Hungry for Hot Entertainment?

Moviegoers craving action, adventure and to-the-death-duels will find fulfillment this weekend as “The Hunger Games: (are) Catching Fire” at our local movie theaters, sending “Thor: (inside his) Dark World” packing his bags currently planted at the #1 spot at the domestic box office (no worries, I hear the view from the #2 place is pretty nice). Certain to occupy a lower, less scenic spot, but providing the comedy are aforementioned tales can’t deliver is “The Delivery Man,” who promises to liberate movie lovers from death battles and dark nights. “The Best Man Holiday”(s) are sure to provide the gift of laughter and love the delivery guy can’t carry alone. On a less family-friendly note, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” carrying on while traveling humorously through the dark, inflicting his bad behavior on unsuspecting folks. As studio executives crank up the heat on heroic entertainment, will the troupe taking that “Last Vegas” trip be taking their last tour of the box office? Is the end near for senior citizen shenanigans? Finally, will our “Free Birds” ever be satisfied?
Happily, there is no end to satisfying entertainment, as sequels are soaring during the dark of night (and “limelight” of day). Comedy is sure to be a crowd pleaser this weekend before Thanksgiving, making movie lovers famished for quality films most thankful…


Author: Meg

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