Non Stop Entertainment

It’s a “Non-Stop” race to the top of the box office this weekend, as the “Son of God” has arrived to speak his peace. A far-from peaceful “Pompeii” may have fallen, but looks hopefully to the horizon of a new movie day. “The Monuments Men” have already left their memorable mark; how long will their artistic memorial last? “The Lego Movie” looks to build an even bigger empire but how much farther can they climb? Our characters need a long weekend, or “3 Days to Kill” their audiences’ desire for non-cinematic forms of entertainment. With our selection of stories this weekend, will they succeed?
During your visit to the movies, you can expect to find your typical air marshals duking it out with everyone’s favorite animators as terrifying terrorists take on the (horrifying to the competition) toy builders. Mount Vesuvius has erupted in a less-than monumental way, as a secret service agent and a slave turned gladiator hope in vain to rise above it all.
Who will be rising the highest this weekend?
From seaside days to starry nights, may the coolest characters reach the highest stars at a movie theater near you…

Non-Stop Movie Talk

“The true spirit of conversation consists in building on another man’s observation, not overturning it.” Novelist Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Ready for some “Non-Stop” action (not to mention a little lively conversation) at the movies this first weekend in March? “The Monuments Men” are more than set to pay tribute to all the tales being told as they welcome the (story version) “Son of God” to audiences eager for some spirited tales. “RoboCop,” having become a cool Hollywood crusader, keeps cruising along, protecting moviegoers from inept entertainment. The cool, competent residents of “Pompeii” (barely) survived Mount Vesuvius last weekend and are clamoring to climb higher on the Hollywood hierarchy. The toy builders of “The Lego Movie,” meanwhile, are optimistically working to build an even bigger ladder to the stars, knowing they’ll need more than “3 Days to Kill” movie lovers’ desire for all of these non-animated sagas. With murder far from their minds, the romantics are dealing with their own drama while hoping the hype and all that talk “About Last Night” continues.
Happily, all of our now-appearing-at-a-movie-theater-near-you characters are engaged in the most imaginative conversations and ready to talk about all that they’ve observed.
What movie will YOU be talking about this weekend?

Building the Perfect Movie Life

“Living a life is like constructing a building: if you start wrong, you’ll end wrong.” Poet Maya Angelou
A compelling crew of characters constructed the biggest buildings this weekend, extending their box -office movie lives on the right side of the cinematic tracks.
Putting one entertaining block atop the other, “The Lego Movie” once again built the biggest man-made audience, maintaining the top spot at the domestic box office with $31.4 million. Kevin Costner found himself at the crime-free #2 area with less than “3 Days to Kill” the opposition, in the cinematic sense, with $12.3 million. “Pompeii,” not the most tranquil place to be, found the ground of #3 a bit shaky with $10.1 earth-shattering million. Our resident “RoboCop” fought crime and the competition from the #4 spot with $9.3 million. “The Monuments Men” constructed a monumental memorial at the memorable land of #5 with $8.1 million.
The blocks continued to be stacked against the opposition, as the animated builders annihilated the big boys. Secret service agents showed up to serve the movie-going public, robots ruled the crime drama scene; romantics matched wits AND Mount Vesuvius while friendships were formed in the most monumental of movie ways. What’s old (as in 1980s old) was new again as audiences, both youthful and young at heart, found common ground within a darkened movie theater.
From seaside days to starry nights, old stories were telling the freshest tales, building on the start of a most perfect week at the movies…

Building Movie Blocks

“Whatever good things we build up, end up building us.” American speaker Jim Rohn
Will “The Lego Movie” and all of its plastic components build an even bigger hierarchy to the top of the box office charts this weekend or will romantic leftovers featuring unlimited entrees of “Endless Love” be feeding the movie masses? Is anyone still talking “About Last Night” or is that so last week? With the start of a new weekend comes all-out story-dictated destruction, as the people of “Pompeii” work to take down “The Monuments Men” while manufacturing their own movie-style memorial. Our latest memorable characters are on a race for survival, wondering if “3 Days to Kill” are all it takes to murder the movie competition (and convince the latest rendition of “RoboCop” to give it a robotic rest).
As the “Wind Rises” to greet a brand new movie day, will the successful sail be knocked out of their animated opposition as well as all of the imaginary beings breezing through our big-screen version of town?
There’s a cinematic storm brewing of the most engaging sort, with twists and turns to every tale being told at your local movie theater.
From seaside days to starry nights, thanks to imaginative entertainment, we’re building toward a great weekend at the movies…

