The Jungle Book Poised to Dominate Once Again

Will Rudyard Kipling’s ever-popular classic The Jungle Book, in all its colorful, live-action glory, continue to rule the cinematic forest this weekend? Perhaps The Huntsman: Winter’s War will find a bit more glory on his hunt for prequel success (probably not). Speaking of improbable success, has The Boss finally had her fill? Isn’t it time someone fired her?

How much longer will the staff of Barbershop: The Next Cut stay gainfully employed? Despite their lengthy stay, might those Zootopia kids cut in line ahead of them? Of course, with Mother’s Day mere weeks away, perhaps audiences will opt for a star-studded female-driven tale (lively in a non-animated way). In the non-traditional name game, Keanu also promises a unique brand of energetic entertainment.

Comedy, cutting-edge adventures and continuing dramas all color our movie world this weekend.

Which of our stars will find their way through the cinematic jungle first?


The Jungle Book Remained the Biggest Box-Office Read

Sailing through only the most entertaining chapters, The Jungle Book continued to tell the most mesmerizing tale, Disney style, of course, to generations of moviegoers. Without their Snow White, The Huntsman: Winter’s War was on track for a less-than-successful post-winter run. Barbershop: The Next Cut was next in line, amusing their fashionable patrons/audience members both past and present. The present moment continued to be sweet for our Zootopia residents, who still found a happy, family-friendly place in the jungle-infested universe. Audiences universally agreed The Boss isn’t the nicest of gals, as she stubbornly refused to quit her crusade to dismiss her working-class underlings (also known as B-list stars) on her quest for cinematic domination.

A-listers and your average film buff were all happily in attendance this weekend at the movies, as an assortment of animals graced our colorful screens, winter’s warriors appeared, an ex-con came to play (and win) and a cutting-edge sequel amused the most stylish set.

The hunt was on for quality entertainment!

Which of our superior stories was on your radar?


Estimated Box Office Totals:

  1. The Jungle Book $60.8 million.
  2. The Huntsman: Winter’s War $20.1 million.
  3. Barbershop: The Next Cut $10.8 million.
  4. Zootopia $6.6 million.
  5. The Boss $6.1 million.

The Jungle Welcomes Winter’s War

Will The Jungle Book continue to be the biggest, live-action story being told this weekend or will The Huntsman: Winter’s War tell the grandest tale? Might Barbershop: The Next Cut tell the next best thing, story wise? Although highly unlikely, maybe The Boss will fire back at all of those nay saying critics (on and off screen) and beat an undeserved path back to the lead. Also getting no love from the critics is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Can they take back the lead or at the very least take a hint and heroically head out of the movie game, destined to save cinematic lives during the dawn of another justice-seeking day?

Maybe a Criminal in the form of Kevin Costner will make for some lawful entertainment or is another visit to Zootopia in order, where the law-abiding residents are still enjoying their utopian existence.

Perhaps A Hologram for the King is what is needed, with Tom Hanks sure to deliver another picture-perfect performance. Will he rule the movie kingdom?

With so many stars on our big screens, who do you think will be the biggest winner this weekend within our royal movie theaters?

Another Disney Darling Debut

The Jungle Book was spinning a live-action Disney tale to the biggest, liveliest audience this weekend, proving being raised by wolves pretty much guarantees a winning story to tell. Fourteen years after opening their storytelling doors for business, Barbershop: The Next Cut offered cutting-edge entertainment from the original crew to a welcoming crowd. Although The Boss meant business, she was too busy firing off commands to those characters she deemed less popular than her bossy self to realize she’d been demoted (but still in the box-office game). Also following a downward spiral, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slowly started off for that cinematic sunset and the dawn of a brand-new day umm, sequel. Happily, there was still room left in the jungle for those still-popular Zootopia residents, who colorfully rounded out the Top Five.

Barbers, bosses, Batman and a big-time zoo were no match for a boy and his wolves, as a family-friendly tale, with a CGI twist, had audiences paying homage to our forest-dwelling friends.

In this cutthroat world of good guys and great films, who made for the best of friends for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Jungle Book $103.6 million.
  2. Barbershop: The Next Cut $20.2 million.
  3. The Boss $10.2 million.
  4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice $9.0 million.
  5. Zootopia $8.2 million.

The Movie Jungle

The Jungle Book will be adding a new chapter to its Disney classic this weekend, endlessly searching for humanity within an animalistic, cinematic existence. Meanwhile, longtime customers hanging out at the Barbershop: (search for) The Next Cut in comedic entertainment. Will they make the cut? Desperate to cut to the head of the line, The Boss, fresh out of jail, is all fired up over her box-office win last weekend, hoping against hope that nemesis Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will quit the hero race and let her stay in the lead (by whatever nefarious means necessary). Racing against robotic time, that mixed up Hardcore Henry is hoping big-time success won’t soften his hardened exterior (as there is no place in the R-rated universe for a soft and fuzzy hybrid).

Clearly, it would be Criminal to miss out on all that action!

Finding a mixture of success in the matrimonial arena, how many guests will be left attending My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Is their honeymoon finally over?

Realizing it truly is a jungle out there, the folks living within Zootopia have accepted their worthy, family-friendly competition. How long can that popular zoo remain filled to occupancy?

Are you ready to occupy some crime-fee space at your local movie theater this weekend?


The Boss Brings It

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” Theodore Roosevelt

Melissa McCarthy took both the lead and the driver’s seat this weekend, narrowly sending The Boss to the top spot at the box office. Still in need of a bit of guidance (after getting zero love from the critics), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice followed in those bossy footsteps (in the most manly, heroic way, of course). Zootopia was still leading the animated, animal kingdom, enjoying the colorful view. Meanwhile, on a totally unrelated, non G-related note, Hardcore Henry was having a bloody good time sharing his point of view with the rest of the cinematic winners. Winning once again in the romantic comedy region, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was enjoying the cinematic nuptials alongside good guys and bad bosses, animated animals and a half human-half robotic hybrid (anyone else confused by that horrifying mix?)

Which of our golden goodies brought a happy mix of reality and fantasy to your weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Boss $23.5 million.
  2. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice $23.4 million.
  3. Zootopia $14.4 million.
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $6.4million.
  5. Hardcore Henry $5.1 million.

Move Over, Batman, The Boss Means Big Business

“If you think your boss is stupid: remember, you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.” John Gotti

With Melissa McCarthy at the wheel, is The Boss smart enough to lead the masses into a profitable weekend at the movies? Will the more-brawny-than-brainy Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice be justifiably smart enough to enjoy the dawn of a new day from the back seat? Can those intelligent beings in charge of Zootopia maintain their smart box-office locale? Well, if they can teach animated animals to talk, anything is possible!

Is it possible the bridal party celebrating My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 can extend their guest list for another romantic weekend at the movies?

On a less-romantic front, after proving that God’s Not Dead 2 those cinematic skeptics, can the spiritual among us produce another movie miracle? Speaking of miracles, we movie aficionados recently learned (once again) that Miracles From Heaven successfully translate to the make-believe land (especially for studio executives, who are always looking for miracles in the monetary sense). How many more divine visions do they have up their clever sleeves?

Wouldn’t a weekend filled with infinite possibilities and phenomenal imaginary beings be divine?