Minions Outshine the Grown Ups

The appallingly cute minions were heard shouting “Despicable Me 2” beat a bunch of grown-ups and robotic creatures from the #1 spot at the domestic box office this weekend, where $44.8 million resided. Growing up may be hard to do, but on the storytelling scene, it can be extremely profitable. Despite weak reviews, Adam Sandler and friends had a “Grown Ups 2” cool for summer party this weekend, showing up at the #2 spot and celebrating with $42.5 million (beating the $40 million the original film earned in 2010). Moviegoers traveled along the “Pacific Rim,” taking the scenic route to the edge and back before finally arriving at #3 with $38.3 million. “The Heat” cooled off a bit at the sultry #4 spot with a steaming $14 million. The “Lone Ranger” found friends other than Tonto hanging out at the #5 setting where $11.4 million was waiting.
This weekend offered a trip to the pacific filled with action, adventure and odd machinery, grown up entertainment and friendships of the animated, western and successful sequel kind. Comedies appeared like a cool breeze, summer continued to soar and the heat consumed movie theaters everywhere, in spite of the air conditioning!
From seaside days to starry nights, summer under the superstars continues to shine…


Adventure, Animation and Grown-Up Time

Ready for the “Grown Ups 2” mature for summer camp but craving both animated and action adventure? How about a picturesque trip along the “Pacific Rim,” where monsters and robots roam? Last weekend, movie buffs shouted, “Despicable Me 2” travel far from a movie theater, where the ultimate escape from reality is readily waiting (along with heroic, sunshine-colored minions). “The Lone Ranger” lacked the same despicable creativity, leaving him and his trusty sidekick in their animated dust. The “Monsters University” students continued to make a decent grade while “The Heat” has yet to cool off as “World War Z” looked for peace and a non-zombie-infested universe.
So much diversity at the movies! Despite their differences, all of our summer characters clearly came to play, knowing the ultimate game of pretend is worthy of movie lovers seeking grown-up entertainment while maintaining childlike wonder. Thankfully, journeys to the pacific edge and places beyond imagination remain within reach.
From seaside days to starry nights, expect a weekend of wonder and awe, imagination (and zombie infestation) happily designed for movie buffs of all ages…

The Grown Ups Bring Their own Brand of Maturity to the Movies

Time spent at the movies this summer has taken the moviegoers among us to THE most interesting places while introducing us to THE most imaginative characters. Included in that impressive list this week are human-piloted robots battling giant monsters traveling along the “Pacific Rim.” Got that? Then there’s the always-mature “Grown Ups 2” tired to partake in robot/monster battles yet up for the challenge of a sequel that includes Adam Sandler and Kevin James. The “sophisticated” clan is teaming up three years later with old friends for grown-up quality time.
Of course, you never know who you’ll run into in story land. The “Lone Ranger” is still traveling by horse, futilely looking for justice and legendary box-office success. “The Heat” has yet to cool off as attendance at “Monsters University” has reached a profitable plateau. “The White House Down” continues to look for the box-office way up while “World War Z” has been declared on infected zombies as well as insipid characters. “Despicable Me 2” have so many stories to choose from and so little “traveling” time!
Luckily, there are scores of entertaining routes to travel upon without traveling far from home! Animated arenas, western and White House worlds, as well as a pacific paradise (at least in the action/adventure sense) have imaginatively invaded our movie theaters. Brad Pitt is still traveling the globe as the “Grown Ups 2” nostalgic for childhood days stick close to home. Our favorite female crime fighters continue to demonstrate that crime pays big at the box office while proving, along with their fellow featured stars, that blockbuster entertainment, in all its epic (sometimes animated) ways, is always worth the price of admission…

A Despicable Weekend at the Movies

Westerns were no match for animation this extended summer weekend, as the little yellow minions shouted “Despicable Me 2” beat an all-American legend during an all-American holiday weekend. The little animated heroes fulfilled their sequel duties as they marched all the way to #1 at the domestic box office with $82.5 million. That legendary hero, “The Lone Ranger,” with Tonto by his side, followed their colorful trail, arriving at the #2 spot with a disappointing $29.4 million. Heroines were also on hand, as Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy continued to provide the theatrical landscape with girl power, bringing “The Heat” while cooling off at the #3 spot with $25 million in cold, hard cash. The students at “Monsters University” were seen learning lessons around the colorful corner of #4 with $19.6 million. “World War Z” found a peaceful home at #5 with $18.2 million.
Animation annihilated its worthy competition, finding box-office success while discovering the child within. “The Heat” got to everyone, leading to a zombie-infested movie universe. Fortunately, a ranger was ironically in sight, riding to the rescue before sailing off into the sunset.
From seaside days to starry nights, the week ahead promises smooth sailing and clear skies ahead, with the hottest films being featured within the coolest multiplex…

The Lone Ranger Limps behind the Animated Creatures

The weekend started early, as fireworks indicated the beginning of a festive red, white and blue celebration. Included in the celebratory event were big-screen stars paving “The Way, Way Back” to family-friendly fun and (they hope) blockbuster films. “The Lone Ranger” rode into town with his Native American guide Tonto by his side, shouting “Despicable Me 2” have forgotten our animated movie friends are tough box-office competitors. Students attending “Monsters University,” meanwhile, are feeling “The Heat” caused by the latest despicable but colorful competition.
Despite lackluster reviews, Johnny Depp steps up in the role of tour guide, leading the way toward the local movie theater (no SPF or GPS required).
Writer Henry David Thoreau once said, “All good things are wild and free.” The imagination is outrageous and boundless in the liberated land of movies, where Steve Carell is featured, in some form, in two of our latest entries. Our stories this weekend offer summer vacations by the sea, wild western adventures, animated escapades and the hottest comedic crime-busting duo this side of the silver screen.
From seaside days to starry nights, may your weekend come with a pass to the best show in town, where good things come in creative storytelling packages…

Hi Ho, Silver Screen

More than fireworks featuring a spectrum of larger-than-life color are currently on display, as “The Lone Ranger” rides into town for the all-American festivities early, parking his trusty stallion at the local movie theater. The masked man, with Tonto by his side, seems determined to find justice while traveling all the way to the front of the concession stand line as well as the top of the box office chart this long holiday weekend,
declaring “Despicable Me 2” have forgotten that the only thing tougher than a legend and his Native American tour guide is an animated sequel catering to kids and legend lovers alike. No worries, though, as silver-screen legends know the best travel route to Tinsel town and blockbuster success. All of our characters appearing on that big summer screen seek to find “The Way, Way Back” to lazy summer days spent seaside (hoping their summer vacation doesn’t include a sadistic, potential stepfather). The imaginative gang will have plenty of company on their summer break as they get pointers from their scary yet smart predecessors attending “Monsters University.” They may also learn a thing about being law-abiding citizens, at least in a created universe, thanks to the stars enduring “The Heat” caused by so much entertainment. Meanwhile, the “White House Down” the big-screen block will be offering politically-correct safety tips as well as touring advice (like how to avoid being kidnapped).
Here’s to an entertainingly safe, patriotically-pleasing weekend courtesy of our favorite movie crew…
Happy 4th of July!