Water Cooler Conversations

With less than “3 Days to Kill” before the latest Kevin Costner saves-himself-and-the-world flick, “The Wind Rises” to greet yet-another clever, colorfully animated gem. The folks forced to reside in “Pompeii,” meanwhile, are eager for a little lively entertainment and a lasting escape from all that Mount Vesuvius turmoil. Erupting on the big screen, our newest players promise to give our classic characters a run for their cinematic money. Will “Robocop” have the best seat on the “Ride Along” to all that fun or will he endure “That Awkward Moment” when building blocks tower over everyone, even the mechanical and the monumental, inside “The Lego Movie?”
When folks talk “About Last Night” will they be describing “Endless Love” stories or the dastardly deeds surrounding “The Monuments Men?” Perhaps our newbies will possess the stuff of riveting water-cooler conversations.
This weekend promises an odd, but oddly satisfying assorting of Hollywood entertainment. A slave turned gladiator? A must see! A dying Secret Service agent? Who’s not dying to see that? How about an animated 20th century aeronautical engineer? Color me there!
Where will you be this coming weekend?

The Eighties Live but Lego’s Rule

A trip to the local movie theater can often feel like a journey back in time, as visions of the 1980s (albeit in a modernized environment) captured hearts while filling seats this long holiday weekend. Despite the eighties hype, “The Lego Movie” once again built the biggest audience at the domestic box office, coming in at #1 with $48.8 million. Those in the mood for romance were talking “About Last Night” from the 80s inspired land of #2 with $27 million. The reborn once more “RoboCop” stormed onto the cinematic scene, telling romantics to take a flying leap while taking over the #3 spot with $21.5 million. “The Monuments Men” were conducting a tribute to present-day films from the #4 place with $15 million. An “Endless Love” affair was happening at the lovely #5 location, finding that love, in the end, was worth $13.5 million.
The 1980s and the stories they inspired were “totally” awesome when transported to the magical big screen. Toy tycoons and WWII wannabe’s went to war of sorts with tortured love tales from the past and outdated officers of the robotic type.
Who was your type this weekend?
From seaside days to starry nights, may this coming week be endlessly entertaining, monumentally memorable and rivetingly retro…

Building Romance among the Robotic Races

Charles M. Schultz (and the Beatles, in part) once said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
On this weekend of sweetness and love (and movie-style popcorn), life in the land of make-believe is slowly warming the temperatures, as robots, romantics, animators and artists are taking the ride of their lives, heading toward the local multiplex.
“Robocop” has arrived on the romantically-challenged scene, determined to fight crime, bad dates and “That Awkward Moment” when animation annihilates the adult competition. Will “The Lego Movie” (2014’s #1 box-office opening) build an even bigger audience this weekend? Perhaps “The Monuments Men” will construct their own mammoth-sized meeting of the movie kind. Movie lovers seeking an “Endless Love” on the eternal big screen may find their cinematic discussions “About Last Night” fondly focused on flashbacks to the 1980s. Always ready for the “Ride Along” are the comedy cruisers and the young adult audience currently filling the halls of “Vampire Academy.” Will class be in session or will comedy kill the competition? Lest we forget, frost is still IN, as “Frozen” characters make for the coziest company.
Will a true blue “Winter’s Tale” or two be successfully told this weekend?
From seaside days to starry nights, may romance rule and animation aim even higher as flashbacks, fantasies and darn-right fantastic films reach new cinematic heights on the tallest of screens…