The Grown Ups Bring Their own Brand of Maturity to the Movies

Time spent at the movies this summer has taken the moviegoers among us to THE most interesting places while introducing us to THE most imaginative characters. Included in that impressive list this week are human-piloted robots battling giant monsters traveling along the “Pacific Rim.” Got that? Then there’s the always-mature “Grown Ups 2” tired to partake in robot/monster battles yet up for the challenge of a sequel that includes Adam Sandler and Kevin James. The “sophisticated” clan is teaming up three years later with old friends for grown-up quality time.
Of course, you never know who you’ll run into in story land. The “Lone Ranger” is still traveling by horse, futilely looking for justice and legendary box-office success. “The Heat” has yet to cool off as attendance at “Monsters University” has reached a profitable plateau. “The White House Down” continues to look for the box-office way up while “World War Z” has been declared on infected zombies as well as insipid characters. “Despicable Me 2” have so many stories to choose from and so little “traveling” time!
Luckily, there are scores of entertaining routes to travel upon without traveling far from home! Animated arenas, western and White House worlds, as well as a pacific paradise (at least in the action/adventure sense) have imaginatively invaded our movie theaters. Brad Pitt is still traveling the globe as the “Grown Ups 2” nostalgic for childhood days stick close to home. Our favorite female crime fighters continue to demonstrate that crime pays big at the box office while proving, along with their fellow featured stars, that blockbuster entertainment, in all its epic (sometimes animated) ways, is always worth the price of admission…


Author: Meg

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