Another Disney Darling Debut

The Jungle Book was spinning a live-action Disney tale to the biggest, liveliest audience this weekend, proving being raised by wolves pretty much guarantees a winning story to tell. Fourteen years after opening their storytelling doors for business, Barbershop: The Next Cut offered cutting-edge entertainment from the original crew to a welcoming crowd. Although The Boss meant business, she was too busy firing off commands to those characters she deemed less popular than her bossy self to realize she’d been demoted (but still in the box-office game). Also following a downward spiral, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slowly started off for that cinematic sunset and the dawn of a brand-new day umm, sequel. Happily, there was still room left in the jungle for those still-popular Zootopia residents, who colorfully rounded out the Top Five.

Barbers, bosses, Batman and a big-time zoo were no match for a boy and his wolves, as a family-friendly tale, with a CGI twist, had audiences paying homage to our forest-dwelling friends.

In this cutthroat world of good guys and great films, who made for the best of friends for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Jungle Book $103.6 million.
  2. Barbershop: The Next Cut $20.2 million.
  3. The Boss $10.2 million.
  4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice $9.0 million.
  5. Zootopia $8.2 million.

Author: Meg

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