Celebrating Christmas Hollywood Style

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.” Marjorie Holmes
They also lead to a movieholics home away from home, where danger and Disney, heroes and hustlers happily await. On that homebound road filled with entertaining sights and silent nights, we meet the coolest characters! Walt Disney is busy “Saving Mr. Banks” from difficult authors while “The Hobbit: (forgets) The Desolation of Smaug” for joyful times spent with family and friends (and a few dropping-by dwarfs). Reporting on all the home-for-the-holidays fun is the “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” to expose all of the entertainment news (and then some). He amusingly exposes “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” but, no worries, a “Grudge Match” doesn’t ensue between our characters. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” has put everyone and their mother in a festive mood while the youngest among us are entranced by the “Frozen” community keeping company on the big screen. The gang from the seventies experiencing the “American Hustle” just loves the newfound peaceful feeling that comes from being home (and learning from their tragic crimes against fashion). For some of our Hollywood “homies,” it feels like “August (in) Osage County,” where family reunions can sometimes be heated but ultimately healing. Also in need of healing his ill-mannered ways is “The Wolf of Wall Street,” who is hoping moviegoers will make healthy contributions to his already fat wallet.
From seaside days to starry nights, may yuletide cheer extend well into the New Year and the holidays find you happily at home…
A Very Merry (with a side of Perry) to you all!


Author: Meg

I am a freelance writer for hire. I have been writing professionally since 2001 and blogging since 2012. Please visit my Hire Me page for more information about yours truly.

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