Winter’s Warriors

It’s a brand-new year and there’s a shady new hero in Tinsletown in the form of “Jack Ryan: (the) Shadow Recruit,” who’s hoping to enlist the action, adventure type on a journey filled with danger and intrigue (and possibly overflowing movie theaters) while giving the “Devil’s Due” to second-rate stories their first weekend in the hottest town. In addition to battling the devil, he’s also assigned the task of retaining also new to town “The Nut Job” from causing any more chaos among his escapade- seeking movie followers. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, seeing as how the nut in question is much too busy struggling to survive in his own animated universe and couldn’t care less about Russian plots and devilish deeds. Plotting in a colorful way to survive their severe winter, not to mention maintain a successful place at the box office, is our favorite “Frozen” friends. Being the gentle type they are, fortunately, they’re happy to invite a few more colorful creatures on the “Ride Along” to cinematic sensation. With the “Lone Survivor” currently winning the box-office war, the “Wolf of Wall Street” has grand plans involving hostile takeovers and massive amounts of money. Hustling while mustering through the 1970s are the “American Hustle” boys and broads, who have conned their way into modern day movie theaters as they fight for prime box-office seating. “The Legend of Hercules,” meanwhile, is being told all through town, as the legendary hero is in fine, fighting form.
Happily, the crusade for welcomed winter entertainment is currently being won at your local multiplex…


The (Movie) Company you Keep

It was a lonely weekend at the domestic box office for some, but not for Mark Wahlberg, as his “Lone Survivor” arrived to the isolated land of #1 with an impressive $38.5 in secluded funds (while holding the honor of being the second largest opening weekend in January ever, behind the $40 million 2008’s “Cloverfield” fearfully acquired). Animation was still surviving and thriving in a colorful “Frozen” field located at #2 with $15 million. Feeling all kinds of heat from the competition was “The Wolf of Wall Street,” still looking to steal as many cinematic bucks as possible from the #3 place with $9 million. Our “American Hustle” friends and enemies, while not hurrying out of the box office limelight anytime soon, appeared to be lightening up on their greedy ways as they graciously shared the #4 spot with “The Legend of Hercules,” with each tale being told this weekend for $8. 6million a piece.
Survivors took on sisterly love and sagas of the legendary kind as moviegoers traveled down Wall Street and war-torn areas while experiencing weird flashbacks to those wacky 1970s. The coolest characters on the most extraordinary adventures provided an odd but oddly comforting respite from the bleak weather.
From seaside days to starry nights, movie lovers were keeping the warmest of company this weekend at their nearest movie theater…

A Season for Everything Cinematic

Will a visit in “August: (to) Osage County” warm the hearts of its visitors while curing cold moviegoers of the winter blues? With Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts as a volatile mother and daughter duo, things could get pretty hot! Can’t stand the heat? No problem, you can always cool off during a visit to a “Frozen,” but family-friendly tundra. Also chilling (in the heart-stopping sense) are the strange folks taking part in the spooky “Paranormal Activity: (while pursuing) The Marked Ones” for a little telepathic fun. “The Hobbit: (continues fighting the ) Desolation of Smaug” on his fulfilling, never-ending journey through time and fabled space. How long will the enchantment last? Enchanting in their own deceiving way, our “American Hustle” friends are hurrying through the 1970s while stealing the attention of movie lovers everywhere. Speaking of stealing, that greedy “Wolf of Wall Street” finds the streets of New York are just not enough for his gluttonous self and plans on expanding his horizons. How far can he travel? Perhaps the “Legend of Hercules” will be the greatest tale of all told this weekend. Who will be the “Lone Survivor” at the box-office pinnacle? Only time will tell!
Is it Halloween or heated summer, frosty winter or the fabulous ‘70s? A trip to our neighborhood movie theater really can take us to all sorts of places (and seasons). This is the stuff legends are made of!
From seaside days to starry nights, may a visit to your local multiplex provide spellbinding entertainment that lasts all season long…

