Comedies, Crimes and Melodramatic Times

On this last (unofficial) weekend of summer, moviegoers have the dubious task of choosing between family-friendly tales, conspiracy-minded theories and horrors (not involving holiday traffic). Audiences continue to lament the pros and cons “If I Stay” within the melodrama realm while crime crusaders are invited to partake in the drama occurring in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” from the sinful city of their choice. Nostalgia lovers, meanwhile, are rediscovering their youth among the family-oriented “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Pleasing families of all kinds, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” have had out-of-this-world success whereas the fakers shouting “Let’s Be Cops” seem to be reaping the benefits acquired in their make-believe universe. Those searching for inspiration are sure to find their spirits lifted during “When the Game Stands Tall,” hoping those elevated souls will send their box-office totals soaring. “The November Man” is eager to be elevated to a cushy cinematic level this September, uttering “As Above, So Below” (one can only assume this is in reference to his above-it-all status or his affinity for oddly-named horror films).
Thankfully, all of our status-seeking characters came to play (with varying degrees of story success).
What emotionally-charged story do you think will come out on top of the movie game this weekend?

November and Everything Above

Planning on turning to a “Life of Crime” as summer slowly comes to a close, hoping for comedy and clever diversion at the end of an otherwise entertaining season? Speaking of the entertaining but criminally challenged, deep within “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” the highest box-office honor is lurking, ready to take on those ageless, innocent “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” who would like to rescue moviegoers from law breakers as well as redeem their top box-office spot. The legally-questionable crew who had the bright idea of “Let’s Be Cops” clearly isn’t concerning themselves with things like proper movie etiquette as they do their best to kick their authentic competition to the authorized curb. Obviously, we’re in need of a hero or two, perhaps of the oddball variety, to get these characters in check. Enter summer’s highest grossing gang, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who even from the deep recesses of space know how to behave among the misfits as well as the make believe. Fans of make believe are now left wondering; “When the Game Stands Tall,” will summer blockbusters come to a halt? No worries, with fall soon approaching, “The November Man” is on the case, ready to rescue movie lovers in danger of tepid tales. Studio executives are hoping their hot tales will open “As Above (Hollywood expectations but not), So Below” (the box office’s top five).
With so much blockbuster-worthy excitement still playing, it’s no wonder folks know, “If I Stay” indefinitely in the cinematic game, I can expect to cross paths with both corrupt and comedic players on the starriest of stages.
Are you game for what Hollywood has to offer?

Cinematic Staying Power

Everybody’s favorite “Guardians of the Galaxy” were experiencing life-changing moments (and box-office transformations) this weekend while making moviegoers feel safe from the #1 place at the domestic box office with $17.6 million. The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” trotted to the safety of the #2 land with $16.8 million. With summer soon departing, audiences were left wondering, “If I Stay” for a double feature, in particular those involving young people in life-altering situations, will blockbuster season continue indefinitely? They patiently waited for an answer from the #3 dwelling with $16.4 teary-eyed million. The questionable crime stoppers among us were shouting, “Let’s Be Cops” from the criminally-correct area known as #4 with $11 million. “When the Game Stands Tall,” fans of football dramas line up, facing off at the #5 zone with $9 million.
There was little sin to speak of in our cinematic cities this weekend, as book adaptations were once again on everyone’s “Must See” List, soulful stories stood tall and our cosmic county welcomed comedy, drama and family-friendly features providing a bit of sinful (but law-abiding) entertainment.
Which touching tale made you want to stay a bit longer in your local movie theater this weekend?

