. “The Croods” made a comeback at #5 with $2.75 million.
This weekend, our heroes clashed with criminals (and animated cavemen) as the rich and infamous followed the light out of the shadows. Our cast proved that age-old adage, it truly is “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,” as the dark of a cinematic night brought out the most brilliant of stars, traveling through seaside days to starry nights, leading the way toward an illuminating, blockbuster summer…

A Sky Full of Movie Stars

“How you ever gonna reach the stars if you never get off the ground?”
Big Time Rush
Movie lovers are invited this weekend to reach for the grandest of celestial beings on a trip aboard the USS Enterprise, where “The Star Trek Into Darkness” is predicted to light up the cinematic sky. Following take off, they’ll run smack into celebrities of all kinds, including “The Great Gatsby,” in all his 3D glory, along with the ultimate box-office champ, “The Iron Man (3).” Jackie Robinson and his “42” baseball followers are still hanging out on the playing field, trading entertaining anecdotes with Tyler Perry and his “Peeples.”
There’s so much action occurring along our cinematic orbit! Is this the week the bodybuilders with mischief on their minds will feel the “Pain & Gain a spot on the sidelines due to inappropriate behavior (also known as a drop in audience attendance?) Our glitzy stage can only support so much star power!
Because stars can’t survive on solid ground (and weak ticket sales), isn’t it our moral duty, as a movie community, to send them soaring into that big-screen sky?
Which of our stars will soar the highest?
From seaside days to starry nights, our weekend is proving to be anything but dark, as the stars promise to shine all the way to the summer of 2013 and beyond…