Deadpool is Still in It to Win It

“The test of any man’s character is how he takes praise.” Anonymous

On this award-winning weekend, the stars were out in full force and the top honors, once again, went to a Marvel mercenary. After three weeks of playing the part of box-office champion, how well is he taking all of that praise?

Despite all the applause and admiration, Deadpool was still keeping it real, filling movie theaters while drowning the competition in his foul-minded ways. The Gods of Egypt, however, were hardly worth praying to, as the fantasy film was considered a big-budget box-office dud. Thanks to his unique, animated moves, Kung Fu Panda 3 continued to bring in the youthful crowd (who prefer color to crime and cruel Egyptians). Risen was still making bible believers out of the movie masses, proving a little faith in fine films does indeed go a long way. Inspiring in the non-biblical sense, Eddie the Eagle kicked off his first weekend in town, making history while flying high above his less-Olympian competitors.

Crime paid big this weekend, the good book still made for a good read, an eagle soared and animation aimed high but a Marvel anti-hero was the true box-office winner.

Who proved to be the biggest winner at movie theaters for you this Academy-filled weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Deadpool $31.5 million.
  2. Gods of Egypt $14 million.
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3 $9 million.
  4. Risen $7 million.
  5. Eddie the Eagle $6.3 million.

Will Eddie Soar or Will Deadpool Rule?

How much longer will Deadpool continue to kill it at the box office? Will Kung Fu Panda 3 be “kicking the bucket,” cinematically speaking, anytime soon? During this Lenten season, might the Risen discover even more believers? Perhaps Eddie the Eagle will be flying the highest this weekend, sending Jesse Owens on a “different” Race for the gold. For those flying solo this weekend, How to be Single just might hold the key to everlasting companionship. The Witch promises to make one horrifying companion as she crosses creepy paths with the Gods of Egypt (who clearly do not scare easily). Taking a less-Godly turn, will bank robberies and bullets blend well in Triple 9?

Looking for triple the fun this weekend? It’s a Race to the finish line, for sure, with a Marvel bad boy, faithful friends, single gals, armed thieves, Egyptian Gods and a karate king, all battling it out with Olympic champions.

Who will be the victor this weekend?

The Race is on as Deadpool Rises

Marvel darling Deadpool continued to destroy the competition through his charisma, cursing and confounded healing powers. Healing what (cinematically) hurts, Kung Fu Panda 3 reminded us what it’s like to be a carefree kid again. Risen was slowly climbing the charts while restoring our faith in movies as the Witch did her darndest to scare the bejesus out of the fearful among us. Fearing “singledom” no more, our favorite unattached ladies were teaching us all How to be Single with a sense of humor.

While the dead, both faithful and foul-mouthed, were rising within movie theaters, a panda remained proud and single girls were having double the amount of fun (naturally steering clear of the humorlessly possessed wandering through New England).

Which of our fun tales had you wandering to movie theaters this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Deadpool $55 million.
  2. Kung Fu Panda 3 $12.5 million.
  3. Risen $11.8million.
  4. The Witch $8.7 million.
  5. How to be Single $8.2 million.

Will Deadpool Continue to Decimate?

Will last week’s champion, potty mouth Deadpool fill movie theaters with the liveliest entertainment this weekend? Will the lonely-hearts learn How to be Single and still find double the amount of fun? Despite all the old-time fun he’s brought to the Big Screen, is it time for Hail, Caesar! to say a fond, Hollywood farewell? How much longer will that fun Kung Fu Panda 3 be kicking around Tinseltown? Is The Revenant ready to heal his seriously deep wounds outside of the box office top five? Might Zoolander 2 pack the cinematic universe with the prettiest, albeit strangest sights? Of course, The Witch, far from pretty, may prove to be the most magnetic sight at movie theaters this weekend to the delight of those who love the scare-because-we-care community.

Might moviegoers care for that athletic Jessie Owen be enough to help him win the all-important box office Race or will he be left last in line?

With single girls, foul-mouthed felons, sequel sensations, Olympic hopefuls and old Hollywood in attendance, will audiences drop everything to find their faith and experience the Risen?

Some will rise, some will fall…who will win the most accolades this weekend?


The Deadpool Rises

“Where there is great love, there are great wishes.” Willa Cather

What was your great wish this Valentine’s Day? Did you wish for diamonds or drama? Comedy or chocolate? How about the finest china or the choicest cinematic story, in which souls united to form one great flick?

The soulful stars aligned over movie theaters this weekend as fans took a giant dip in the fun-filled Deadpool, where all of that lively action resulted in the most love (and a record-breaking February debut). That cute Kung Fu Panda 3 was kicking up his heels once again, making friends in the loveliest places (far from that R-rated crude dude). Lonely-hearts learned How to be Single on the most romantic weekend of the year, causing double the romantic trouble. Troubled by all of the beauty around him, Zoolander 2 did his part to make the scenery “pretty” while pretty-troubled The Revenant ultimately discovered love can cure what ails (well, almost all ailments).

Singletons and secret operatives, pandas and pretty boys all made for the most imaginative players on Hollywood’s grandest stage, where revenge is best served during award season and love never dies (it simply fades away into sequel Heaven).

Which of our Heavenly tales did you love the most this weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Totals:

  1. Deadpool $135 million.
  2. Kung Fu Panda $19.65 million.
  3. How to be Single $18.75 million.
  4. Zoolander 2 $15.65 million.
  5. The Revenant $6.9 million.

Healing Movie Powers

With Kung Fu Panda 3 so successfully kicking around the cinematic community, is there enough room for the oddball “species” encompassing Zoolander 2? Do the male models have what it takes to make our imaginary world even prettier? Will audiences be swimming in a Deadpool of action, adventure and the ability to heal what ails the average moviegoer? Still in need of some major healing, how long will The Revenant continue to thrive at the box office? Will Hail, Caesar! continue to say a happy hello to crowded movie theaters or will George Clooney be left aimlessly wandering around Hollywood with the rest of the misfits? Might horror lovers be drifting away from that eccentric Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or embracing the prejudicial zombie within? Will another tortured young couple, minus the undead, make The Choice to unite or would they rather learn How to be Single (and choose their own movie?)

While male models and Hollywood legends are prettying up the big screen in preparation for the most romantic of weekends, a panda continues to do his part to make the world a more colorful screen, um, place, DiCaprio is still a looker and choice lovers are always pretty, while a smooth Special Force operative and cute singletons make the canvas complete!

Are you ready to break free this romance-filled weekend and heal those winter blues at your local movie theater?


A Super Cinematic Bowl

Two-time champion Kung Fu Panda 3 was still kicking around, adding his brand of color and cuteness to the cinematic community.  The Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! received a warm, Hollywood-worthy welcome in their search for box-office profits (and a missing George Clooney). Our young adult audience wasn’t missing out on The Choice for turmoil and tragedy courtesy of the anguish-plagued works of Nicholas Sparks. Speaking of suffering, The Revenant was still in it to win it, as our award-winning hero was battling treacherous conditions in search of his own version of Hollywood survival. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, meanwhile, was still a force to be reckoned with as it continued brightening those larger-than-life skies.

In a game of winners and losers, a sweet panda was the final champion, Sparks was still spinning tall tales as the Coens and Clooney were spinning pure gold. Hardworking DiCaprio, meanwhile, hovered under a starry sky, leading him toward the ultimate golden statue.

Which of our golden gems spun the best tale for you this weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Kung Fu Panda 3 $21 million.
  2. Hail, Caesar! $11.4 million.
  3. The Revenant $7.1 million.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens $6.8 million.
  5. The Choice $6.0 million.