Sin in the City and Other Cinematic Delights

Ready for a decadent trip to “Sin City: (where) A Dame to Kill For” prime seating can be found, ironically, struggling to select the perfect story for a killer night at the movies. A storyteller in his own right, “The Giver” knows a thing or two about living in a seemingly perfect world, where the imagination soars higher than even the “Guardians of the Galaxy” can travel. Some characters, of course, take that imaginative trip a bit too literally and think, “Let’s Be Cops,” battling the baddies as well as the just plain bad storylines. They know if they get into creative criminal trouble, they can turn to the “Expendables 3” for emergency backup. Always ready to lend an adolescent hand, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” plan on sticking around until summer’s end or “When the Game Stands Tall,” whichever comes first. All of our made-up beings know in the game of (movie) life, everybody wins, no matter the season.
In the pursuit of an entertaining pastime, each moviegoer knows, “If I Stay” in make-believe land much longer, I many never want to leave!
Fortunately, even when real life intervenes, there’s plenty of time for sinful tales, inspiration anecdotes, action, adventure and comedy so funny it’s almost criminal.
Ready for a “reel” adventure?

Comedy, Corruption, Dames and Games

The good citizens of “Sin City: (know) A Dame to Kill For” is hardly necessary, as there can be no wrongdoing in selecting a sinful film on a soft summer night. Audiences soon learn it’s no crime “If I Stay” in make-believe land indefinitely, knowing they’re sure to find a story worth getting lost in, evil or otherwise. “When the Game Stands Tall,” the big screen beckons, promising the “Guardians of the Galaxy” will be there to light the roundabout way. The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” are still on active, imaginative duty, reliving their never-ending youth. “The (young-at-heart) Expendables 3” received a lukewarm reception this time around while “The Giver,” never thinking of himself, is gaining a slew of spectators while dispensing valuable advice on the best way to make a successful film (hire Meryl Streep, for starters). Caught up in La La Land, some imaginative beings are having the most creative time role-playing as they declare “Let’s Be Cops” (as opposed to the criminal sort of character).
Planning a trip to a world filled with pretense and parties? It would be a crime to miss out on all that fantasy-driven fun!

The Mutants Capture a Perfectly Expendable Weekend

Last weekend proved to be quit kid friendly, with 80’s icons and galaxy guardians garnering the most press. Wondering what this weekend cinematically brought to the movie table?
“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” continued to kick butt, maintaining their top spot at the domestic box office for their second week from the butt-kicking neighborhood of #1 with $28.4 million. “The Guardians of the Galaxy” happily guarded their family-friendly audience once again from the galaxy known as #2 with $24.7 million. Inspired by all the pretense, the boys shouting “Let’s Be Cops” landed at the crime-free corner of #3 with $17.7 million. Within our sequel-loving movie nation, “The Expendables 3” was welcomed back to that larger-than-life universe from the less desirable #4 place with $16.2 million. “The Giver” of goodness and golden life lessons was dispensing advice at the #5 area with $12.8 million.
So what did we learn this weekend at the movies? We discovered action stars may age but they never completely go out of style, the 80’s will never truly die, misfits are mighty, pretend cops are cool and sadly, there is no such thing as a perfect existential existence (only ideal moments captured on that picture perfect big screen).
What movie contributed to a perfect weekend for you?

Guardians, Givers and (anything but) Expendable Entertainment

“The Expendables 3” are counting on a most indispensible weekend at the movies, where they expect to be welcomed back with open arms and (hopefully) three times the charm. Charming in his own way, “The Giver” hopes to bestow upon his audience the gift of perfect drama while the anything-but-dramatic “Guardians of the Galaxy” are far too busy guarding their near perfect box-office perch to concern themselves with dispensing giveaways. Will moviegoers be giving their love to the adventurous dream team or the benefactor of life’s movie lessons? What about those posers shouting, “Let’s Be Cops?” Will breaking the law gain them admittance into the respectable box-office realm?
Those law-abiding “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” are always ready to learn for a good movie cause as they battle it out, in a non-violent way, with wayward “Lucy,” who clearly could run intellectual circles around all of them without even breaking a sweat.
Sweetly sailing “Into the Storm” of another action-packed weekend, we’re sure to find goofy guardians gaining the trust of altruistic givers, teen turtles taking on a tortured smarty pants and Expendables acting cinematically commendable (the third time around).
Where will “The One-Hundred Foot Journey” to awesome entertainment end? At your local movie theater, of course!