All Kinds of Family Fun

Despite the fact that summer is slowly winding down, it’s promising to be a “Kick Ass (2)” weekend at the movies, as a costumed high-school hero finally has his (movie) day. The life of Steve “Jobs” is proudly depicted on screen, in the form of the versatile Ashton Kutcher, who portrays the college dropout/legendary entrepreneur with his inimitable style. Speaking of billionaires, “Paranoia” has set in among the studios, as the colorful “Planes” and the classy “Elysium” residents fight for box-office stardom while the non-family-friendly fakers shouting “We’re the Millers” threaten to steal the limelight (among other things). It’s STILL a great time at the movies for families, despite the questionable Miller clan, as animation has taken over the summer of 2013. Good thing the good-looking guys loading their “2 Guns” are still around to handle all that action (while fighting for their own shot at stardom). The “Wolverine” is still on hero duty, albeit from a much lower rung on the movie ladder, watching over the “Smurfs 2” blue for true blockbuster success as well as their non-computer-generated fellow characters. Someone seems to be watching over the teen troupe, encouraging them to spend their money on magical movie moments courtesy of “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.”
Fortunately, there’s not an ogre in the bunch this weekend, only monstrous entertainment appearing on giant screens at a movie theater near you…


Author: Meg

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