Drama Walks While Comedy Talks

Following “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” moviegoers prepare to utter “This is Where I Leave You” to their favorite summer stories, as criminal dramas and comedic families enter stage right. They know right off the “Guardians of the Galaxy” have enjoyed their stay in the starry solar system but must soon depart in anticipation of their inevitable sequel and eventual DVD release. Also not wanting to overstay their warm (i.e. profitable) welcome, our “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” plan to kick back before preparing to kick butt in their future follow-up. Hoping to follow in their successful footprints and still new to the movie canvas, a “Dolphin Tale 2” family-friendly to be missed promises their continuation will be both seaworthy and sensational. Comedy is still riding on that emotional rollercoaster, as the gang bellowing “Let’s Be Cops” remain in box-office shouting distance. Hoping to go the distance, “The Maze Runner” is following his own path to movie success (along with a script from a best-seller).
Movie aficionados know “No Good Deed” goes unrewarded in movie town, where both good and evil freely roam. With seasons (and sequels) soon to change, experts can’t help but question, “If I Stay” beyond summer, will youthful followers and young-at-heart friends reject Young Adult Adaptations for the rest of 2014? Will “The Drop” in temperatures result in a rise in movie tickets? Will sequels always soar past original films, will criminal and comedic chronicles continue to be successful and, most importantly, how does Jane Fonda manage to stay so magnificent?
No worries, all questions will be answered as a stay in your local movie theater promises magnificent tales of all kinds, no matter the season…

Author: Meg

I am a freelance writer for hire. I have been writing professionally since 2001 and blogging since 2012. Please visit my Hire Me page for more information about yours truly.

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