A Legendary, BFG Weekend at the Movies

“Every summer has a story.” Anonymous

A story-filled summer has begun, with a wandering blue fish at the head of the pack. Finding Dory has certainly found blockbuster success high above those cinematic seas. Will she continue to profitably sail through summer? Will The Shallows lead our latest damsel in distress, in the form of the lovely Blake Lively, safely to shore or will she sink into box-office oblivion? Will audiences be oblivious to the conflicts occurring within the Free State of Jones, leaving the Civil War a part of movie history? Can Independence Day: Resurgence rush past the competition and save Earth from the threat du jour?

Central Intelligence has certainly provided a bit of “intellectual” humor for the studious among us. How much longer will their wisdom be accepted?

With so many stories, is there room in our movie kingdom for The Legend of Tarzan? We’re, of course, going to need a lot of room to welcome The BFG, who’s promising Big, Friendly, Giant entertainment. Will his rewards be great at the box office? Might the less fable-minded prefer The Purge: Election Year to rid them of the politically incorrect?

Happily, there’s room for everyone in our politically incorrect but perfectly proper movie world!

Which of our always-correct summer stories will you elect to see this weekend?

Dory Continues to Dominate

An innocent, little blue fish far surpassed a (Smith-less) science fiction tale, as audiences were still Finding Dory as the ultimate (so far) summer champion, offering the back seat to Independence Day: Resurgence, which was busy saving the earth (again) while declaring independence from dull stories (and the aforementioned Smith). Those oh-so-smart Central Intelligence guys remained front and center of all things comedic as audiences dove deep into The Shallows and discovered a meaningful story (and an always-cool Blake Lively in a bikini). The Free State of Jones offered freedom from oppression, liberating the movie masses from the hot outdoors in favor of an air-conditioned movie theater.

Providing more entertainment than the law allows, Pixar once again played for keeps, science fiction was selling it, comedic intellectuals were crowd pleasers, the Civil War shined courtesy of McConaughey, and a shark of the cinematic kind took one big bite out of the competition.

Which of our heartfelt, hilarious or just-plain horrifying characters did you spend time with this weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Finding Dory $73.2 million.
  2. Independence Day: Resurgence $41.6 million.
  3. Central Intelligence $18.4 million.
  4. The Shallows $16.7million.
  5. Free State of Jones $7.8 million.

Independence Day Rushes into Movie Theaters

Summer is here and there’s no better time to find fun in the sun and nights beneath the stars. Will Finding Dory, the little blue record breaker, be moviegoers’ biggest plan this weekend? Perhaps the more sci-fi minded will be rushing to the closest movie theater to check out the stars circling Independence Day: Resurgence (despite the lack of Will Smith). Of course, audiences-with-an-edge might be drawn to the Conjuring 2 cure their early summertime blues. Those searching for an indoor escape from all that sunshine may prefer Warcraft (where videogame lovers can hone their craft). Smack in the middle of all this action reside a few intellectual beings. Will those Central Intelligence guys find another respectable place this weekend? Will audiences be rescued from sunburn and (cinematic) sharks searching through The Shallows where only the deepest stories are told or will they claim their independence traveling through the (shark) Free State of Jones?

Where will your travels take you this weekend? A day at the beach? A night at the movies? Does it get any better than that?

Wherever your weekend takes you, may the stars shine bright…

Dory Finds Cinematic Success

Thirteen years after discovering much success in Finding Nemo, those animated, underwater lost souls were busy Finding Dory a primo spot at the box-office this weekend, where the directionally-challenged blue fish (and animated company) were breaking box-office records while finding the biggest, above-ground crowd happily waiting. Crowding nowhere near the blue fish, but still in a darn-good spot, were the Central Intelligence guys, who offered their audience action as opposed to animation. Horror aficionados acted on their fears and sent the Conjuring 2 a respectable spot (clearly too afraid not to acknowledge them).

Those looking for a bit of magic were once more uttering Now You See Me 2 their valuable possessions, glad the cunning illusionists were only on the big screen and not sitting in the movie seat behind them. Crafty videogame-aholics, meanwhile, took in Warcraft and determined that their skills were quite impressive.

