A Thrilling Movie Weekend

Movie lovers heeding the call of Halloween this weekend are sure to find the rollercoaster ride complete with its own thrilling tricks and treats. Amidst those thrills and chills, will vengeance-seeking “John Wick” release the “Fury” in moviegoers, pitting Keanu Reeves once again against Brad Pitt? In between movie viewing, will thrill seekers be in for a treat while finding the answers to their deepest cinematic questions from that colossal but creepy “Ouija” board? Maybe that dark “Nightcrawler” will discover the creepiest and quickest way to the top.
Perhaps our perplexing “Gone Girl” will steal a page from the “Book of Life” and find her true self (while steering clear of the paparazzi and all those posers). Naturally, they all could learn a lesson from “St. Vincent,” our most “noble” of characters.
Reality most certainly will be taking a back seat to our freaky and fantastic friends, as a war hero, an ex-hitman, a jaded journalist and wounded woman experience the fight of their imaginative lives on our scary movie terrain. The game is on!
Who will win?

Movie Survival

Audiences took time to search for entertaining answers to life within the Hollywood version of a “Ouija” board, journeying to that strange land known as the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $20 million. “John Wick” joined the action-star ranks this weekend, winning the battle from the #2 spot with $14.15 million. A “Fury” was taking place at the #3 corner with $13 war-inspired million. “The Gone Girl” found solace and celebrity waiting for her at the #4 spot with $11.1 million. “The Book of Life” brought moviegoers along on an inspiring adventure leading to the #5 area with $9.8 million.
Action and odd occurrences appeared within the game (and book) of life this weekend, doing bloody movie-style battle on that coveted climb to the Hollywood top. Fortunately, our players were in fighting form, as only the strong (but beautiful) survived.
What survival tale brought out your sense of play this weekend?

Rightful Tales

Will the “Fury” continue to ignite that action/adventure spark within moviegoers for a second weekend in a row? Will the troublesome “Gone Girl” ever be truly found? Perhaps within “The Book of Life” audiences will find inspiration and endless, colorful conundrums destined to translate to the Technicolor screen; stories that will naturally bring out “The Best of Me” during the worst of make-believe times. Within our creative universe, we discover these tales have the power to transform even unlucky “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” into a successful Disney adventure, complete with a box-office inspired pot of gold waiting while the credits roll. Rolling to the beat of his own drummer, “St. Vincent” is learning to be a bit more saintly while still sinfully entertaining as the oddly amusing “Birdman” heroically searches for a profitable place to land on that infamous movie database. Of course, action seeker “John Wick” just might have the secret to top box-office success this weekend as he turns to his very own “Ouija” board for the answers to fame and fortune.
A strange and mysterious game is being played this weekend, one in which every describable saint and sinner; action star, war hero and girl gone wrong join imaginative forces to tell a just-right tale.
What just-right tale are you looking forward to being told this weekend?

A Fury-Filled Weekend

The fabulous and “The Fury,” (in the form of Brad Pitt) managed to stir the passion in moviegoers this weekend, coming in first at the domestic box office with $23.5 million. Our enigmatic “Gone Girl” took a step down to greet the paparazzi from the public domain known as #2 with $17.8 million. Family values were highlighted within “The Book of Life,” as the tale took a fantasy-driven trip to the #3 spot with $17 million. “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” found a nice, bright spot within the #4 neighborhood with a not-so-terrible $12.04 million. “The Best of Me” challenged the rest of the competition from the #5 place with $10.2 million.
A war drama, a Day of the Dead life story, a missing beauty and a bad-luck boy recounted the best of (cinematic) times this weekend, inspiring sequels (and book adaptations) ready to pay homage in our heavenly Hollywood kingdom where larger-than-life stories are arriving at a fast and furious pace.
What sorted story inspired the (creative) fury in you this weekend?

The Best of Movies

Will “The Best of Me” beat the best of as well as the rest of the cinematic competition their first weekend out to play, including those complex “Men, Women & Children” who comprise our movie audience? Where will we find the answers? Perhaps they lie within our candid and colorful “The Book of Life,” where a young man takes a life-altering journey. Traveling down her own mysterious path, where will the “Gone Girl “ go now that she’s gone to the top of the box office for two weeks in a row? Might “Dracula Untold” tell an even bigger and scarier tale this coming weekend? Speaking of scary, can “Annabelle” scare off her more human competitors or will “The Judge” declare her too creepy to survive past Halloween? Maybe “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” will endure his family-friendly horrific day and eclipse those aforementioned horrors.
Fantasies and “Fury” awaits within your local movie theater, where all these questions and more will be answered in due time.
Will you be on time for all that fun?

Going Movie Places

Our “Gone Girl” was still going to the best places, coming in first once again at the domestic box office with $26.8 million. “Dracula Untold” was telling countless tales about his humble beginnings from the privileged #2 area with $23.5 million. On his own emotional roller coaster, “Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible No Good, Very Bad Day” turned out to be not so bad from the #3 spot with $19.1 million. “Annabelle” axed the rest of the movie pack from the scary threshold of #4 with $16.4 million. “The Judge” took over the #5 court with $13.2 million in legal fees.
Missing girls, misfortunate families and mischievous goons rubbed elbows with Dracula and a deadly doll as a sanctimonious judge ruled a weekend at the movies as the best form of community service.
What magical places did the movies take you to this weekend?

Movie Judgment Day

Might “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” turn positively and profitably glorious at the box office this weekend or will “The Judge” (with the assistance of Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr.) send the family with the bad luck to the back of the movie line? Maybe the creepy “Dracula Untold” will tell the greatest tale. Perhaps the horrifying “Annabelle” will scare the competition away. “The Equalizer” is clearly not one to scare easily, despite the fact that the freaky doll sent him packing last weekend while she danced rings around “The Maze Runner.” The paparazzi-plagued “Gone Girl,” meanwhile, found the best location on the movie database. Where will this weekend find her? Then there’s our unique family unit identified as “The Boxtrolls.” On their search for hidden treasures, can they find their way out of the box and onto a better site?
Happily, no matter where you’re located or what kind of day you’re having, a trip to your local movie theater is sure to brighten your view!