Transforming the Movie Experience

“When the robot mind is mastered, undisciplined thinking ceases and is replaced by awareness. Awareness can know love.” Barry Long

The ‘bots took on the beauty and the brains this weekend, discovering much love for the latest “Transformers: Age of Extinction” while sending them to the far-from-deadly #1 spot at the domestic box office this weekend with $100 blockbuster million. The law-enforcement kind followed the road leading to “22 Jump Street” all the way to the #2 neighborhood with $15.4 million. A colorful kind of class was in session at the #3 grounds, deciphering “How to Train Your Dragon 2” maintain a lofty box-office location with $13.1 million. Our brainy types found a sense of awareness at the #4 spot while learning to “Think Like a Man Too” gentlemanly to hog the limelight for long with $10.4 million. “Maleficent” made her mark at the #5 land with $8.2 million.
Mastering the mentality of moviegoers everywhere, our imaginative characters were feeling the love, happily aware that nothing compares to a meeting of the minds with trouble-plagued Vegas travelers or a trip featuring imaginative machines matching wits with animated beings, undercover agents and Disney’s finest.
Clearly, there’s no telling where an undisciplined imagination will lead…

The Age of Blockbuster Battles

The “Transformers: (living in the) Age of Extinction” are ironically primed for summer survival, ready to meet, greet and then beat the undercover cops, over-thinking men, animated species, Disney diva and Jersey chorus. They naturally expect their character-driven comrades to lag far behind them in the box-office line while they transform our big-screen society. Will that big-screen transformation cause the troublesome crew partying on the corner of “22 Jump Street” to take a flying leap?
Perhaps our intellectual movie types will “Think Like a Man Too” savvy to be taken in by giant robots and never-ending mechanical battles. Then we have our boundless animated greats, who are always thinking big. Have they learned “How to Train Your Dragon 2” take on a powerful toy franchise?
Since moviegoers can’t live on the fate of Autobots and Decepticons alone, those with a song in their heart may prefer a visit with the “Jersey Boys” after a stop-over in the kingdom containing that maddening “Maleficent.”
Happily, we’re living in the Age of Story Endurance, where “They Came Together,” our stalwart stars (some in limited release), to tell a tale with limitless, sequel possibilities.
Which ageless anecdote will you choose this weekend?

A Summer Transformation

The blockbuster summer of 2014 marches on as more members join the ever-changing parade. The “Transformers: Age of Extinction” makes its first appearance this weekend, ready to annihilate the aging (and animated) competition. The not-getting-any-younger “Jersey Boys” are too busy singing to worry about their cinematic survival while our spirited geniuses are learning “How to Train Your Dragon 2” survive best-sellers, epic tales and sequel sensations.
On a quieter side of movie town, “They Came Together” to create a cute romantic comedy seeking their own loyal audience among the loud chartbusters, swiping a page from the intellects who rudely uttered, “Think Like a Man Too” gain the biggest crowd. The men coasting down “22 Jump Street” plan on leaping past their male and female comrades in an effort to please the pack while the narcissistic “Maleficent” solemnly strives to hurdle, in Disney style, past anyone in her box-office path.
With thinking caps firmly in place, our summer troupe intend to do their part to transform our most entertaining escape from reality.
Thinking about a trip to the movies this weekend?

A Thinking Man’s Weekend

And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”
Poet James Russell Lowell

The perfect tone was set this June weekend at the movies, as audiences learned to “Think Like a Man Too” entertaining for just one movie, taking the follow-up film all the way to the top of the domestic box-office charts with $30 million. Our favorite undercover agents took that profitable detour through the dangerous “22 Jump Street,” jumping to the safety of the #2 corner with $29 million.
With school finally out for the summer, young (and young at heart) movie lovers got a lesson in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” rule the animated kingdom from the #3 area with $25.3 million.
Following their opening night, the “Jersey Boys” were singing a soulful tune from the #4 setting with $13.5 million. That “Maleficent” meanie gathered up the rest of the movie-going audience, taking them to the #5 site with $13 million.
The sweet songs of summer were harmoniously playing on our movie screens this weekend, echoing all the way through Jersey to the most entertaining jurisdictions. Disney held on as our entertainment darlings as sequels continued to hit just the right note, amusing anecdotes blended well with animation while book and Broadway adaptations found a home on Hollywood’s hottest stage.
Thinking about a movie excursion? You’re sure to find a story that will set just the right tone…

