Animation and Alienation Unite the Movie Masses

Will The Martian be bringing out-of-this-world entertainment to Earthly movie theaters this weekend, sending the guests at the ultra-popular Hotel Transylvania 2 packing? Perhaps the alienated ones will find themselves swirling through a Black Mass, with Johnny Depp providing his unique brand of company. The Intern, meanwhile, has been keeping the best of company with some fashionably cool kids. How hard will he have to work to keep that job? Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has certainly seen the ups and downs of the movie universe. Where will his next hot trial lead? Reaching for the highest form of outdoor entertainment (while remaining comfortably indoors), audiences treading through Everest are sure to enjoy the elevated, awesome sights. Will their less-outdoorsy competitors trample them on their way to the top of the scenic box-office charts? What about the staff at Sicario? Will they be putting the legal screws to anyone who dares cross their path?

Sandler, Sicario or Scorch trials? Depp, Damon or Di Nero? Which of our scene stealers will capture your attention this weekend?

Hotel Transylvania 2: The Inn Place to Be

The kids hanging out in the Hotel Transylvania 2 picked up a few pre-Halloween tips (while breaking September box-office records) as they filled the most seats this weekend within movie theaters nationwide. Cinematically celebrating his twilight years while blending with his more demographically-acceptable “co-workers,” The Intern was on his own adventure, working hard for the movie money. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials continued to pass the test with young audience members, sending them on a successful, circuitous path to the big screen. Everest climbed those treacherous box-office charts, taking audiences on the highest, frostiest adventure. A Black Mass, meanwhile, followed a darker, more direct path to fame and fortune.

Color and creativity greeted movie lovers of all ages this weekend at the movies, Di Nero and Depp went head to head, mountains were climbed and trials were triumphant but animation proved to be the biggest winner.

Which of our winning tales brought a bit of color to your world this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Hotel Transylvania 2 $47.5 million.
  2. The Intern $18.2 million.
  3. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials $14 million.
  4. Everest $12 million.
  5. Black Mass $11.5 million.

The Intern Reports for Work

A Walk in the Woods last weekend led to a youthful Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, whose trial by box-office fire proved to be filled with twists and turns and a successful box-office return. On a darker note, the Black Mass invading movie theaters produced an ironically bright spot on the big screen. Will this weekend be just as dark? Adam Sandler certainly hopes so, as he invites moviegoers of all ages for a stay at the Hotel Transylvania 2, where darkness and light colorfully collide.

As workers unite in our multi-hued universe, The Intern finds his first assignment involves stealing his competitors’ fierce movie thunder. Will he get the job done? Maybe he can pick up some helpful tips from The Perfect Guy, who knows how to work a crowd. Of course, all work and no play makes for a dull weekend. For the more laid-back, “family-oriented” bunch, The Visit is sure to make for a deeper appreciation for their own strange relatives. Might audiences visiting the popular Mt. Everest discover those heights to be too tall for couch potatoes who prefer kicking back to climbing mountains?

From the tallest cinematic peaks, this weekend promises youthful entertainment and imaginative animation, a visit with old friends and weird relations, imperfect dates, dark days and even a bit of Di Nero!

Which of our multicolored films will brighten and heighten your weekend?

A Maze trumps the Masses

Hot on his own story, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ran amok, imaginatively scorching everyone in his path while lighting the biggest fire at the box office. Amidst the blaze, a Black Mass was seen encompassing our storytelling world. Last week’s “perfect” movie date, The Perfect Guy, showed his serious flaws and took a few steps down in town. The Visit to oddball relatives, while far from ideal, was both horrifying and happily entertaining. Moviegoers not looking to be scared or romantically paired found a trek to Everest brought a bit of excitement to their weary movie souls.

Audiences scaled the highest mountains through trials and tribulations, encountering a dark mass and the darkest of mates during a typical family-friendly visit to their local movie theaters.

Which of our atypical tales brought the most excitement to your movie soul this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials $30.30 million.
  2. Black Mass $23.36 million.
  3. The Visit $11.35 million.
  4. The Perfect Guy $9.64 million.
  5. Everest $7.56 million.

Black Mass or Maze Runner? Who will tell the hottest tale?

Back-to-school month is certainly proving to be an educational time at the movies, as thought-provoking gems enter the big screen arena. Will the sci-fi adventure Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials prove hotter than A just-chillin’ Walk in the Woods? During our cinematic stroll, a hot, thrilling crime is bound to occur in a deep, Black Mass, where the always-cool Johnny Depp has come to reside. Will he be The Perfect Guy this weekend? When will that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation be following an impossibly perfect path to faraway land? Of course, with all of this far-out action occurring, our characters are sure to benefit from a stopover at The War Room, where peace and movie profits ironically fill the small space.

Whether warring or wandering through a wooded terrain, running through hot mazes and dark masses, or searching in vain for the perfect mate, The Visit to your local movie theater is most definitely in order (feel free to keep the creepy relatives at home)…

May your next walk lead you straight to a warless maze filled with perfectly scorching, massive entertainment…

A Perfect Movie Visit

The Perfect Guy, who was ironically anything but, received the perfect box-office welcome this weekend at the movies, leading the way for his clearly less-perfect competition. M Night Shyamalan’s The Visit provided moviegoers with the creepiest visit to grandma’s, offering an outing no sane (a.k.a. real) person would ever seek while proving some vacations are best spent close to home (and near a holiday-inspiring movie theater). The buzz emitting from The War Room was of the imperfect yet peaceful kind. A Walk in the Woods, meanwhile, led to a sweet cinematic location as well as a stopover with some old friends as the friendly Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation provided infinite possibilities along our entertaining journey.

Horror was such a delight, the perfect guy was anything but right, nations united, the faithful ones were far-from slighted and a wooded walk led to the sweetest movie sights!

Which of our delightful tales told the sweetest story for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Perfect Guy $26.7 million.
  2. The Visit $25.6 million.
  3. War Room $7.4 million.
  4. A Walk in the Woods $4.6 million.
  5. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation $4.15 million.

A Perfect Late Summer Visit

Are you ready for The Visit with some really freaky made-up people? If pretend freaks aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps The Perfect Guy will make for a prettier, although ironically flawed, picture. Fortunately, those musical prodigies Straight Outta Compton are still around to take us straight Outta summer and directly into the most colorful of cinematic times. The multi-colored Transporter: Refueled has enough energy to happily transport participating moviegoers from one lively season to the next, offering, naturally, the coolest view. A brief detour to the War Room is destined to restore your faith in “moviekind,” blessedly offering No Escape from the dedication of pretty show people. Those dedicated, pretty ones encompassing the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation believe nothing is impossible with Tom Cruise at the helm and look foward to a future filled with endless, improbable missions. A Walk in the Woods promises a different kind of entertainment than a day at the beach, as our current stars are determined to eternally shine. With the brightest stories waiting to be told just beyond the horizon, all of our characters have put their trust in movie lovers and their commitment to quality entertainment.

What will a visit to your local movie theater bring this weekend?