Pixar, naturally, made the biggest impression, as they began their time in the limelight on one high note, summer crowds were exchanging heat for horror, magic of the illegal kind was suspiciously performed, the war was skillfully played and intellectual beings comedically made their mark.

Which of our diverse cinematic delights left an entertaining mark on your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Finding Dory $136.2 million.

2. Central Intelligence $34.5 million.

      3. Conjuring 2 $15.6 million.

4. Now You See Me 2 $9.7 million.

5. Warcraft $6.5 million.

Finding Dory Searches for a Prime Cinematic Location

School’s out, and time spent in movie theaters is always in, as our favorite cast of characters is ready to outshine the sun. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: (have stepped) Out of the Shadows and into that successful light, where profits are rolling in like stormy clouds on a summer day. How long will their shadow steal the PG-limelight? Is it time X-Men: Apocalypse embark on a new adventure outside of the blockbuster kingdom? Will those adventuresome magicians be once again uttering Now You See Me 2 a large, welcoming crowd (who prefer them on the big screen and safely out of reach of their watches and wallets).

During this season of extended sunlight, will audiences be drawn to the dark side and send the Conjuring 2 the biggest box-office spot once again, horrifying those who cross its creepy path? In a less chilling part of town, the race was on and Warcraft blended well with videogame lovers their first weekend at play. How long will their game last? Are they all played out?

Most importantly, with all of these imaginative powerhouses to choose from, will our quest for Finding Dory result in the most successful spot beyond the sea (and will Dory even remember how she got there?) Will she “just keep swimming” among the biggest fish in town all summer long?

Within that cinematic sea, which of our breezy tales is worth sailing toward this weekend?

The Conjuring Conquers

Sequels were packing movie theaters this weekend, but it was a horror flick that led the flock, as Conjuring 2 brought the biggest bag of tricks to the box-office. Tricky in their own right, illusionists-with-an-edge uttered Now You See Me 2 magic lovers, adding a bit of mystery to the movie-going experience. Warcraft skillfully entered the race, inviting audiences to partake in the most entertaining of videogame-inspired battles. Teenage Mutant Turtles: (leapt) Out of the Shadows and into youth-filled (and young-at-heart packed) movie theaters, ready to duke it out with the other, somewhat-older mutants comprising X-Men: Apocalypse, who found no reason to end their box-office stay, arrogantly noting they are providing entertainment for all ages.

Appearances were deceiving this weekend at the movies, where popular stories played on and the real trick was determining the good guys from the gangsters, the romantics from the rogues, and, of course, all those crazy mutants from the crafty magicians. Forget the jungle; it really was a war out there in movie land!

Which of our complex tales brought a bit of magic to your weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Conjuring 2 $40.4 million.
  2. Warcraft $24.4 million.
  3. Now You See Me 2 $23 million.
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows $14.8 million.
  5. X-Men: Apocalypse $10. million.

Sequels Speed into Movie Theaters

With summer weeks away, can we count on those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: (springing) Out of the Shadows and stepping once again into the brightest, box-office spotlight? What about the well-past-their-teens X-Men: Apocalypse? Will those mutants be the end all be all? Will audiences be uttering Now You See Me 2 to magic and mayhem or will sappy but self-serving Me Before You get to make the all-important movie choice? Speaking of magic, albeit the creepy kind, horror lovers just might wish the Conjuring 2 jump start their summer and speed, in the most horrifying of manners, to the top of the charts.

The musically inclined might choose the tunes springing from that quirky Pop Star: (who shouts) Never Stop Never Stopping to his groupies, promising those cinematic songs will go on and on. Perhaps The Angry Birds Movie will have animated lovers on the go and looking up. Then there’s upbeat Alice Through the Looking Glass, who’s still looking for a better spot at the box office. Those looking for a videogame escape might discover Warcraft is the cure for their peaceful existence and send that movie empire to a successful cinematic locale.

Wherever you choose to spend your weekend, may it be filled with music, magical moments and the most entertaining mutants coasting alongside those ailing romantics and the always-appealing Alice.

Are you ready for a bit of appealing entertainment?