Timeless Entertainment

Despite the fact that the calendar dictates the month of January, in the world of movies, time, apparently, is irrelevant as we moviegoers have now entered the month of “August: (in) Osage County.” During these sketchy times, we’ve called upon “The Legend of Hercules” to aid us in our pursuit of legendary entertainment no matter what month it is. He’s got his work cut out for him, as heroes are a dime a dozen in the cinematic universe. “The Hobbit: (fought the) Desolation of Smaug” for a fulfilling place at the box office. Our “Frozen” friends have also found cinematic success as they battled an eternal winter and evil dudes disguised as champions. The “Wolf of Wall Street,” however, is far too gluttonous to ever be labeled a conqueror of the criminal element while the 1970s connivers clamoring through the “American Hustle” are heroes only in their own hustle-bustle minds. Proving there’s always room for a bit of horror amidst all the hubbub, a “Paranormal Activity: (was happening to) The Marked Ones,” who made their mark at the movie theaters last weekend. The hardworking “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” to shine the spotlight solely on his legendary self, hoping that movie lovers will give him a boost up the box-office ladder.
As our characters climb that starry ladder leading to the limelight, there’s room for more than just a “Lone Survivor” at the lonely-no-more box office. The year 2014 is off to a rousing start, as big-screen characters keep providing timeless entertainment…

Cold Friends and Hot Horrors

As we settled into the year 2014, with high hopes for quality entertainment and clear resolutions against uninspiring films, a chilling, family-friendly tale jumped to the #1 spot at the domestic box office. Enjoying the freezing temperatures alongside a big chunk of the nation this weekend were our favorite “Frozen” friends, feeling ironically warm AND frosty from the top perch with $20.7 million. Coming in second was the chilling tale, “Paranormal Activity: (targeting) The Marked Ones,” also known as scare seekers, with the mark of $18.2 million their first frightful week out to terrorize. Still traveling through action-fueled Tinseltown was “The Hobbit: (skipping the) Desolation of Smaug” for the joy found at the #3 land where $16.2 happy million was waiting. The “Wolf of Wall Street,” naturally, absconded with as much as he could get from moviegoers, taking hold of the #4 street with $13.5 million. Hurrying through the 1970’s for their own gluttonous gains were the all “American Hustle” con artists, crafting a clever home at #5 with $13.2 million.
So, what did we learn this first weekend in 2014? We learned that no matter what the season, be it snowy or sunny, we enjoy a good scare every now and again. Animation is always a welcomed movie addition, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence can draw a crowd, con artists continue to rule and journeys involving dragons are still cool!
From seaside days to starry nights, may studio executives resolve to make 2014 the year filled with cool friends and hot films…

A Cinematic Celebration

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” Tom Peters
Want to see more of Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in 2014? Well, you’re in luck, as they are all appearing at a movie theater near you, celebrating their cinematic success while hoping the party will continue all season long. Hoping to enjoy the festivities long after the clock strikes midnight is “The Hobbit: (participating in) The Desolation of Smaug” as well as the annihilation of the competition. Animation has always been a welcomed addition to any Hollywood shindig but will our “Frozen” friends be thawing out before long? In addition to our family-friendly party guest we have connivers and a clearly questionable clan enjoying the “American Hustle” while hobnobbing with the gluttonous “Wolf of Wall Street.” Are movie crowds still clamoring for all these con artists? As with any Hollywood event, you can expect a couple of uninvited guests performing a bit of “Paranormal Activity: (on) The Marked Ones” (also known as unsuspecting company). Naturally, we’ll need a Hollywood correspondent on the party scene to report on all that supernatural, star-studded action. Luckily, the “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” to crash parties in the oddest, yet still-legendary fashion.
All of our characters are fashionably on time for the big event, also known as show time at the local multiplex, where a movie ticket is your invitation to the hottest celebration in town!
From seaside days to starry nights, may this first weekend of 2014 find you celebrating alongside the coolest characters…

An Imaginative New Year

It’s a new year in our aged, yet ironically ageless entertainment world, where the imagination of the coolest characters has been running rampant. Why not come along on the cinematic ride, as a long list of characters travel imaginatively into 2014? There’s “The Hobbit: (still struggling with) The Desolation of Smaug” but promising to fill your time creatively with happiness and gold of the blockbuster variety. Our animated friends are thriving this winter while pledging to warm any “Frozen” hearts. With glad tidings still in the air, our holiday crew continues “Saving Mr. Banks” from poor ticket sales, as well as reprimanding “The Wolf of Wall Street,” who greedily attempts to steal the limelight from his fellow stars, especially the “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” to selfishly shine the spotlight on his legendary self, occasionally (and accidentally) capturing his competition in all their starry glory. As the clock strikes midnight, the most competitive characters are slowing down to watch the “American Hustle” hurrying along the holly, jolly holidays (so they can get back to the task of conning and conniving). Moviegoers looking for an escape from reality are following “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” as he mysteriously travels anywhere and everywhere his inventive mind will lead.
Where will your imagination take you this year? Hopefully, to a movie theater near you…