Dory Finds Cinematic Success

Thirteen years after discovering much success in Finding Nemo, those animated, underwater lost souls were busy Finding Dory a primo spot at the box-office this weekend, where the directionally-challenged blue fish (and animated company) were breaking box-office records while finding the biggest, above-ground crowd happily waiting. Crowding nowhere near the blue fish, but still in a darn-good spot, were the Central Intelligence guys, who offered their audience action as opposed to animation. Horror aficionados acted on their fears and sent the Conjuring 2 a respectable spot (clearly too afraid not to acknowledge them).

Those looking for a bit of magic were once more uttering Now You See Me 2 their valuable possessions, glad the cunning illusionists were only on the big screen and not sitting in the movie seat behind them. Crafty videogame-aholics, meanwhile, took in Warcraft and determined that their skills were quite impressive.

Pixar, naturally, made the biggest impression, as they began their time in the limelight on one high note, summer crowds were exchanging heat for horror, magic of the illegal kind was suspiciously performed, the war was skillfully played and intellectual beings comedically made their mark.

Which of our diverse cinematic delights left an entertaining mark on your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Finding Dory $136.2 million.

2. Central Intelligence $34.5 million.

      3. Conjuring 2 $15.6 million.

4. Now You See Me 2 $9.7 million.

5. Warcraft $6.5 million.

Author: Meg

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