Cinematic Surprises

Writer Isaac Bashevis once said, “A story to me means a plot where there is some surprise. Because that is how life is-full of surprises.” Not all surprises, however, are sweet. Last weekend, Will and Jaden Smith received a jolt of the bitter kind when moviegoers failed to be amazed by the father-son duo who crash landed “After Earth” ceased to exist.
The film world, fortunately, is also full of good surprises, as our latest box-office champion proved.
Topping the charts this weekend was a tiny Ethan Hawke-starring tale that burst onto the big screen with little fanfare. Washing away all our cinematic sins and film failures (sadly looking at you, Will) was the surprise hit “The Purge,” which topped the North American box office with $36.4 million. The “Fast & Furious 6” crew slowed down a bit, coming in behind the low-budget wonder at second place with $19.8 million. “Now You See Me” traveling incognito to the #3 spot with $19.5 million. “The Internship” found a comedic position in its opening weekend at #4 with $18.1 million. Animation experienced an energetic, “Epic” welcome to the #5 spot with $12.1 million.
It was a thrilling weekend at the local multiplex! Comedy competed with car chasers and killing sprees of the legal kind, magic makers made friends with job seekers (who could use a dose of magic to make up for their deficit of talent) while animated adventures added innocent color to this week’s adult-oriented stories.
Oh, how the plot does thicken…
From seaside days to starry nights, hope your week ahead comes with a surplus of surprises (and ends with a visit from our latest steely hero)…


Author: Meg

I am a freelance writer for hire. I have been writing professionally since 2001 and blogging since 2012. Please visit my Hire Me page for more information about yours truly.

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