Amazing Movie Moments

“Captain America: Winter Soldier” is preparing to step down as head of the heroic household this marvelous movie weekend, as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” remarkable for words steps up to the plate, ready to swing his web to the top spot at the box office. In spite of his awesomeness, “The Other Woman” remains on her anti-man crusade, recruiting another romantically-challenged female traveling down that dreaded “Walk of Shame.” Do these ladies have a prayer of walking away the ultimate box-office winners? Will they stroll all the way from “Rio 2” roads only traveled by animated greats and blockbuster beauties? Might a stay in “A Haunted House 2” Hollywood to be taken seriously be in order for our self-centered story crew? Crew members living in “Brick Mansions” should not throw stones, however, as their box-office manor does not possess the greatest view. Hearing the call for a bit more horror figures in town to counteract all those amazing beings, “The Quiet Ones” are trying to make as much noise as possible in the hope that audiences will eventually hear them.
Here’s to movie claims to fame and a bit of walking shame, things that go bump in the night, captains fighting that good fight, wicked women and web-slinging wonders, retaliation and, of course, animation!
With the help of heartfelt stories, we know “Heaven is for Real.”
Does this sound like an amazing, Heavenly movie weekend to you?

And the Ladies shall Lead

“The Other Woman” settled an old score while soaring past the Marvel hero, taking the leading spot at the domestic box office with $24.7 vengeance-is-mine million. Ever the gentleman, “Captain America: (and his) Winter Soldier” graciously stepped down to the #2 place after his three-week stay at the top of the throne, taking in $16 million. True believers were proclaiming “Heaven is for Real” from the humble kingdom of #3 with $13.8 million. Colorful cuties roamed from “Rio 2” the vibrant #5 land with $13.6 million. “Brick Mansions” stood tall at the #5 abode with $9.6 million.
The heavenly real world happily welcomed the earthbound wonders this last weekend in April. The bad girls were as good as gold (at least in the box-office world), winning the ultimate battle against the all-American captain. Standing tall, the spiritual and the spirited showed up on the movie manor block, trading amusing anecdotes with wild women, winter warriors and everyone’s favorite animated darlings, each concentrating on capturing the most moviegoers.
Which movie captured your attention this weekend?
From seaside days to starry nights, may your entertaining interests this week include time spent with Hollywood’s heroes, hell raisers and Heavenly characters…

Great Movie Expectations

“The Other Woman” and her vengeance-seeking co-conspirators are on a mission: make their cheating mate pay for his misdeeds while enticing moviegoers to pay for the privilege of watching. Our hero, “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” clearly has had the honor of moviegoers’ presence, having maintained the top spot at the domestic box office during his three-week stay. How long will his time in power last? Also experiencing a significant amount of staying power from “Rio 2” movie theaters far and wide are our constant, colorful crowd pleasers fighting to stay in the movie game. Will the grown-up cast residing in the far-from-animated “Brick Mansions” find cinematic gold? “The Quiet Ones,” meanwhile, remain contained in “A Haunted House 2” freaky for animated darlings or angelic beings as they continue to spread the word that “Heaven is for Real.” Sci-fi wonders and computer techies, in the meantime, are searching for a bit of that heavenly magic to rub off on them, resulting in unadulterated moments of “Transcendence.” Will they continue to trail behind their competition or miraculously exceed expectations?
Which movie do you expect to have the biggest audience?
From seaside days to starry nights, angels on the horizon are guiding the way to harmless horrors, Heavenly wonders and a wickedly wonderful weekend at the movies…

Box Office Prospects

Girl power is making a grand appearance this weekend, as the new girls in the city are ready to take on the big boys of Tinseltown, the animated creatures of the forest and the creepy supernatural beings currently appearing on the big screen.
“The Other Woman” and her female conspirators have revenge on the brain that can only be calmed by positive reviews and overcrowded movie theaters. Can they find redemption from their misguided (and hopefully entertaining) deeds? Offering their own redeeming worth (but little market value), the creators of “A Haunted House 2” intend to scare away their competition with the help of the “The Quiet Ones” as their personal, horrifying houseguests. Visitors to “Brick Mansions,” however, know movie manors are built on audience participation and solid reviews, not scare tactics. Not one to scare easily, a rock-solid “Captain America: (and his ever-present) Winter Soldier” are ready to battle the females as well as the frightening. PG-rated wild animals continue to have one hair-raising adventure after another while wandering from “Rio 2” local movie theaters, capturing glimpses of “Transcendence” along the computerized way.
Our scary, strong, spirited and just plain strange characters are happily transcending even the most discriminating moviegoers’ expectations this coming weekend, promising a wide selection of awesome tales sure to please every gender.
Will they rise above box-office expectations?
No matter the outcome, we know “Heaven is for Real,” as we’ve experienced blissful moments right here on storytelling Earth…

