Astronauts Rush to the Finish Line

It was an action-packed weekend at the movies, as the brightest stars suspended high above the competition. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were happily aware of the “Gravity” of their situation, floating through space before safely landing at the #1 spot at the domestic box office with a record-breaking $55.5million. Our hungry animated stars, meanwhile, contended with phenomenal weather that produced “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” colorful to be ignored. Their travels landed them far from space at this week’s #2 spot with $21.5 million. Justine Timberlake and Ben Affleck were one “Runner (after another) Runner,” chasing ill-gotten gains all the way to the distant island known as #3 with $7.6 million. Hugh Jackman and company kept frightened moviegoers “Prisoners” at the #4 zone with $5.7 million. Race car fanatics continued to “Rush” to movie theaters (albeit at a slower pace than the aforementioned), arriving at the #5 arena with $4.41 million.
A natural and naturally entertaining phenomenon occurred in the land of movies this weekend, with astronauts flying higher than animators, drawing near and dear to celestial, cinematic beings while leaving their earthbound competitors in the dust. The skies on occasion turned cloudy before spinning the most profitable shade of green. Moviegoers witnessed stars of all kinds breaking free from lame and tame entertainment while freely floating (and at times running) at the most engrossing speeds toward the all-mighty box office.
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week ahead possess plenty of space to absorb another-world entertainment…


Author: Meg

I am a freelance writer for hire. I have been writing professionally since 2001 and blogging since 2012. Please visit my Hire Me page for more information about yours truly.

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