Ted takes on the World

Our Jurassic World, while still a universal crowd pleaser, seems to be getting just a wee bit smaller as new cinematic communities keep entering the crowded landscape. The emotions occurring Inside Out youthful minds clearly run deep, as animated lovers once again found joy and excitement on that big, colorful screen. Larger than life Ted 2 welcomed a more-adult bunch to his sequel party, where he, of course, was the guest of honor. The popular Spy continued to party along the R-rated globe, keeping company with the coolest characters. A cool military dog named Max and his young caretaker, meanwhile, were in a sensitive world of their own, supplying some PG-rated entertainment to the movie population.

In the neighborhood of all things cinematic, emotions were running high among our animated darlings, a sweet dog and a slew of stomping dinosaurs, as a stuffed bear and a super spy made for the oddest of friends.

What was your worldview this weekend at the movies?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Totals:

  1. Jurassic World $54.2 million.
  2. Inside Out $42.1million.
  3. Ted 2 $32.9 million
  4. Max $12.2 million.
  5. Spy $7.8 million.

Summer’s Cinematic Smarts

With summer officially underway, will the characters occupying a Jurassic World continue to take over the movie universe? Will the littlest moviegoers’ emotions be turning Inside Out at the thought of no school and endless, educational movie marathons? Might our educated Spy be trading witty barbs with a Dope or best buddy Ted 2 no intellectual avail? While clever canine, Max is no slouch in the best friend department, smart money is on the popular but stuffed know-it-all giving the rest of those smarty pants a run for their box-office money as time gradually runs out for the folks clinging to the lucrative San Andreas.

Perhaps time will stand still at your local movie theater; where the upcoming weekend promises to be filled with a spectrum of emotions, a gamut of intellectual conversation, a variety of colors and, of course, a couple of killer dinosaurs running amok.

Which of our smart, killer tales will you be running to see?

Inside Out our Movie World

A Jurassic World once again offered the most scenic view to the biggest audience this weekend, as those dastardly dinosaurs ferociously stomped all over the animated emotions occurring Inside Out movie theaters. Fossils notwithstanding,our emotion-filled, family-friendly tale was happily well received with school currently out of session, as our wise-in-her-own way (but hardly child appealing) Spy continued teaching the movie masses a crafty lesson or two. Life was still shaky but successful along the San Andreas while the storytelling community warmly welcomed a Dope or two to shake up the cinematic event.

It was an eventful, emotional weekend, indeed, where dinosaurs roamed (and ruled) Pixar once again prevailed, secret agents held the secret to success, a natural calamity was far from a box-office catastrophe and the dopes took a turn in the driver’s seat (cinematically speaking).

Which of our moving tales was worth the drive to your local movie theater for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Jurassic World $102 million.
  2. Inside Out $91 million.
  3. Spy $10.5 million.
  4. San Andreas $8.2 million.
  5. Dope $6 million.

Happily Ever After at the Movies

Will audiences be left feeling Inside Out this sorted, storied weekend at the movies as they decide between an animated universe and a dinosaur-dominated Jurassic World? Perhaps the in-her-own-world Spy will get in touch with her inner child and crash the family-friendly festivities? Happily, the guest list includes the girls in possession of a Pitch Perfect 2 bring the house down. Those partying along the San Andreas are used to houses falling down around them and are just happy to have a safe, entertaining place to crash. A scare fest, meanwhile, is overflowing within the Insidious: Chapter 3, where true Hollywood horrors are hidden. Only a Dope (currently absorbed in a journey through Los Angeles) would miss out on all that entertainment!

Expect to meet the coolest characters this weekend as Joy, Anger and Disgust cross paths with detached fossils and deadly freaks, crime busters, ground breakers and melody makers, all prominently featured in our larger-than-life Reel World.

Which of our emotion-filled tales will find the biggest Happily Ever After this weekend?

Stomping through the Cinematic World

A Jurassic World was apparently the world to be in this weekend, providing a nice place to visit (at least from the safety of a movie theater seat). While the dinosaurs certainly dominated, breaking box-office records as well as brittle bones (the second biggest opening in movie history), a sly comedic Spy was no slouch, the San Andreas was still shaking and the contents contained within the Insidious: Chapter 3 were proving once again to be a riveting (if not revolting) read. A Pitch Perfect 2 hold all that edge-of-your-seat entertainment sang out throughout our hallowed movie halls.

Unfortunately, our flashy Entourage preferred picture books to petrifying page turners and, since they clearly scare easily, found themselves relegated to a humble land beneath the more popular cinematic crowd.

Although the freaky fossils led the movie pack, the coolest followers were spotted trailing respectfully behind (way behind). Shifty spies eclipsed eerie earthquakes while the supernatural said a strange Hello to Hollywood’s sweetest singing sensation, all contributing to spine-chilling (and some just plain silly) entertainment.

Which of our unconventional tales did you follow this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Totals:

  1. Jurassic World $204.6 million.
  2. Spy $16 million.
  3. San Andreas $11 million.
  4. Insidious: Chapter 3 $7.3 million.
  5. Pitch Perfect 2 $6 million.

The Jurassic Event joins the (almost) Summer Experience

Ready to enter into the eagerly-anticipated Jurassic World, which promises an entirely new, 3D experience guaranteed to scare the Bejesus out of you even more than its 22-year old Jurassic predecessor? Not interested in scary prehistoric dinosaurs? Perhaps you would prefer a crazy Spy over creepy science fiction. Of course, if creepy is what you’re looking for, you might want to take a peek inside the Insidious: Chapter 3, where the supernatural are shaking things up even more so than all that quaking occurring along the San Andreas. A drive with Mad Max: (down) Fury Road is sure to enhance that edge-of your-seat experience.

Since there’s presumably safety in numbers, be sure to bring an Entourage to whichever cinematic event you choose (preferably one that knows more than just the seedy side of Hollywood).

Hollywood’s hottest (and horrifying blockbusters) are aligning at a Pitch Perfect 2 set our starry movie theaters ablaze during the Summer of 2015.

Which of our sizzling tales will set your weekend ablaze?

Movie Stars Mingle with Major Spies

Our latest loopy Spy went deep undercover this weekend, determined to discover moviegoers’ discerning taste in stories while ultimately uncovering what leads to the ultimate box-office success. A successful movie star’s work is never truly done, as his wannabe Entourage held one heck of a party in Tinseltown. Taking in a totally different scene while still on ironically stable storytelling ground, San Andreas continued to shake the movie surface, disrupting Mad Max: (on) Fury Road, where no one was caught sleeping through their weekend. Those taking in Insidious: Chapter 3 were fearfully wide awake, learning the supernatural secrets to a horrifying hit, and, in the end, declaring each chapter a page turner.

Within those big-screen pages, we found big-time paranormal beings colliding over natural disasters, followers and foolish secret agents all on the most furious (but fascinating) road.

In the end, which of our secret-agent stars shined the brightest for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Spy $30 million.
  2. San Andreas $26.44 million.
  3. Insidious: Chapter 3 $23 million.
  4. Entourage $10.42 million.
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road $7.97 million.