June Joins in the Movie Fun

June is just around the block (buster) corner, ready to cause the most entertaining stir! The “White House Down” that infamous block is throwing a summer-inspired, politically-correct party, complete with characters of all kinds (including two looking amazingly like Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox). On a break from saving any day that ends in y, the DC Comics hero, “Man of Steel” is the star of the festive show, performing party tricks while poking fun at the Marvel guys. Also in attendance are the animated students from “Monsters University,” taking the summer off from their scare studies and ready to party! Conflict soon rears its Hollywood head when the star-studded pack, including Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, declare, “This is the End” during a freaky party of their own at James Franco’s L.A. pad. Hero Brad Pitt is unable to travel along the party path when “World War Z” erupts, forcing him to deal with your standard human-turned-cadaver-carrying-virus epidemic soon to occur in theaters everywhere (a trial size antibacterial gel close at hand may make viewing the infestation fest easier). Getting to work of sorts in a less disgusting way is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who sign up for “The Internship” at Google, with comedy and calamity quickly finding a well-paying position.
The search for comedy, as well as the cure for after-party headaches is over, as a warm breeze announces the arrival of a hot female-driven film. “The Heat” is on thanks to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, who fight crime instead of fashion mistakes.
Fighting for a prime spot at the local multiplex, fortunately, should be no problem, as our heroes and heroines, wounded workers and party crashers promise to stick around and entertain all summer long…


Author: Meg

I am a freelance writer for hire. I have been writing professionally since 2001 and blogging since 2012. Please visit my Hire Me page for more information about yours truly.

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