Equal Movie Measure

“The Equalizer” was having more than his share of success this weekend, coming in first at the domestic box office with $35 million. Circling the block before coming in on his heals was “The Maze Runner,” who made a mad dash to the #2 track with $17.5 million. Not one to be boxed in, “The Boxtrolls” entered the movie ring at the #3 arena with $17.2 million. Audiences declared “This is Where I Leave You” to dysfunctional familial drama from the #4 place with $7 million. Following their familiar lead, moviegoers took a “Dolphin Tale 2” to the scenic setting of #5 with $4.8 million.
Movie lovers were having equal amounts of fun this weekend as they had comedy and crime to choose from, with old friends and new enemies to meet and greet, inventive trolls to toil away their time and your typical bad guys leveling the playing field.
What movie inspired your imaginative sense of play this weekend?

Following the Maze on a Movie Trip

“The Boxtrolls” can no longer contain themselves as they step out of their cave and into what they can only hope will lead to the successful limelight. On their treasure trip, they’re sure to run into “The Maze Runner,” who seems incapable of slowing down following his triumphant opening. Hoping to triumph on an equal basis, “The Equalizer” is in town to fight crime and claim his own box office hit. “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is sure to provide an entertaining view while leading to an edge-of-your-seat adrenaline rush. Adding a bit of comedy to all that action, the troupe declaring “This is Where I Leave You” is eager to surpass the competition (and leave them in the entertaining dust). For those looking for old-fashioned family fare, a “Dolphin Tale 2” is still floating around, promising that “No Good Deed,” or rain-soaked bad guy, goes unnoticed in Hollywood.
Animation and adaptations once again cross paths, meeting dolphins, deed doers and, of course, deadly forces along the way.
What movie is on your road map this weekend?

Equal Movie Rights

“The Maze Runner” is on a mission: to make “A Walk Among the Tombstones” both entertaining and enlightening (without walking past him in the box-office line, naturally). Along those hallowed trails, will audiences be saying “This is Where I Leave You” to dysfunctional family dramedies? Will “No Good Deed” find a new lease on cinematic life? Perhaps a “Dolphin Tale 2” will ultimately offer its fans twice the inspiration and mammal worship. Looking for their own inspiring space, “The Boxtrolls” are promising a unique look at what makes a family (while reminding us that one person’s trash truly is another person’s treasure). Craving equal family and friend’s time, “The Equalizer” is on a treasure hunt of his own. Might he find a pot of gold at the end of the upcoming weekend’s movie database?
Whether running or walking along that aMAZEing movie path leading to your local movie theater, you can expect to find bad dudes, good deeds, family trauma, drama and all-around fun in equal measures appearing on that magnificent movie screen…

A Maze(ing) Movie Weekend

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” Oprah Winfrey
“The Maze Runner” took off at full speed this weekend, becoming the first to arrive at the domestic box office with $32.5 million. Traveling at a significantly slower slower pace while taking “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” Liam Neeson and company lagged way behind to the crime-ridden county of #2 with $13.2 million. Following the fast walkers and talkers, comedy declared “This is Where I Leave You” from the land of #3 with $11.9 million. It was soon evident that “No Good Deed” would b e respectably rewarded with a not-so-bad $10.2 million from the #4 region. A “Dolphin Tale 2” swam to the shores of #5 with $9 million.
Wandering through movie town, we met mammals and the morally-corrupt, wounded walkers, speedy sprinters and fouled-up families. Comedy and crime capers caught everyone’s attention, while a wholesome tale found a friendly place among all that high-speed action.
What story had you running to your neighborhood movie theater this weekend?

Strolling Among the Stars

Will “A Walk Among the Tombstones” lead Liam Neeson and company to the crime-free head of the line at the domestic box office this weekend or might the all-star cast crying “This is Where I Leave You” let their star power and comedic prowess do the talking?
Power and prowess aside, school is back in session but students can still learn a thing or two from our assortment of stories this weekend. For instance, a “Dolphin Tale 2” promises a well-timed lesson in human compassion and mammal companionship. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” have been teaching us for weeks that misfits can be mighty while the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” continually remind us to always look for the heart lurking beneath the hard shell. As crime dramas get “The Drop” on comedic tales, audiences are learning it takes all kinds (of tales) to make a movie world.
Learning her lesson the hard way during her first weekend out in those tough movie streets, our latest heroine-in-peril discovered “No Good Deed” can come from opening your door to a rain-soaked stranger (even if it is Idris Elba). Of course, all of our troubled stars may soon learn that “The Maze Runner” has found the quickest way to the top of the box office charts, leaving them to humbly follow in his fast path.
Each story gloriously opens its audience to new discoveries…what cinematic door will you stroll through this weekend?

Drama Walks While Comedy Talks

Following “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” moviegoers prepare to utter “This is Where I Leave You” to their favorite summer stories, as criminal dramas and comedic families enter stage right. They know right off the “Guardians of the Galaxy” have enjoyed their stay in the starry solar system but must soon depart in anticipation of their inevitable sequel and eventual DVD release. Also not wanting to overstay their warm (i.e. profitable) welcome, our “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” plan to kick back before preparing to kick butt in their future follow-up. Hoping to follow in their successful footprints and still new to the movie canvas, a “Dolphin Tale 2” family-friendly to be missed promises their continuation will be both seaworthy and sensational. Comedy is still riding on that emotional rollercoaster, as the gang bellowing “Let’s Be Cops” remain in box-office shouting distance. Hoping to go the distance, “The Maze Runner” is following his own path to movie success (along with a script from a best-seller).
Movie aficionados know “No Good Deed” goes unrewarded in movie town, where both good and evil freely roam. With seasons (and sequels) soon to change, experts can’t help but question, “If I Stay” beyond summer, will youthful followers and young-at-heart friends reject Young Adult Adaptations for the rest of 2014? Will “The Drop” in temperatures result in a rise in movie tickets? Will sequels always soar past original films, will criminal and comedic chronicles continue to be successful and, most importantly, how does Jane Fonda manage to stay so magnificent?
No worries, all questions will be answered as a stay in your local movie theater promises magnificent tales of all kinds, no matter the season…

A Starry September

Idealists and audience members learned “No Good Deed” ends at that awesomely good top spot at the domestic box office this weekend with $24.5 million. The mammals made their way into movie theaters, as the “Dolphin Tale 2” entertaining for just one film overtook the #2 spot with $16.6 million. The gentlemanly “Guardians of the Galaxy” took two steps down to take care of the movie troops from the #3 place with $8 million. Our favorite heroes with the hard shells, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” set up camp at the #4 area with $4.8 million. The “Let’s Be Cops” crew found a genuine crowd waiting at the #5 place with $4.3 million.
Dolphins and (misguided) do-gooders ruled the cinematic landscape this weekend, sending the comedians and teens, turtles and top dog protectors to a less-scenic (but still cushy location). The stars aligned and our September cast shined during a typically sleepy month at the movies.
What story awakened your movie senses this weekend?