A Wild Ride

As Reese Witherspoon travels far and wide on the ultimate (albeit, limited release) “Wild” ride, she’s destined to meet the most interesting characters along that life-affirming journey. The “Horrible Bosses 2” will make the wounded wanderer grateful she’s at least not employed by their horrible selves while the “Penguins of Madagascar” will teach her a thing or two about developing your own story apart from your successful predecessors. From the “Big Hero 6,” she can expect to learn how to heal as she becomes her own lovable champion. The extraordinary crew of “Interstellar” will train her to think outside the box as she discovers a great big world beyond the dusty grounds she strolls. By the time she crosses path with our phenomenal friends competing in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” the much-wiser world traveler is sure to finally understand that winning in the game of life requires a clever mind and a kind heart (a killer movie franchise can’t hurt). No voyage is complete, of course, unless shared with the kindest of movie friends at the closest movie theater. It’s a festive time, indeed, to be a part of that adventure!

What story will bring out the adventurous spirit in you this weekend?