Beyond those Stars, Bourne Beats Bad

Aging quite well (and a star in his own action-adventure right), Jason Bourne lived to see (and save) another movie day, edging out his starry competition to heroically take the lead. Audiences were still taking that Star Trek Beyond their typical movie-going experience, where they discovered an ageless story still taking up a chunk of space in our cinematic galaxy. Those aging-rapidly Bad Moms proved it’s so good to be ghastly as they, in their self-serving manner, cut ahead of the rest of the competition to reach a comfortable box-office locale (no kids allowed). Kids, of course, were welcomed for the revealing of The Secret Life of Pets, where a school’s-still-out crowd offered unconditional love. It was Lights Out for horror lovers, who didn’t give a hoot about overworked moms, assassins or animation.

A journey beyond the stars ended in ultimate entertainment this weekend, with good guys and bad moms dutifully in attendance, a horror tale still hangin’ in there and our favorite animals, naturally, still the talk of the town.

Which of our ageless, star-filled tales were you talking about this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Totals:

  1. Jason Bourne $60 million.
  2. Star Trek Beyond $24 million.
  3. Bad Moms $23.4 million.
  4. The Secret Life of Pets $18.2 million.
  5. Lights Out $10.8 million.

Bourne to be Bad

An imaginative weekend at the movies is almost here, with a variety of characters set to do storytelling battle. Who will tell the tallest tale? Will it be Jason Bourne, who is ready to rumble with, among others, those Bad Moms (who could really use a good role model?) Is our hero good enough to take them down? After a successful first weekend in the movie ring, will the biggest audience once again be taking that Star Trek Beyond every other movie on the planet? With the Lights Out and the stars in alignment, will they be headed toward the Ice Age: (on a) Collision Course with characters, both hot and cool? Will Finding Dory be a thing of the past? Stepping out of the past into modern times, the latest Ghostbusters are still in it to win it. Can they obliterate poltergeist as well as their pesky competition?

Perhaps The Secret Life of Pets will reveal the answers to all of our major movie questions (or at least let us in on what makes them so darn successful). Do you have the Nerve to take in more than one thrilling story?

Life in the land of movies is sweet, indeed! Which of our appealing stories will make for a more successful weekend for you?


A Trek to the Stars

Audiences took that Star Trek Beyond their expectations, arriving at the starriest place in the movie galaxy. Winding through the mean streets of New York, The Secret Life of Pets continued to offer their version of the E True Hollywood story on our favorite, close-mouthed friends. Those friendly Ghostbusters were clearing a safe but entertaining path for moviegoers, free from shady beings but sadly, not from slimy encounters. With the Lights Out, and the air conditioners at full blast, audiences were encountering dark horror. Within their own light but icy universe, Ice Age: Collision Course collided well with all of their heavy-duty animated competition, taking a scenic, circuitous route to their box-office location.

Darkness and light blended brilliantly this weekend at the movies as the stars aligned, sending moviegoers on a colorful, nostalgic journey (thank you, sequels).

Which of our treasured tales was worth the trip for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Totals:

  1. Star Trek Beyond $59.6 million.
  2. The Secret Life of Pets $29.3 million.
  3. Ghostbusters $21.6 million.
  4. Lights Out $21.6 million.
  5. Ice Age: Collision Course $21 million.

The Stars Collide

Ready to take that Star Trek Beyond your wildest, wandering imagination, where you’re sure to eventually land in the Ice Age: (tracking a) Collision Course, where their conflicting itinerary includes cooling off after a hot day with a colorful night at the movies? Hoping on board, those cool Ghostbusters are always ready for a trip to strange dimensions with even stranger beings. Still weird but wonderful in their ways, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, sending off a viral message to the heavens. Will the angels grant their wish?

In that odd but delightful other world, The Secret Life of Pets is being entertainingly uncovered, Finding Dory is a sweet adventure and tall tales, including The Legend of Tarzan, give moviegoers insight into an eternal (and sometimes-scantily clad) hero. Who could wish for more?

With the Lights Out, will the average audience member be tuning in to humor, horror, animation or A-list stars?

An above –average weekend is upon us, as the stars promise to shine right here on earth, in movie theaters coast to coast.

Which of our colliding stars will bring color and light to your weekend?

Pets Pounce on Ghostbusters

Living happily in the moment, The Secret Life of Pets presented the biggest, most colorful view of a day in the life of our most mysterious friends. The all-girls Ghostbusters were on call this weekend, battling poltergeist as well as the ghosts of movies past, bringing their own brand of comedy to the modern movie moment. The jungle was still a hospitable place to swing through; making The Legend of Tarzan a starry tale for many generations to come. The young and the young at heart were still Finding Dory, who discovered a success above sea level worth remembering. Although Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, they were fortunately still finding companionship in the movie-loving community.

Summer lightened up, as comedy crowded movie theaters coast to coast, the jungle made for a nice getaway, colorful cuties were dutifully in attendance and the poltergeist-filled past came crashing profitably into the present.

Which of our present-tense tales heated up your summer weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Secret Life of Pets $50.6 million.
  2. Ghostbusters $46 million.
  3. The Legend of Tarzan $11.1 million.
  4. Finding Dory $11 million.
  5. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates $7.5 million.

Ghostbusters get Ready for the Call

The days are getting hotter and nights at the movies, naturally, are heating up, as the coolest characters keep cropping up. So, who you gonna call when poltergeist come peeking through your curtains? The female Ghostbusters are up for the challenge and ready to annihilate things that go bump in the night as well as their non-ghostbusting competition. Of course, they may find a friend or two floating around The Purge: Election Year, as those freaky fellows continue to pulverize and legalize the horrifying among us. The BFG, while not the most popular kid on the block, is a bit too PG to be making friends with mischievous spirits, preferring the company of fellow PG pals swimming in the cinematic sea and Finding Dory both friendly and unforgettable. Still on the family-friendly animated front, last week’s champion, The Secret Life of Pets opened up a clandestine, colorful world fit for both man and man’s best friend.

Friend to no one, The Infiltrator is primed to break into the box-office kingdom, at any means necessary. Not necessarily lonely, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, but at least have found an audience willing to spend some time with them (in movie theaters if not matrimonial arenas). Then there’s The Legend of Tarzan, which finds our jungle -raised, eligible bachelor discovering his own audience in our crazy movie universe (which gives new meaning to the word jungle).

Which of our eligible tales will bring meaning to your weekend?

Secretive Pets Sink Dory

The Secret Life of Pets solved the mystery, animated style, of our four-legged friends, proving Man’s Best Friend to be the most popular guests at the box office party. Heading back to his natural habitat, The Legend of Tarzan brought the jungle to movie lovers who wouldn’t be caught dead in an actual jungle. Still finding plenty of reasons to party, Finding Dory found success for the absentminded bluefish along with a happy home beyond the sea (still well within impressive box-office range).

Although Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, they didn’t have too much trouble getting audience members, both male and female, to make a date in their honor at their local movie theater. The Purge: Election Year voted horror both legal and lethally entertaining, at least for its onscreen participants.

Animation was proudly represented this summer weekend, secretive pets were solid winners and a blue fish continued finding gold. A legend was still lookin’ good, politicians were being purged of their sins and sinful comedy came cruising into town for the special occasion.

Which of our summer stories made your weekend special?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Secret Life of Pets $103.2 million.
  2. The Legend of Tarzan $20.6 million.
  3. Finding Dory $20.4 million.
  4. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates $16.6 million.
  5. The Purge: Election Year $11.7 million.