The Magnificent Movie Horizon

Following the accidental release of the comical “Sex Tape,” audiences may be searching for more wholesome entertainment this weekend as they look to the cinematic skies, where the “Planes: Fire & Rescue” team is fortuitously flying overhead, promising relief from scorching temperatures as well as unfortunate “romantic” videos. Still in the market for family-friendly adventures? Happily, we can continue to acquire handy tips on “How to Train Your Dragon 2” get along well with others while graciously stepping aside for the new kids flying into movie town. Those on the quest for familial values with a bit more of an edge will surely be shouting “Wish I Was Here” celebrating an amusing “staycation,” enjoying the climate-controlled conditions while avoiding crowded beach towns. Once downtrodden “Tammy” and her trouble-plagued granny are surviving the heat and the crowds, as well as their R-rated road trip. Still on the road, our cast will entertainingly glide through “22 Jump Street” in need of yet another comedic break as the robots comprising “Transformers: Age of Extinction” struggle to survive Blockbuster Season (along with that massive mechanical menace). Presently owning that ageless Hollywood road, the crew rising with the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” plan on enjoying a long, profitable trip before they ride off into the red-hot sunset (and their inspirational follow-up box-office tour). Ageless but brave movie lovers, meanwhile, plan on experiencing the hot horror “The Purge: Anarchy” from a cool, cushioned movie seat.
What inspired tale will be appearing on your red-hot horizon this weekend?


Long Live the Planetary Apes

The sci-fi sequel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” most certainly rose to the cinematic occasion this scorching summer weekend, reaching the top of the scientific domestic box office with $73 million. Although the alive and well “Transformers: Age of Extinction” disappeared from the first class location, they single handedly transformed the neighborhood of #2 with $16.5 million. Still-hot (in her own way) “Tammy” trailed behind the primate pack and the mechanical members to the #3 location with $12.9 million.
The cast of “22 Jump Street” made a starry appearance on the corner of #4, collecting $6.7 million. The moviegoers conducting the cinematic seminar on “How to Train Your Dragon 2” succeed (without really trying) fell to the stomping grounds of #5 with $5.9 million.
Undercover agents, apes and ageless beauties all found their very own stomping grounds this weekend, as our cast of surreal beings and their friendly (some fire-breathing) competition ultimately found the limelight quite intoxicating.
Which movie did you find the most exciting this weekend?

The Planet of Primates and Partiers

Will it be the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” or the descent of planetary primates this weekend in our earthly land of make believe? Can the “Transformers: (survive the) Age of Extinction” now that the chimps are back in town? What about troublesome “Tammy?” How much longer will her depraved party days last? Although they always enjoy a good bash, the undercover cops covering the “22 Jump Street” beat find themselves slowly being pushed to that dreaded back alley at the box office. Might they seize the day and regain a more celebratory spot on the Hollywood database? Will the kids causing a commotion shouting “Earth to Echo” finally be heard? Perhaps the wicked ones innocently bawling “Deliver Us from Evil” will horrify their less-demonic neighbors as they abscond with a slew of scary movie lovers. We, of course, can always count on those who prefer animation over annihilation (not to mention those nasty demon evictions) as we all learn “How to Train Your Dragon 2” outdo evil of all movie kinds.
Colorful, crafty, comedic or down-right criminal? What kind of movie are you in the mood for this weekend?

The Dawn of a Delightful Movie Day

Audiences are preparing to awaken their cinematic senses this weekend in time for summer’s (hopefully) next blockbuster, the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” Although not one to possess much sense during first light, “Tammy” is always ready to party with species of all types, be it dawn or the dead of night. While the power-driven posse surviving the “Transformers: Age of Extinction” have plenty to celebrate the past two weekends at the box office, expect them to fear annihilation as they strive to survive the birth of the latest planetary apes. As our schooled youth are taught (in vain) “How to Train Your Dragon 2” get ahead of the gargantuan gorilla, the rest of our vast, character-driven crew is walking the planet declaring “Earth to Echo” and all creative forms of life. Movie audiences, meanwhile, are shouting “Deliver us From Evil,” a.k.a. unimaginative ideas and high concession stand prices.
It’s the dawn of an imaginative new movie day. Are you ready to rise to the occasion?

Celebrating an All-American Tradition

After holding the honor of 2014’s top debut film, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” continued to party in honorable, summer-blockbuster style, once again from that most scenic spot at the domestic box office with $36.4 celebratory million. Possessing a merrymaking mood, “Tammy” celebrated the holiday from the #2 area with $21.2 million. Celebrating that All-American tradition of scaring people silly, “Deliver Us From Evil” delivered the cinematic goods from the supernatural # 3 range with $9.5 million. The dudes driving down “22 Jump Street” parked at the #4 corner with $9.4 million. Film aficionados continued to learn “How to Train Your Dragon 2” stay in the top five, this week from the #5 region with $8.8 million.
Captivated by comedies? Enamored with animation? Fascinated by franchises or just happily horrified by exorcisms as a form of entertainment? Think you know the formula to story success?
While mechanics continued to make massive headlines this long holiday weekend, road trippers found a place on the cinematic map as colorful characters and comedic players were always a welcomed sight.
Thinking about a trip to the movies this week? Oh, the sights you’ll see!

Fireworks find a Cinematic Home

Are the “Transformers: (currently surviving the) Age of Extinction” ready to take on the troubled “Tammy” and her “tanked-up” granny this weekend at the movies? With a long, holiday weekend upon us, can we all just kick back and decide to “Think Like a Man Too” darn appealing for just one summer tale?
On our search for scintillating storytelling, we’re sure to discover a witty tale still being told along “22 Jump Street,” where our undercover agents, heroes that they are, are ready to “Deliver Us From Evil” stories lacking creative value.
Creativity on the home front continues as moviegoers discover “How to Train Your Dragon 2” befriend little ones declaring “Earth to Echo,” who’s ready to bounce back from the extraterrestrial backlash bestowed upon lesser, outer space-related films.
Within our make-believe universe, spirited species and space ships abound, robots rule as thinking men and feisty females flourish. Evil may live but entertainment certainly reigns, as fireworks of all kinds dance across our colorful, cinematic screens.
What story will provide the most colorful fireworks this weekend?

Film’s Finest Fireworks

Fireworks will be starting a bit early this holiday weekend, as “Tammy” and her alcohol-infused grandmother join the movie celebration (as well as any party with a keg). Witnessing the debauchery, moviegoers will certainly be shouting “Deliver Us from Evil” (a.k.a. uncontrollable elderly folks, long concession stand lines and lousy films). Fortunately, the fellows from “22 Jump Street” are still circling the block, ready to land at the nearest sign of trouble (or festivities of any kind). The “Transformers: Age of Extinction” mechanical members are too engaged in celebrating their impressive number one box-office status to concern themselves with insignificant human troubles while our younger members of humanity are entertaining themselves by trying to reform “Maleficent” into a law-abiding lady as their voices reverberate, “Earth to Echo” and all alien life forms. With school temporarily out of session, our good-hearted youth have plenty of time to assist extraterrestrials while figuring out “How to Train Your Dragon 2” get ahead of the non-space-invading movie crowd. Perhaps the answer to a crowded movie theater is to “Think Like a Man Too” smart to leave the storytelling party early (at least not before the credits roll). Luckily, the “Jersey Boys” have promised an entertaining closing act. The Four Seasons, naturally, will provide their own Fourth of July fireworks.
Are you ready for that explosive event?