The World of Animation and Infestation

Mike and Sully, at their animated, “scary” best, will be coming to a university, I mean theater, near you this weekend, as the lively creatures take a trip back in colorful time to show us where their monster-size friendship began. School may be out, but the folks bringing us “Monsters University” are betting all their smarts on school-age kids (as well as kid-at-heart adults) taking the prequel to the top of the box office charts. They’ll have some clever competition thanks to the oh-so-smart Brad Pitt, circling the globe for the antidote for a deadly virus (and a cure for weak ticket sales for big budget films). He ultimately arrives at the local multiplex, where “World War Z” has erupted. Fortunately, the “Man of Steel” is still around, breaking box-office records while rescuing monsters of the “undead” and the kiddie kind.
Well, we can’t say movie studios aren’t giving us a range of choices this first official summer weekend!
If you’re not in the mood for animation or infestation, and the hero du jour doesn’t conquer your entertainment woes, there’s still a bit of magic to be found courtesy of the illusive crew still shouting “Now You See Me” as they “Purge” movie theaters of uninspiring films (for those who can keep up with their “Fast & Furious 6” speed).
Think “This is the End” of Hollywood hits? No worries. Also, no need to break the speed limit on your way to your neighborhood movie theater. The most sultry of seasons promises to deliver blockbuster films (and indie darlings) all summer long…


Author: Meg

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