Hail to Pandas and Pride and Happy Movie Times

Is The Finest Hour of entertainment upon us, filled with heroic rescues, hell-bent characters and high-energy fun? Will moviegoers be shouting Hail, Caesar! to our Hollywood stars or will audiences prefer giving a warmer greeting to The Revenant, who, let’s face it, could use all the welcoming words he can get? After kicking some major Hollywood butt last weekend, will Kung Fu Panda 3 be in even better fighting shape this weekend? Taking a step back in “proper” cinematic time,  fans of Jane Austen are sure to enjoy a bit of  19th Century (with a twist) style Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. Can Elizabeth Bennet and zombie slayer Mr. Darcy slay a bit of their competition this weekend or will their long-held pride take a beating? Just how long can the dark of night contain Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Will those warring stars continue to revitalize our skies for generations to come? Will  your Ride Along 2 the starriest places be filled with hours of big-screen fun?

The Choice is yours. Romance, revenge, road rage? Hans Solo or a Hollywood handler? A panda or a proud zombie? So many stories to choose from! Which of our cinematic selections will take you to the best places this weekend?