Avengers Aged to Perfection?

Will our reigning champ Furious 7 be hitting the road (in a furious manner) now that the Avengers: (living in the) Age of Ultron have arrived on that classic scene, determined to steal their high-octane thunder? While there’s just no living with that ugly, screen-hogging Ultron, what will become of the beauty residing within The Age of Adeline? Will she remain forever  youthful or will her time in the limelight leave her with a more mature but still radiant glow?

With all this ageless, smoldering action occurring, is it possible to remain young at heart and still go Home again? And just what will be waiting for us there, colorful characters or that unpopular Unfriended bunch no longer on everyone’s invite list? Will we be needing the assistance of friendly Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 keep harmony among our diverse divas and dudes?

The battle for the box office crown is on! Will the ultimate vengeance be found courtesy of a comic book crew or will our harmonious cast learn that, in the world of movies, there’s room for everyone and every story waiting to be told? No vengeance necessary…

The Age of Entertainment

The movie-going masses remained true to fast cars and a furiously entertaining film this weekend, sending the Furious 7 family to the ultimate parking spot at that fast-moving box office. Working security in his own fast but frazzled way, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 was having twice the legal limit of fun his second weekend keeping audiences safely entertained. He was also having the last laugh over all of those less popular cyberstalkers who so rudely Unfriended him due to his lack of coolness. Animation remained cool and colorful, kicking back in the coziest Home on the family-friendly big screen. Lost in the homey shuffle while living during The fantasy-driven Age of Adaline, romantics learned that age truly is a just a number (as aging actresses have been insisting for years).

Which of our ageless beauties was number one for you this weekend?

Box Office Estimates:

  1. Furious 7 $18.6 million.
  2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 $15.5 million.
  3. The Age of Adaline $13.8million.
  4. Home $8.3million.
  5. Unfriended $6.2million.

Entertainment for the Ages

Will moviegoers of all ages being experiencing the fantasy-fueled Age of Adaline this weekend or will the era of fast cars and free spirits continue to cover the best of cinematic times at a fearless, Furious 7 speed? The Forger is most certainly old enough to know the difference between reality and fantasy (even if he’s unable to distinguish right from wrong), but faker that he is, will he steal the reel show? Not if our resident security guard has anything to say about it. However, is Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 mature to compete with the romantics and the road runners clearly way cooler than the shopping center security guard? Might that lonely Little Boy get lost in the adult mix? Perhaps harried lovers taking The Longest Ride along tumultuous highways will find the child within residing in the most colorful Home. Inside that cozy dwelling, those immature cyberstalkers have been Unfriended in the most chilling of ways, proving that while you can go home again, the friendliest folks may not be waiting for you on the inside.

Ready to chill out this weekend with a friend or two at your local, welcoming movie theater?

The Furiously Unfriendly Movie Road

The road to fame and fortune this weekend was littered with the familiar sight of fast cars and pretty people traveling profitably along at a frenzied, Furious 7 pace. Lurking humbly in their rear view mirrors, audiences spotted lovable Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 timid to enforce the legal speed limit (in part because he’s not really a member of law enforcement) and too tame to stop the horrors inflicted by those bad drivers so rudely Unfriended by our popular, pretty speed demons. Naturally, all of our characters, whether horrifying or humble, just wanted to follow the starry path leading the way Home (a.k.a. a prime box-office location). On that highway of GPS-challenged stars, some of our cast members discovered The Longest Ride to riches offered the most scenic view while others found the road bumpy and in need of a major overhaul (and a quick, friendly exorcism).

Which of our make-believe roadies provided the most picturesque view on that long, cinematic journey?

Domestic Box Office Estimates:

  1. Furious 7 $29 million.
  2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 $24 million.
  3. Unfriended $16.02 million.
  4. Home $10.3 million.
  5. The Longest Ride $6.8 million.

Comedy, Crime, Cars and Child Killers

Will the scared Child (44) in us all shun a serial killer in favor of superfast cars? Will the aforementioned child be Unfriended in the most horrific of ways, leading moviegoers to require the protection of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 partake in safe, child-friendly movie viewing in shopping malls worldwide? Perhaps those worldly, safety-last Furious 7 fellows can rescue us from slow-moving entertainment as we journey swiftly along on The Longest Ride, filled with peril and pretty people, on our cinematic way to our Home away from home; where all character, attractive, alien or just plain odd, come colorfully and magically to life. Living the good life along that character-driven highway, sweet Cinderella has finally found her prince and her fashion sense but will fame make her forget where she came from? Might our PG movie princess develop an R-rated sense of humor, Get Hard and banish those lowly commoners now beneath her?

Common sense tells us, the best place to find the friendliest imaginary beings begins and ends at your local movie theater, where all creatures, big and small, have their own stories to tell.

Which of our majestic tales will tell the biggest story this weekend?

The Long, Furious Ride to the Local Multiplex

A book adaptation about young love steering along on a weepy drive was getting some press this weekend on The Longest Ride to the ironically closest movie theater, but the real page turner taking the quickest stride to the box-office finish line ended once again on a poignant but Furious 7 note. Animation was riding that lightning-quick bumper on the way Home, finding fame, fortune and a cozy alienation happily waiting. Not-quite-cozy comedy was also traveling the cinematic circuit, prompting audience members to Get Hard and cut in line at the concession stand. The always-patient Cinderella, of course, was happy to wait her turn, trusting that make-believe history wouldn’t let her down, her prince would finally come and her happy (movie) ending would ultimately occur in the most fashionable, fairy-tale way.

Which of our legendary tales was worth the longest ride to the local multiplex for you this enchanted weekend?

Domestic Box Office Estimates:

  1. Furious 7 $60.6 million.
  2. Home $19 million.
  3. The Longest Ride $13.5 million.
  4. Get Hard $8.6 million.
  5. Cinderella $7.2 million.

The Long Furious Ride

Will moviegoers be taking The Longest Ride to movie theaters this weekend at a fast and Furious 7 pace or will that fast-paced thrill ride hold onto the #1 spot at the box office for the longest time? Will that long drive ironically end at your local multiplex? If there’s no place like Home, can we expect spirited aliens to invade our homey movie dwellings for the foreseeable future or will audiences Get Hard and choose more adult comedies over animated characters? Might the popular Divergent Series: Insurgent see a surge in holiday viewership and just how is that now-popular Cinderella viewing her world following her fairy-tale success?

Which of our fast, fabled, funny tales will be enjoying the biggest success this weekend? Only movie time will tell…