An Entertainingly Awkward Ride

Will moviegoers still be going on the “Ride Along” this weekend to humor and horror (i.e. really bad films?) They may experience “That Awkward Moment” that arises with an assortment of cinematic delights to choose from and so little time. Comedy or tragedy, animation or action; so many entertaining roads to travel down! Those looking for a dramatic detour may take a (movie) break thanks to the hardworking “Labor Day” folks. “The Nut Job” is working hard at collecting all the nuts in the film-worthy forest as well as lots of money in the box-office bank. Braving the cold, our “Frozen” but friendliest of casts continues to warm hearts but how long can their profitable winter last? The “Lone Survivor” has made so many friends since he first appeared on the big screen. Can he survive the crowded competition?
Convicts, cops and comedians are taking cool rides, depressed moms make for desperate friends, animation continues to announce its colorful presence, clearly, our movie theaters are jam packed with something for everyone this first frosty weekend in February!
From seaside days to starry nights, may you find more entertainment than awkwardness during your movie travels this week…

Traveling in the most Scenic of Movie Styles

Forget what the calendar states, Hollywood folks follow their own cinematic schedule. “Labor Day” has finally arrived and with it “That Awkward Moment” when we realize winter is far from over and our long, weekend celebration of the American Labor Movement is many months away. Try telling that to Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, who have waited long enough for their laborious moment in the sun. Also working hard are their friends in the movie workforce taking the “Ride Along” to comedic tales and carefree stories. “I, Frankenstein” is looking at us, the audience, to make his efforts profitable. The “Lone Survivor” is making friends, both real and imaginary. “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” meanwhile, is working on recruiting more seat fillers during his action offering. Our “Frozen” tundra is slowly starting to thaw while “The Nut Job” takes a family-friendly break from reality
All of our characters are breaking imaginatively free on the big screen, where monsters mix with malevolent beings, heroes rescue moviegoers from awkward situations, we witness amazing color thanks to animation, shadows fill the night, and all of our characters are cast in the coolest cinematic light!
A trip to the movie theater comes complete with the most scenic ride!

A Cinematic Ride Trumps Frankenstein

Audiences were still enjoying the “Ride Along” to fame, fortune and fast cars as the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart comedy sped, once again, to the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $21.2 million. Our patriotic “Lone Survivor” dealt with his loneliness from the crowd-pleasing place of #2 with $12.6 million. “The Nut Job” found saneness waiting at the #3 land with $12.3 million. The “Frozen” fields remained frosty and friendly at the #4 area with $9 million. “Jack Ryan: The Shadow Recruit” found a less-than-gloomy $8.8 million waiting in the shadows of the #5 spot.
Out of the shadows and into the limelight, freaks and frosts, nuts and Navy seals, cars, cops and darn-right cool entertainment filled movie theaters far and wide this (for many) snowy weekend. In a nutshell, movie lovers found a warm respite from the freezing temperatures, traveling from big screen to big screen and meeting an odd assortment of winter characters along the way.
From seaside days to starry nights, may you spend the week ahead traveling in the most entertaining style…

Monsters verses Heroes

“Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome.” Margaret Atwood
Last weekend, moviegoers took the “Ride Along” to comedy, cruising alongside Hollywood Boulevard and beyond studio executives expectations. The “Lone Survivor” was anything but lonely, as the Navy seal saved movie lovers from lackluster entertainment. Riding shotgun was “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” who was, ironically, nearly lost in the glare omitting from his competitions’ limelight. Perhaps he’ll find a sunnier spot this weekend in movie land. This weekend, “I, Frankenstein” is hoping for a monstrous opening weekend, thanks to us, the movie-going public, but can he overcome the success of his worthy contenders? The folks flocking to the “Devil’s Due” clearly do not scare easily; are they due a more favorable box office spot? “The Nut Job” knocked a bit of the frosty stuffing from the “Frozen” field, charming the child within while marking a wacky territory to call his own. Will kooky continue to clash with the cool kids?
This weekend is loaded with lethal (and loving) entertainment. We’ll meet Cops and robbers, demons with deadly intent, survivors taking on shadows in the night, and naturally, plenty of animated delights!
From seaside days to starry nights, may your weekend be filled with cinematic sensations sure to conquer monsters and mediocre entertainment…

