The Sweet Songs of a Movie Summer

“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” Ronald Reagan
Life, in all its grand sweetness, is headed in “One Direction (shouting): This is Us” attempting to steal the star-studded podium from “The Butler” while doing major box-office business. The family insisting “We’re the Millers” is too busy conning to carry a tune; can they carry their success-driven cargo to the top of the charts this long holiday weekend? The “Worlds End” to summer means the beginning of fabulous fall films, but before we switch gears to the most colorful, Academy Award-motivated time of year, there’s still some “scare” left in summer, as horror lovers declare “Your Next” for a fright fest. The “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” finds humanity quite entertaining in its big-screen form.
Things that go bump in the night (along with things that creatively bounce through the day) are crashing into a movie theater near you as the “Planes” come in for the most interesting landing.
3D concerts serenading civil rights through cities wide, teenage trials and society sagas collide, family foes and friendly woes, what’s not to like about the latest summer shows?
From seaside days to starry nights, this weekend at the movies is promising mortals, Millers and music filled with THE sweetest, movie inspired songs offering the best “Getaway”…

“What’s Next in Movieland?”

Where is the Summer of 2013 headed? In “One Direction This is Us” saying good bye to hazy days and hot summer blockbusters (as well as summer bombs). The musical group aims to steal the starry limelight from their predecessors, including The couldn’t-hit-a-note-if-his-life-depended-on it “Butler,” who’s too busy successfully running the White House along with ruling the box office. Also lacking in musical ability but not cinematic capability are the threesome declaring ad nauseam “We’re the Millers,” who have been having a “Kick-Ass 2” times the fun at their local, family-friendly movie theater.
Word has it the “Mortal Instruments: (within the) City of Bones” can repair even the most severe late-summer blues but, sadly, cannot fix the unfortunate films that failed on the big screen this celebratory season (you know who you are).
Anyone planning a movie “Getaway” during this long, holiday weekend? The “Planes” have remained airborne, ready to travel to a runway-ready multiplex. The “Worlds End” to quality films, thankfully, is nowhere in sight.
“You’re Next” in line for the BEST horrifying (but safely satisfying) experience at a movie theater near you…

Horror was Hurting While a Civil Rights Saga Steals the Show

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” was still serving up politically correct and socially acceptable numbers, remaining #1 at the domestic box office with $17 million. The trio-shouting “We’re the Millers” found all sorts of dubious family fun at the #2 locale with $13.5 million. Humanity (a.k.a. moviegoers) placed “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” at the earthly plains known as the #3 spot, where $9.3 million was reputed to mend any and all broken cinematic regions. “The World’s End” to summer’s smash hits as well as the beginning of yet another comedic apocalyptic account found an opening at the #4 place with $8.9 million. The “Planes” continued their animated flight straight to the #5 runway with $8.6 million.
Animation continued to be a crowd pleaser, as did comedies and causes, world domination and city damage, as mortals and Millers all appeared on the big screen with varying degrees of cinematic success.
From seaside days to starry nights, may the week ahead come with its own crowd-pleasing success story destined to satisfy even the most discriminating mortal moviegoer….

A Host, A Horror and The World’s End Tomorrow?

Will Lee Daniels “The Butler” remain #1 in Hollywood’s Oval Office this weekend or will “The Worlds End” to thought-provoking drama occur in the form of old friends and alcohol-laced memories. (Oprah probably isn’t losing any sleep).
Crime fighters were futilely attempting to “Kick-Ass 2” the curb last week while the “Planes” started their cinematic descent in the most colorful style. The style-seeking fakers declaring “We’re the Millers” maintained their “family” status while the classy stars residing within “Elysium” lost a bit of their box-office ranking. Perhaps “The Mortal Instruments (located within the) City of Bones” can repair their smaller position.
Of course, we can’t ALL be big-budget stars. Sometimes, the independent among us deserve their moment in the sun (before fading into the sunset known as DVD release). This weekend, horror lovers are shouting “You’re Next” in line for a killer movie premiere. Will they be doing the slaughtering or will they be getting clobbered at the box office?
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week ahead be free from horror and full of entertainment…

Beating The Butler While Creeping out the Competition

The sci-fi comedy “The World’s End” plans on giving the sci-fi champion “Elysium” a scientific run for their cinematic money this weekend at the movies, as the friends-on-a-pub-crawl hope to find success on their alcohol-infused trek to the top of the box-office charts. On their way up the ladder, they can only hope to cross well-groomed paths with our favorite civil-rights champ “The Butler,” who has tales to tell (as well as secrets to keep).
The secretly-fake family trying to convince everybody and their mother “We’re the Millers” can be heard shouting “You’re Next” to the scare lovers seeking a late-summer horror flick (“Conjuring” images of bikini-clad ghosts). The “Planes” flying high (although not as high as Disney daredevils would have liked) are headed toward a movie theater near you, promising animated fun for the entire non-Miller family.
Far beneath the plane-filled sky, “The Frozen Ground” may feel the warmth of moviegoers’ love, following the “Scenic Route” to success (and hoping to not defrost before show time).
Everyone, naturally, is expected to have a “Kick Ass 2” times the fun at their picturesque multiplex during these waning days of summer. Are you ready for all this distraction, attraction and assorted action?

Hollywood’s Heroic Household

“It is said, that no one is a hero to their butler. The reason is, that it requires a hero to recognize a hero. The butler, however, will probably know well how to estimate his equals.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Lee Daniels “The Butler” graciously served up inspiration and entertainment this weekend within the Hollywood household while politely coming in ahead of his estimated equals (a.k.a. starry competition), arriving at the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $25 million.
The clan shouting “We’re the Millers” conned their way to the #2 spot with $17.8 million. “Elysium” found a high-class home at #3 with $13.6 million. The crime fighters who came to “Kick- Ass 2” the curb had to settle for the disappointing corner located at #4 with $13.5 million. Kid-friendly “Planes” colorfully flew to the #5 landing with $13.1 million.
Whitaker, Winfrey and the wonders of the motion picture world continued, depicting in Technicolor all the action of a comic book series, the heart of colorful tales, dangers of a segregated society, the hushed whispers at white house meetings and the loud language of the Miller members. Our friendly neighborhood stars had their own stories to tell this weekend. Which leading light spoke the loudest to you?
From seaside days to starry nights, may the week ahead be filled with heroes and wonders contributing to a part of Hollywood’s illustrious history…

A Questionable Movie Weekend

Science fiction, questionable family values and high-flying entertainment ruled at last week’s box office, as summer slowly started its inevitable descent. “2 Guns” continued to take down the rest of the competition while teen drama was found coasting alongside “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.”
Can the “Elysium” residents carry on their high-class way of (movie) living in all their scientific confusion (or was it just me who was a bit confused?) Will the “Planes,” which got off to a less-than-sky-high start last week, travel to a higher altitude this weekend? How ‘bout the “loveable” clan claiming “We’re the Millers?” Have they got what it takes to continue charming moviegoers while maintaining the familial charade?
Our new contenders this week plan on having a “Kick Ass” time at the local multiplex. “The Butler” appears ready to serve, but is he ready to shine among the starlets? Is Ashton Kutcher up to the “Job(s)” of portraying one of the 20th Century’s most admired entrepreneurs? “Paranoia” has set in among the movie set, as a high-stakes game swimming in gluttony and glamour is now being played. Are they glamorous enough to beat their opposition?
So many questions, so many movie choices. Which one will you choose?
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week be filled with excitement of THE most entertaining kind…