An Impossible Movie Mission

Are you ready for the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation set to invade movie theaters nationwide this roguish weekend? Perhaps you prefer a family- friendly Vacation, sure to inspire feelings of 80s nostalgia. If an eighties vibe is what you’re after, the Pixels may be the type of entertainment you crave. That pest Ant-Man is currently craving an even bigger, hero-worshiping audience while the Minions continue cruising along on their anti-hero crusade.

Who will acquire the most movie worship, the rouges or the righteous? Can the ambidextrous Southpaw take them all down with one hand tied behind his back? Might a tour through those literary Paper Towns hold the answers we seek? Will we have to wait until the final chapter, um, credits to finally get a storytelling clue? Will a Trainwreck cause significant box-office damage? Most importantly, will Tom Cruise ever find a mission that is, indeed, possible?

The possibilities are endless! Which of our promising tales will you see this weekend?

Ant-Man Prevails

As con man turned tiny hero Ant-Man continued to protect moviegoers desperate to escape the heat (and his #1 box-office spot), those not-as-hot Pixels, hero to no one, ran a close second on their trip back in time (circa the 1980’s) to the classic arcade game era, while Earth endured the latest cinematic attack. The Minions remained committed to attacking the competition in service to their villain du jour while audiences traveling on the Trainwreck endured the ups and downs on the latest relationship rollercoaster. Relationship-challenged Southpaw put his best foot forward, triumphing over tragedy (thanks to the always-engaging Jake Gyllenhaal).

Which of our summer stories proved to be the most engaging for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Ant-Man $24.8 million.
  2. Pixels $24 million.
  3. Minions $22.1 million.
  4. Trainwreck $17.3 million.
  5. Southpaw $16.5 million.

Pixel or Southpaw? Who will pack the Biggest Punch?

Will the Ant-Man, in all his tiny wonder, make the biggest impact in our movie theaters once again this weekend? Not if those alienated Pixels have anything to say about. Their evil plan includes pushing aside that pesky pest, along with anyone else who gets in their way. They may have a box-office brawl on their hands, however, courtesy of Southpaw, who packs a mean cinematic punch. They’ll all be doing battle with those villain-worshiping Minions, who have no intention of relinquishing their wicked plan to rule the blockbuster world.

A blockbuster summer at the movies would not be complete without a complicated road trip and a cruise through the Paper Towns of your choosing, where young love and mystery wait. Those small communities should in no way be confused with the Jurassic World, where the “locals” are anything but loving.

Will love continue to cause the most complicated Trainwreck, where the emotions of its passengers are turned Inside Out (while clearly confusing the G-rated groupies and the colorful-in-a-different-way R-rated movie lovers?)

Amidst all that entertaining confusion, which of our tales will add the most color to your summer weekend?

Marvel makes its Mark

The Ant-Man proved that even the littlest characters can pack an enormous punch as he heroically duked it out with last week’s box-office champ, those slightly-larger Minions (who prefer hell raisers to heroes). A “heroic” battle left a Trainwreck of the relationship sort throughout our movie town, turning its colorful passengers Inside Out as they rode those sensitive, cinematic rails. Relationships notwithstanding, moviegoers continued to find Jurassic World a nice, albeit noisy, place to visit, at least from the safety of their movie theater seats.

The oddballs became the cool kids on the big screen, romantic woes rivaled emotional animation and the fossil-filled world remained jam packed.

Which of our odd assortment of tales was the coolest for you scorching weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Ant-Man $58 million.
  2. Minions $50.2 million.
  3. Trainwreck $30.2 million.
  4. Inside Out $11.6 million.
  5. Jurassic World $11.4 million.

Marvel takes on the Minions

A Trainwreck of epic, entertainment proportion is heading to a movie theater near you this weekend, where tortured relationships clash with equally-tortured souls, your standard heroes and hellions and, of course, last week’s champion, those lovable but misguided Minions. Luckily, the Ant-Man has hopped onboard to take the wheel and hopefully the lead as he struggles to control the chaos. Although at one time equally misguided, the shrinking man and his newfound abilities make him the perfect hero for the latest blockbuster adventure. Will adventure seekers prefer to visit that blockbuster Jurassic World, where an exciting escapade is pretty much a guarantee? Our animated crew is feeling the love Inside Out, with Joy being the ultimate winner. In typical robot fashion, the less-than-joyful Terminator Genisys, however, is all about action and winning at all cost, leaving no time for trivial things like feelings. Thanks to an overflow of action, adventure, animation and emotional warfare, will those innate feelings of fear filling The Gallows be strong enough to fill movie theater seats?

Will Marvel mania strike again, taking down the Minions and the less  than Marvelous competition?

Most importantly, which of our movies will tell the most amazing tale?

Minion Movie Power

The Minions, those lovable little villain worshipers, received the most love this weekend at the movies (and earned the honor of second biggest animation opening in our domestic movie history), proving once again that animation defies age (unlike those aging Hollywood rebels). The rebels residing within the Jurassic World continued to make that community cool, our emotions were still turning Inside Out over all that cinematic drama and that dramatic Terminator Genisys vainly persisted in his pursuit to terminate the competition. While the weather outside was far from frightful, The Gallows added their dark spin to the found-footage horror genre.

Fortunately, our favorite sunny sequel creatures and our emotional Pixar pals were around to lift moviegoers out of the dreary darkness currently setting up camp in both the dinosaur domain and those creepy, teenage-filled gallows. Sadly, no one was up to the task of convincing that brooding cyborg to lighten up and enjoy the ride.

Which of our substantial tales brought a bit of lightness to your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Minions $115.2 million.
  2. Jurassic World $18.1 million.
  3. Inside Out $17.1 million.
  4. Terminator Genisys $13.7 million.
  5. The Gallows $10 million.

The Minions Make their Move

With the Terminator Genisys back in business, will he make a miraculous recovery at the box office and terminate his less mechanical competition? Will the Jurassic World  get smaller as our wide array of emotions are turned Inside Out over the conundrum of what story to choose? Magic Mike XXL is currently dancing around the emotional, storytelling globe, entertaining his female audience while a decidedly-less graceful Ted 2 is hoping to persuade the men in their lives into becoming his best box-office buddies. They, of course, will all need to make room for The Minions, everyone’s favorite, villain-hopping friends.

Beyond The Gallows of the horror-loving Hollywood community, it’s a Self/less time, indeed, at the movies, where mistaken identity is all the rage and stars come in all shapes and sizes (major movie VIPs versus the lowly B listers). No matter what their celebrity status, they promise to keep you company all summer long.

Can those bad, big-screen boys be beat by good-old family-friendly animation?

Who will make the most cinematic connections this weekend?

All questions will be answered in proper movie time…