Cinematic Survival

It’s a creepy opening weekend for a modern-day monster, as “I, Frankenstein” and we, the movie-going public, meet beneath the darkest of big-screen skies. Demons and gargoyles are soon to clash with colorful cuties “Frozen” in wintertime, franchise fellows and wounded war heroes all fighting for storyline justice. Our clan is taking the “Ride Along” to the perfect movie day, where comedy and car chases can ward off evil spirits. Spirited in the greediest way is “The Wolf of Wall Street,” who’s far too cunning to be frightened off by Frankenstein and friends. Luckily, “Jack Ryan: (the) Shadow Recruit” has recruited the shadiest of characters to keep the feistiest of fiends in line. Feeling squirrely but scrappy, “The Nut Job” is ready to take on all characters, animated and authentic, in his race to the finish line. Also racing for box-office survival, the “Lone Survivor,” ironically surrounded by both comrades AND comedians.
This last weekend in January is promising a monstrous battle of the Hollywood kind, where only the most entertaining of characters will live to tell the tale. Who will perish? Who will profit? Stay tuned…

Riding through Movie Town

Moviegoers took the “Ride Along” to action and comedy this weekend, arriving with great speed to the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $41.2 million (while setting box-office records for January). Our hero-on-the-home front “Lone Survivor” single-handedly found kinship and kindness from the crowded town of #2 with $23.2 million. Contributing to the already-colorful animated atmosphere, albeit in a nuttier sense, was “The Nut Job,” who survived his first weekend in the cinematic forest, successfully reaching the #3 spot with $20.55million (Open Road Film’s biggest opening ever). Also new and traveling at a somewhat slower rate was long- time hero (Tom Clancy’s charismatic character) “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” who enlisted the help of movie lovers to reach the #4 area with $17.2 million. Our “Frozen” friends continued to make the warmest company as they settled into the frosty #5 spot with $12 million.
The cinematic scene was filled with your typical heroes, humor and a bit of horror this long holiday weekend as the most popular form of transportation took us to the coolest locales. Franchises, found footage and factual accounts continued to draw crowds as animation made the locale even more colorful.
Settling in for a winter’s slumber at the local multiplex promised anything but forty winks when the coziest of comrades and the cleverest of comedians arrived on the fast-pace scene.
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week ahead be cozy, clever and, of course, character driven…

Make Movies, not War

“War does not determine who is right-only who is left.” Bertrand Russell
Who will be left following the box-office battle this weekend, the craftiest of characters or the heroes of the herd? Will our “Lone Survivor” have some tough competition in the form of heroic “Jack Ryan (the) Shadow Recruit,” who’s been shadowing our Navy seal since his action-packed opening day. Speaking of cinematic clashes, what about our warmhearted “Frozen” friends, who find themselves in a colorful battle with “The Nut Job.” Can crazy cancel out the cold? Will “The Legend of Hercules” become a tale told all season long or will it quickly fade into the legendary limelight? The “Wolf of Wall Street” is certainly nobody’s crusader but his own, especially when keeping company with the always-in-a-hurry “American Hustle” con artists, who’ve crafted quite the profitable stay in Tinseltown. Fearing grown-up comedy is in short cinematic supply these days, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are hoping to lighten things up on the “Ride Along” the coolest drive to the box office. Moviegoers looking for a bit of horror to go with all the hero worship, meanwhile, might find the “Devil’s Due” fits the film bill.
It’s only right that movie lovers take part in all that fun!
From seaside days to starry nights, may only the best battles and brightest entertainment be left at your local multiplex this weekend…