Heaven Sent Storytelling

At first glance, the weekend appeared to be a bit ominous, as moviegoers and sci-fi aficionados met supernatural terrors within their very own haunted house of horrors. Horror and sci-fi tales headed to the back row, however, for in the end, American heroes, animated creatures and the place where the angels dwell held the biggest court at the domestic box office. “Captain America: Winter Soldier” was enjoying spring-like temperatures from the #1 place at the domestic box office for the third week in a row with $26.6 million. The animated sequel “Rio 2” took that colorful trip to the Amazon while maintaining the #2 spot with $22.2 million. The faithful were inspired to declare, “Heaven is for Real” from the divine #3 area with $21.5 million (with a total of $28.5 since its Wednesday opening). A mind-bending experience was occurring at the #4 locale, with flashes of “Transcendence” taking place to the tune of $11.1 million. Comedy and creep fest lovers visited the “Haunted House 2” scary for an extended stay from the #5 abode with $9.1 million.
This weekend, we experienced Marvel magic, witnessed paranormal activity coupled with ghostly visions, posthumously met a computer scientist (how’s that for creepy?) and still had time left over for some much-needed family-friendly fun in a transcendent place filled with Heavenly beings.
From seaside days to starry nights, may heavenly sights meet with everyone’s delight this movie-loving week…

A Heavenly Weekend

Ready for a weekend of horror, heroes and Heavenly entertainment? Is this the winter of our discontent or the spring of pure contentment?
Satisfying discriminating moviegoers with his questionable fashion sense and pirate-blasting powers, “Captain America: (and his discontented) Winter Soldier” plan on sticking around all season long to save moviegoers from lifeless tales while “Noah” continues to pair up, as he attempts to smack down, his oversized competition. Are his efforts futile? Will our heroes keep adding color to our movie world? What about those pretty kids trying to find their identities in “Divergent?” How much longer will audiences identify with them? Will the sports minded among us sign up for a brand new “Draft Day?” Is this the end of football fever? A drafty breeze indicates that with the dawn of a new day comes the knowledge that “Heaven is for Real” and blissfully captured on that sometimes irreverent screen. The faithful ones find the results downright ethereal, as they seize spiritual moments of unadulterated “Transcendence.” The “Oculus” crew plan to surpass the real world by keeping their horror-loving audience fixated within their eerie ideas of reality. Maybe animation will outdo all of them as our youngest cast members journey through “Rio 2” (they hope) the box-office pinnacle, with a chilling stop by “A Haunted House 2” creepy to miss.
From seaside days to starry nights, may you scale the heights of entertainment this weekend of spirited, scary and supremely fun entertainment…

The Art of Movie Conversation

“Talking with you is sort of the conversational equivalent to an out of body experience.” Calvin & Hobbs
Spiritual experiences aside, the art of conversation is alive and well and taking place in neighboring movie theaters. Light and images collide, as characters invite us into their worlds. There, we share the experiences of a frantic but faithful father, NFL dreamers, animated adventurers, a leader in biblical times and a heroic captain for all times (to name a few). Through those surreal scenes, we can harmlessly debate the dangers of artificial intelligence versus the power and fragility of the human mind. We know “Heaven is for Real” because we’ve witnessed great acting from our very own climate-controlled cloud nine. As welcomed witnesses, we undergo moments of “Transcendence” that far surpass other forms of entertainment. We fight for equality among the social classes in “Divergent” and put up our dukes alongside “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” who continues fighting that springtime superhero battle. Feeling no fear, we’re ready to conquer the supernatural (knowing that the spirit world can actually be imaginatively dominated). We happily travel through “Rio 2” animated and actual movie trails, passing “Noah” along the reverent way. We breeze through the beginning of “Draft Day” with hope that our sports stars will heat up the box office in the end.
Before those end credits roll, we’re treated to Heavenly times, indeed, with our sincere thanks to Hollywood…