Hungers, Horrors and Holiday Sales

Moviegoers took a break from their Thanksgiving feast, along with their quest for the greatest bargains this holiday weekend to give thanks for a satisfying storytelling experience, once again placing “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” at the top of their grateful movie list, as well as the domestic box office with $56.8 million. “Penguins of Madagascar” encountered smooth sailing, traveling on family-friendly seas before arriving at the #2 land with $25.8 million. Proving the sweetest and most successful champions come in all shapes and sizes, the “Big Hero 6” rescued the littlest of story seekers from the #3 zone with $18.7 million. In the spacious depths of their being, audiences were enjoying the “Interstellar” view from the #4 space with $15.8 million. Comedy (and sequel) lovers were showing a bit of respect to everyone’s favorite “Horrible Bosses 2” from the #5 place with $15.7 million.

Family films roared while sequels naturally soared this weekend, making for the ultimate movie (and shopping) break. While the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts takes place, the hunger for perfect holiday entertainment is being happily satisfied at your local movie theater.

Which tale made you the most thankful?

A Festive Film Season

What are you most thankful for this holiday season? Surely it’s not the “Horrible Bosses 2,” well, horrible, to collect a paycheck from week after week (yet comical in their own horrible, “non-thanksgivingy” way). Perhaps it’s those appealing “Penguins of Madagascar,” who bravely bounce from story to story, rescuing moviegoers from the bad guys and the just plain bad films. Our frosty friends will certainly get along well with the “Big Hero 6,” who is also in the champion business, and promises to deliver “Interstellar” diversions and out-of-this-world entertainment to weary holiday shoppers. The aging talent too “Dumb and Dumber To” save themselves from insipid tales are on the hunt for their lost minds, a task clearly too challenging for the incompetent pair. Ironically, their search leads to that elusive “Gone Girl,” who tragically found that infamy lurking “Beyond the Lights” comes with a high price. The price of a movie ticket, happily, has certainly been worth it for the crowds witnessing the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” who much like the pilgrims learned the hard way the value of loyalty and team spirit (and a hunger-satisfying meal).

After sitting down to the greatest of meals during this season of solidarity, what movie will you find the most gratifying?

Blockbuster Season

Hungry for entertainment during the hectic holiday season? Audiences found satisfaction at movie theaters this weekend, embracing “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” and ultimately placing it at the #1 spot at the domestic box office with $123 million (and rewarding its creators with the biggest movie opening of 2014). A safe distance behind, our “Big Hero 6” was keeping watch and making it big at the #2 place with $20.1 million. An enlightening, “Interstellar” diversion was occurring at the #3 land, where $15.1 spectacular million was waiting. The duo comprising “Dumb and Dumber To” somehow found their way to the #4 region with $13.8 million. “Gone Girl” was going the distance from the #5 zone with $2.8 million.

A blockbuster season is currently underway, filled with adventure, animation, and a bit of non-intellectual stimulation.

Which tale satisfied your movie appetite this weekend?

Satisfying the Movie Hunger

An “Interstellar” time has most certainly been had by moviegoers, who embraced the lovable “Big Hero 6,” searched high and low for the infamous “Gone Girl” and enjoyed a bit of non-scholarly nostalgia in the form of two fellows who remain too “Dumb and Dumber To” find intellectual stimulation “Beyond the Lights” of their latest form of rocky transportation. Of course, our entire cast is currently transitioning to the back seat (where the view is not so sweet), so audiences can satisfy their never-ending passion for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” as the feisty crew steps back into the limelight, steps up their game and drives, inevitably, to the top spot at the domestic box office this weekend.

Where will a drive to your local movie theater take you? Only as far as your imagination can travel…

A Dumb Diverson makes for Smart Entertainment

The dim bulbs too “Dumb and Dumber To” know the intricacies of such things as box office numbers sent the intellectually questionable comedy, and those perpetually lost bozos, straight to the top spot at the domestic box office with $38.1 million. Our lovable “Big Hero 6” continued to charm audience members of all ages in his own big way with $36 million. Searching for stimulating, “Interstellar” entertainment? It was fortuitously waiting way out there at the #3 space with $29.2 million. Audience members looking “Beyond the Lights” found a musically entertaining spotlight illuminating the #4 region with $6.5 million. So, where does that leave everyone’s favorite “Gone Girl?” She was found, once again, at the #5 place with $4.6 million.

Heroes came in all shapes, sizes and intellectual status this weekend, as music and mystery blissfully filled the air.

Looking for exciting entertainment? Smart money is on a trip to your nearest movie theater.

Intellectual Movie Status

Will our oh-so-smart moviegoers find “Dumb and Dumber To” dim in light of last week’s intelligent, “Interstellar” entertainment? Might the “Big Hero 6” become an even bigger star in the face of such ineptness? The wise but fading “Nightcrawler” is in danger of crawling to an even lower rung on the box-office ladder, igniting the “Fury” of its fans while sending our latest war hero to an even lower, more dangerous movie location. Although “St Vincent” has enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame, will he be kind enough to step aside for his less saintly competition? As time passes, our “Gone Girl” will surely find herself out of the limelight, as new creative recruits arrive to take her mysterious place, maybe in the form of the “Foxcatcher, whose mind is clearly gone.” Might his “unique brand” catch on with clever viewers? Exactly what is waiting for the eager moviegoer “Beyond the Lights?” Perhaps we should follow that cinematic illumination before resorting to the “Ouija” board, which is close to being packed away and prepared for its DVD release.

From the depths of the mysterious outer space to that long, lonely ride into the movie sunset, our stars, no matter their intellectual status, continue to shine, lighting the way to the nearest movie theater.

What star will provide the cleverest entertainment this weekend?

A Huggable Hero Leads Stellar Entertainment

It was a Big weekend at the movies, as families flocked to movie theaters to catch the lovable, inflatable “Big Hero 6” rescue the top spot at the domestic box office with $56.2 million. Moviegoers were having an out-of-this-world, “Interstellar” experience, as the Matthew McConaughey spectacle took hold of the #2 spot with $52.2 million. Our troubled “Gone Girl” found her way to the #3 land with $6.1 million. “Ouija” spectators discovered the answers waiting at the #4 land with $6 million. “St Vincent” was having a saintly time indeed at the #5 space with $5.7 million.
The places we went to this weekend! Our travels through space gave us the greatest view while a huggable hero trumped a popular board game, a paparazzi-plagued girl and a sinful saint.
What story provided the most stellar entertainment for you this weekend?