What’s your Movie Type?

Looking for a bit of variety to spice up your movie life? What’s your type: animation, comedy, drama, or anything sequel-related?
Moviegoers will meet the most eclectic characters this coming weekend, who promise to do their scripted part to add excitement to our movie community. The always-exciting “Godzilla” has finally arrived (for his latest reboot), ready to rub elbows of sorts with the “Million Dollar Arm.” Partaking in web slinging as opposed to hand shaking, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” feels no fear in the company of the legendary monster or the men of the MLB. Following a bright but bleary road trip from festive “Rio 2” any town offering grown-up revelry, our festive “Neighbors” neglect to invite “The Other Woman” and her female friends to their latest social gathering, knowing the angry girls have trouble co-existing with frat boys and their male acquaintances. Since “Heaven is for Real,” however, our peaceful players think everyone should get along, no matter what their gender. Fortunately, “Captain America: (and his) Winter Soldier” are still traveling the party circuit, offering their version of home security.
Happily appearing on our movie roster are superheroes, sports agents and a science genius along with girls gone bad and neighbors up to no good. Expect CG-inspired stories to add color to the diverse canvas.
Unsure of what film to follow? No worries; expect a Heavenly guide to illuminate the entertaining way, finding you the perfect movie mate…

Amazing Neighbors

Did the weekend leave you feeling both strangely amazed and somewhat neighborly?
Inhospitable houseguests kicked the ironically friendly neighborhood Spiderman to the curb this weekend, as last week’s box-office title holder took a neighborly step down for the party pleasers. Familial moviegoers found fraternity brothers make strange “Neighbors” hanging out on the corner of #1 at the domestic box office, where $51.1 million was contributed to the movie merrymaking. Slinging his web from Movie Theater to Movie Theater, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” bravely contributed $37.2 million to our heroic universe from the #2 perch. “The Other Woman” refused to take part in that male-dominated community, preferring to stick with her female comrades at the #3 place with $9.2 million. Devout movie members found the spirit within while affirming “Heaven is for Real” from the #4 spot with $7 million. “Captain America: Winter Soldier” continued to save action seekers from unseasonable conditions, rounding out the top five with $5.6 million.
So, what was the view like from your neighborhood? Was the sky the most Heavenly shade of blue? Were frat boys crossing paths with furious women much to the captain’s chagrin? Was web slinging occurring in place of street hockey? Just how friendly were all of those film folks last seen roaming freely?
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week find you crossing paths with the coolest people as you roam through the friendliest of cinematic neighborhoods…

Cruising through a Colorful Neighborhood

Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” So, who would the infamous poet invite into his back yard? Would it be our tights-wearing heroes, hard partying students, animated travelers or jilted women? Would he travel as far as his local movie theater to pay any of these troubled characters a poetic visit?
Traveling all the way from Kansas, the cast embracing the “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” hope to have one successful homecoming at the box office, where their colorful-in-a-different way “Neighbors” are more interested in parties than trips to the past. Present animators continue to take the tour through “Rio 2” vibrant corners of the world. Breezing through the R-rated side of town, the “Chefs,” in a limited-release capacity, are hoping to entice audiences to sample their idea of irresistible entertainment. “The Other Woman,” however, lacks trust in all men, even the ones who can cook. Dorothy and the rest of that creative dream team are cooking up a plan to lure moviegoers away from last week’s box-office-by-far winner, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” He, naturally, intends to amaze the movie masses for the foreseeable future. Having been around the movie block since March, “Captain America: Winter Soldier” appears to be slowly packing his bags, making room for summer blockbusters.
A legendary weekend waits, with epic movies currently appearing at our neighborhood movie theaters. True film buffs and movie believers know “Heaven is for Real” right here on hallowed Hollywood ground, where cinematic angels gloriously roam…

New Characters join the Movie Neighborhood

Ready to welcome new, funny (and a few) freaky “Neighbors” to our cinematic vicinity? True storytellers are sure to love the “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” to that legendary yellow brick road as she strives to magically add even more tones to our movie canvas while surpassing the oh-so-colorful “Rio 2” bigger fantasy-driven roads. Along the way, our animated darlings can expect to cross paths with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” busy for multihued road trips, as he takes on the villain de jour. The amazing one is sure to find an understanding comrade in “Captain America: Winter Soldier” as he, too, remains on active criminal duty. While fighting, and ultimately winning the battle against evil, our heroic characters know “Heaven is for Real” and wonder how long their blissful days will last before they ride off into the sunset (a.k.a. eventual, and hopefully successful, DVD release).
Our talented “Chefs” are cooking up a cinematic menu clearly worth savoring.
Possessing a lasting effect on film fanatics meant to be savored, our cool characters are currently traveling to local movie theaters to find their very own eternal crusades and comedic brigades. Fantasy-fueled trips to Oz and the Amazon await us on this imaginative journey, where Heavenly images and creative characters promise to enlighten and entertain us this weekend.
Is this a neighborhood worth visiting?

A Fearless Hero has an Amazing Weekend

American storyteller Andy Offutt Irwin once said, “Don’t be afraid to be amazing.” Taking that advice to heart, a story about a seemingly-simple boy turned anything-but-simple superhero fearlessly found the pinnacle of success and most scenic box-office view on this most amazing weekend.
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” big for the small screen had one giant opening, coming in #1 at the domestic box office with $92 marvelous million. Following his lead was last week’s top scorer, “The Other Woman,” who found payback and girl power at the #2 place with $14.2 million. “Heaven is for Real” for our faithful film friends, who took the spiritual, based-on-actual events story to the #3 spot with $8.7 million. With his days in the box-office limelight slowly fading, “Captain America: Winter Soldier” fought the battle from the #4 location with $7.8 million. Our animated lovers roamed from “Rio 2” to the cute and colorful site of #5 with $7.6 family-friendly million.
Were incredible discoveries made this weekend? Well, we learned a little faith can bring Heaven to our movie theaters as well as to our hearts, girls with a grudge can hold their own against faithless men, the road to Rio is a brilliant blue, America’s classic captain can beat soldiers of all seasons, and the ageless Spider-Man grows more remarkable with each rendition.
From seaside days to starry nights, may your week come with its own remarkable moments and amazing memories in the (movie) making…

A Web-Defying Weekend

With spring in full swing, our cast has settled somewhat comfortably inside their sturdy “Brick Mansions,” a far departure from the cinematic neighborhood where “A Haunted House 2” disturbing for family-friendly neighbors resides. Fellow movie citizens follow the bluest skies traveling through “Rio 2” roads featuring the most color and coolest movies. Our colorful crusader “Captain America” Winter Soldier” is preparing to share the spotlight with yet another hero, as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” phenomenal for anything less than the ultimate scenic spot in town happily slings his web toward that prime box-office status. “The Other Woman,” however, is not impressed by his web-slinging talents and is quick to plot revenge against anyone attempting to steal her thunder. Will she be doing the “Walk of Shame” this weekend reserved for questionable characters and depraved women? Perhaps the faithful will inspire her to abandon those wanton ways as they declare, “Heaven is for Real.”
Inspiring movie lovers everywhere are stories with heart, actual events, eerie abodes and romantic tales of woes, there’s comedies galore; what movie lover could ask for more?
From seaside days to starry nights, may your weekend come with its own amusements and all-out amazing entertainment…