Musical Movie Dreams

The “Jersey Boys” are back by popular demand, attempting to “Think Like a Man Too” talented for the stages of Broadway alone. They’ve got some tough competition in our cinematic town, however, as each neighborhood possesses its own entertainment powerhouses. On the powerful block located at “22 Jump Street,” the littlest movie members are jumping rope and learning “How to Train Your Dragon 2” promote an imaginative, animated feature while the older adolescence keep dreaming beneath “The Fault in our Stars,” searching a sky littered with unfulfilled dreams (but rewarding profits). Just beyond that castle in the sky, the all-about-herself “Maleficent” imagines the day the entire Hollywood kingdom will be all hers, sending the undercover cops, animated lovers and alien seekers off the “Edge of Tomorrow.”
Today, happily, our stars are aligned and ready to light up the Technicolor heavens. The blue-collar kids are all grown up and always in tune as our summer characters harmoniously co-exist (except for that dreaded Disney diva, who’s always a bit out of synch). The Street that can’t be beat is leading toward a colorful, blockbuster tomorrow brimming with manly thoughts of music and movies (with the coolest females as thought-provoking scene stealers).
What cinematic street will you find yourself daydreaming on this weekend?

Dancing to the Movie Beat

“When the music changes, so does the dance.” African Proverb
Dancing to the beat of their own drum, the “Jersey Boys” have finally arrived to a (they can only hope) sold-out show, spreading the melodious joy from New Jersey to Neverland. In their search for stardom, they’ll discover to “Think Like a Man Too” talented for the little league they have to believe big as they follow the road leading to that infamous life-size screen.
On that bumpy boulevard to the motion-picture monitor, a stroll down “22 Jump Street” might help, since they’re guaranteed to meet the coolest (but not the cleverest) undercover cops. Our inept duo learned last weekend that in order to outshine animation, they needed to ascertain “How to Train Your Dragon 2” hover behind them in the cinematic line. Rising to the occasion, our cast members realize “The Fault in our Stars” is nonexistent, as sickly, star-crossed young lovers are surely crowd pleasers. Balancing on the “Edge of Tomorrow,” our alien-ated entertainment associates are still striving to please the multitude as the morose “Maleficent” attempts to boot them all out of her movie kingdom.
Fortunately, there’s room in our storytelling territory for characters of all classes, dancing in time to their own imaginative beat.

22 Jump Street Soars

Much activity was occurring in the collegiate neighborhood located at “22 Jump Street” this weekend, sending the undercover agents to the openly-coveted #1 spot at the domestic box office with $60 million. Movie lovers of all ages were schooled in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” keep the peace from that cool but colorful land of #2 with $50 million. “Maleficent” made for the perfect villainous from the #3 area with $19 million. The action taking place on the “Edge of Tomorrow” took the sci-fi story to the limit of #4 with $16.2 million. Young lovers continued to look for “The Fault in our Stars,” ultimately finding it, and their loyal followers, at the #5 spot with $15.7 million.
Faulty but somehow flawless stars hovered over newfound friends on comedic streets this weekend, where aliens and animators united to form imaginative friendships. An extraterrestrial adventure edged out a short-lived-but-starry-eyed love story while the crown sparkled brightly on that magnificent malevolent being taking over our Disney kingdom.
Happily, our long-term love affair with marvelous movies will take us through all of our entertaining, never-ending tomorrows…