A Million Ways to Entertain

Ready for a magnificent time at the movies in the presence of Disney’s dark but delightful “Maleficent?” Did you know there are “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and a thousand ways to supreme movie entertainment?
During these splendid, cinematic days, we can expect to enjoy every minute with the “X-Men: (experiencing) Days of Future Past” in their unique, timeless fashion. Our “Neighbors” will continue to do their part to amuse the movie-going public while “Godzilla,” naturally, will do his monstrous best to eclipse them all! “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is still his amazing self in this overcrowded community, where adventure and comedy have been “Blended” to absolute perfection.
Looking for the perfect place to spend your time this weekend? Why not take a trip to a fairy tale world filled with cowardly cowboys, mutant lovers, friendly, web slinging neighbors, blended families and a star-struck hairy beast determined to outshine his actual size, character-driven competition?
A drive to your closest, character-building movie theater promises to be worth the trip!

A Magnificent Movie Party

There’s an ominous creature coming to our movie kingdom known as “Maleficent” who intends to have a magnificent time restoring what’s left of the peace in her fairy tale territory. Living successfully in their own historic, mutant-loving universe, the “X-Men: (discover their) Days of Future Past” jeopardized (while their box-office future ironically remains bright). Unaware of any lurking danger, our laid-back “Neighbors” are still having the greatest time on the block, going so far as to extend to “Godzilla,” the ultimate party crasher, an invitation to their never-ending homage to merrymaking. Although he comes in handy for keeping the community well-lit and on their toes, he never cleans up after himself, preferring to leave a filthy trail in his path. Always a gracious, well-mannered guest, “The Amazing-Spider-Man 2” promises to keep out the undesirables (a.k.a unruly stars) while the entire cast enjoys all of the “Blended” PG and R-rated stories currently playing. They learn there are “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and unlimited ways to live entertainingly (no matter where you reside) while thanking their lucky stars they’re in the protective presence of such amazing superheroes.
The gun-slingers and web wanderers have been effortlessly blended on the big screen, making for the most entertaining neighborhood watch!
What amazing movie will have you on an entertainment watch this weekend?

A Hot Holiday Weekend

Happily living in the profitable, present moment, the “X-Men: (counting the) Days of Future Past” sped right past the hairy horror and the party crashers, arriving at the #1 spot at the domestic box office this long, holiday weekend with $90.7 million. Always the sore loser, “Godzilla” stomped his way to the #2 land with $31.43 million, leaving a trail for his life-size competition to follow. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were having a “Blended” good time from the comedic #3 spot with $14.35 million. Our “Neighbors” were still enjoying their version of the good times, albeit a bit more R-rated than the blended bunch, this week from the #4 neighborhood with $13.9 million. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” swung his successful web to the #5 region with $7.8 million.
The neighborhood watch cleverly discovered the greatest celebrations occurring at our local movie theaters, where a blockbuster cast had the coolest time staying in the moment (while ironically searching for their future, sequel-inspiring selves). Quality family time was integral to the festivities, where Spider-Man continued to amaze even the ferocious fire breather (who’s working on his people skills).
As the temperature was heating up on the outside, was there a better place to chill out (and avoid holiday traffic) than inside your neighborhood multiplex, where cool and hot are always memorably blended to perfection?

Living in the Present Movie Moment

Will “Godzilla” continue to decimate the competition while clomping and stomping his way through our cinematic towns, crushing his otherwise friendly “Neighbors” and their unsuspecting party guests? In the midst of their own eternal celebration, perhaps the “X-Men: (traveling through their) Days of Future Past” will stay in the present moment long enough to kick his monstrous butt. Maybe “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will weave a web big enough to contain that fire breather, giving the rest of the glamorous gang a chance at box-office success.
Because movie aficionados can’t live strictly on amazing action and timeless party planning, “Blended” entertainment is surely needed, as our most gracious stars have extended the “Million Dollar Arm” to their lesser (a.k.a. non-blockbuster) film friends. Not willing to lend a hand to anyone, anything but gracious, “The Other Woman” continues to seek all the fame and fortune for herself. Will another woman soon be taking her place in the female comedy line?
Seeking their own cinematic success, our lively cast promises comedic reunions and the coolest festivities in the friendliest of neighborhoods that even that rebooted, tall and terrifying one can’t overshadow….

Blended Entertainment

Looking for a little “Blended” entertainment featuring action, adventure, comedy and calamitous, mind-bending trips to the future and the past? There is certainly no shortage of offbeat characters currently appearing on the big screen, what with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” pumped up from all his high-flying adventure and “Godzilla” continuing to stomp through the movie-going public.
With summer blockbusters stomping through our movie theaters at a rapid pace, the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” folks are liking their box-office prospect, envisioning a future filled with accolades as they mark the days off on the calendar leading to their long-awaited premier. Also reaching toward that successful cinematic horizon following their premier debut, our favorite “Neighbors,” like questionable politicians, are promising the party will never end, as long as you support their “worthy cause.”
Continuing to cause quite a shameful stir, “The Other Woman” and her gal pals refuse to reach out to the boys with the “Million Dollar Arm,” unless, of course, they’re buying the next round of drinks.
Which movie will you be buying a ticket to this weekend?

A Monster Opening

Victor Hugo once said, “Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.”
“Godzilla,” that infamous, fire-breathing ferocious monster, made his grand return to movie town, where he, naturally, prospered at the top of the domestic box office, bullying his way past the pack and breaking 2014 opening-day records with $93.2 million. Fearful of the fire-breather but still in party mode, his “Neighbors” happily took the festivities two doors down to the #2 place with $26 million. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was last seen having an awesome time at the #3 region with $16.8 million. On an inspirational note, the “Million Dollar Arm” reached $10.5 million at the #4 area. Unimpressed by uplifting, true stories, especially the male-related kind, “The Other Woman” took her baggage to the #5 spot with $6.3 million.

This weekend, man haters traded quips of sorts with monsters, Disney darlings reached for the stars, the neighborhood continued to celebrate while our friendly neighborhood Spiderman sustained his web-slinging talents from rooftop to rooftop. An amazing time was clearly had by all!
What movie had you celebrating this weekend?

New Neighbors Stomp through Town

Can an infamous monster beat a Marvel hero and a group of not-so-marvelous frat boys?
There goes the neighborhood courtesy of the naughtiest of “Neighbors,” who plan on making the movie community their prime party location. “Godzilla,” of course, intends to stomp on his festive competition, leaving “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” quaking in his heroic boots. Can the eternally-youthful Peter Parker sling his web back to the top of the box office? Perhaps he can lend a hand to the man with the “Million Dollar Arm,” who’s reaching for the celestial skies while searching for the MLB’s next megastars. Starring in her own female-driven drama, “The Other Woman” is too busy plotting revenge to find true value in such things as redemption and personal success. Because “Heaven is for Real” for many in our movie-going society, inspired-by-a-true-story tales focusing on soul salvation promise to be a crowd pleaser (for the Disney circle, anyway). Having been around the movie block for quit some time, “Captain America: Winter Soldier” has little chance of leading to their downfall, despite all the pulse pounding, super action he supplies.
Will our imaginary friends rise to the cinematic occasion, supplying their audiences with family-friendly fun and R-rated revelry?
Stay tuned!