Movie Magic Magnifies Christmas

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” Norman Vincent Peale
It most certainly is the most magical time of year, as our current beautiful characters blend colorfully with new contenders on the most enchanting playing field. Are our most popular characters all played out? Will “The Hobbit: (replace) The Desolation of Smaug” with happiness and light? Clearly, there is no place for wretchedness during these delightful days (except, of course, on the big screen, where devastation will have its day).
Not at all devastating are our animated cuties, who are currently and profitably “Frozen” in movie time. Will they find sunlight burning through their eternal dark winter? Speaking of light, imagine “Thor (finding brightness in) The Dark World,” where he learns, in the end, heroes always win. Then there’s the win-at-all-cost kids playing the most satisfying “Hunger Games: (while) Catching Fire” at the box office. Has time (and new releases) caught up with them? Will they be jumping “Out of the Furnace” and into even bigger blockbuster status? Perhaps “The American Hustle,” in limited release, will slow them down in time to enjoy the festivities. With the holidays upon us, can “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” out deliver (and outwit) our “Delivery Man?”
Time will tell who triumphs and who finds tragedy (i.e. low ticket sales). Until then, why not enjoy some cinematic time in our picturesque planet?
From seaside days to starry nights, may the magic of Christmas bring beauty and entertainment to your world…


A Hobbit and a Hustle

The holidays are THE time for stepping “Out of the Furnace” and into the light of a Santa-loving movie day. Fortunately, our star-studded cast is doing their part to make the holidays brighter. Has the “American Hustle” and bustle of holiday shopping taken a toll on you? Perhaps a trip back to the fashionably-challenged 1970s will ease those frazzled nerves (while providing an extra dose of Jennifer Lawrence). “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” also promises to provide an entertaining alternative to long lines and cyber sales. “The Hobbit: (replaces) The Desolation of Smaug” for a very merry trip to the local multiplex, where Bilbo and his dwarf buddies, in addition to a host of other eclectic tagalongs, find friendship and contentment in our cozy, big screen community. Within our cinematic commune, the “Hunger Games: (are still) Catching Fire” and warming up our animated friends stuck in a “Frozen” kingdom, where singing snowmen lament the trials of an eternal winter. Movie lovers, meanwhile, may be lamenting the cold but are surely praising the perpetual light that, ironically, has been cast on “Thor: (and)The Dark World.” Between the holiday festivities and our fantastic films, will that light soon dim? Will all those scrooge-like villains be vanquished from our well-lit world?
Thankfully, even arrogant dragons can’t keep the light from dimming on our movie universe, where it may be frosty, but the hearts of moviegoers are guaranteed to be warmed by our unlimited array of tantalizing tall tales.
The holidays, hobbits and all, are happily here…

The Gift of Entertainment

Could you use a break from internet shopping and irritated mall bargain hunters? Why not give yourself the gift of entertainment (for the price of a movie ticket?) Clearly, the fierce but family-friendly fight to the box-office finish line this fire and ice weekend was far more compelling than who found the biggest Santa-approved sale. Our “Frozen” friends weren’t gonna let a little thing like the heat scare them away from the top prize as they took hold of the frosty #1 territory with $31.6 cool million at the domestic box office. The “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” continued to keep the rest of the competition at bay as they caught the #2 spot with $27 hot million. Also on fire were ex-cons and criminals, who jumped “Out of the Furnace” and into the box-office arena their first weekend in movie town, heading straight toward the #3 spot with $5.3 million. “Thor: (in the eternal) Dark World” stepped down to the dark (but still profitable) place known as #4 with $4.7 million. Amidst all this cold darkness, the “Delivery Man” made a special, holiday delivery to the yuletide community called #5 with $3.8 festive million.
Furnaces, fire and frozen terrain, holiday hosts, hungry heroes and Heavenly plains; it was an engaging weekend at the movies as the gift of entertainment keeps on giving!
From seaside days to starry nights, may your time spent in that magical, make-believe kingdom prove to be priceless…

Catching up with the Holidays

There’s just no catching up to the kids competing in the “Hunger Games: (who are) Catching Fire” and capturing even the most discriminating moviegoers’ attention. Will they continue to break box-office records this weekend? With winter mere weeks away, can the reigning Snow Queen (and fellow record breaker) keep movie lovers “Frozen” in time in a land more colorful (and cooler) than “Thor: (and his) Dark World?” Darkness always has its day in our cinematic world as the latest ex-cons and grimy crime bosses find a way “Out of the Furnace” and into the cold light of a (they hope) profitable movie day in time to shop and celebrate alongside “The Best Man (who is still on a) Holiday” high. It’s also high times on the “Homefront,” the best place to be (besides the local movie theater) for the holidays.
Princesses in peril, quests and conundrums and a singing snowman anticipating (along with the rest of us believers) a sleigh-traveling Santa; a weekend in wonderland, indeed!
From seaside days to starry nights, may these yuletide days at the movies provide endless hours of holiday entertainment (no refunds or exchanges necessary)…

Traveling through Festive Movie Time

Interested in taking a Victory Tour of the 12 districts, a trip through Braddock, Pa, a journey through frosty terrain or a terrifying trek through the darkest of worlds without traveling too far from home? Can you take the heat? Let the games begin!
Our winning “Hunger Games: (are) Catching Fire” that refuses to be “Frozen” by their cool but colorful competition while our hero “Thor: (hangin’ within) The Dark World” has enjoyed much light, ironically, on the big screen, where the fire is still burning bright (even if the box office numbers are no longer blazing). We find newcomers roaring through town before coming “Out of the Furnace” to discover the cinematic atmosphere just fine, as they meet THE hottest characters (of course, time spent in such heat-infested systems could make even the coolest characters warm). On a lighter, more festive note, the “Delivery Man” promises to deliver more joy than Santa as “The Best Man Holiday” is still being celebrated by the best moviegoers, who know it doesn’t matter what the temperature is; there’s no place like the “Homefront” for the holidays.
Wherever you’re traveling this holiday season, and whatever the weather may be, may you always feel at home at the nearest movie theater…

Warming Frozen, Famished Hearts

Did time spent traveling through the land of movies this long holiday weekend make you thankful? Did you experience a fight-to-the-death for prime seating or alternate between feeling the heat and experiencing the frost? The malls weren’t the only game in town, as our movie theaters provided an entertaining substitute for shopping. The “Hunger Games: (continued) Catching Fire,” resulting in a no-win situation for the competition as they once again caught the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $74.5 million. Our animated friends traveling through a “Frozen” tundra were feeling warm and welcomed from the #2 land with $66. 7million. “Thor: (found his) Dark World” spiraling downward to the universal #3 with $11.1 million. “The Best Man Holiday” was celebrated from the most excellent, yuletide town known as #4 with $8.49 million. Action seekers found the “Homefront” quite nice within the homespun area of #5 with $6.97 million.
Fueling fires blended effortlessly with frozen temperatures and family-friendly holiday tales, making beautiful music this first weekend in December. Comedy crashed THE best holiday parties while everyone was catching movie fever and breaking Thanksgiving box-office records while bringing the coolest heat.
From seaside days to starry nights, the ultimate winter wonderland is wonderfully taking place at a festive movie theater near you…