Magnificence and Masterminds Come Home

Ready for another magnificent weekend at the movies courtesy of The Magnificent Seven? Can the Storks, while no western outlaws, offer our younger audience members more fun than the law allows? Will hero Sully allow for that? Is he ready to land outside of the box office top five? The youthful residents of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children could certainly benefit from a weekend away from home. Will their special powers elevate them to an oddly enchanting cinematic spot? Would Bridget Jones’s Baby make for an appropriate future student? Is there any learning for the cast of Blair Witch, who should know by now that heading into those demonic woods really isn’t a smart move?

Can the smart crew knee deep in the Deepwater Horizon’s debacle clean up their act while offering a deep but delightful perspective on nasty oil spills? Will the Masterminds spill all (with the assistance of that chatty Snowden) or do they have the brains to beat their crafty competition?

So much to choose from this colorful autumn weekend! The magnificent and the masterminds, Blair and Bridget’s baby, a hero, a home filled with mysteries, and one deep drama.

Which of our engaging tales will bring depth and drama to your weekend?

A Magnificent Movie Weekend

The Magnificent Seven made one magnificent mark on the box office, as they protected a town and the movie world at large from dull entertainment. Also answering the call for brilliant entertainment, the Storks delivered the animated goods while Sully still proved to be a hero to many. Bridget Jones’s Baby made a wild trip to the delivery room while Snowden remained the talk of the town.

Seven was one lucky number, as outlaws unarmed the rest of their less-magnificent competition. Storks made a colorful delivery, ironically offering no assistance to Bridget Jones’s Baby (clearly unnerved by her R-rating). A whistleblower once again grabbed out attention and an emergency landing made for a wild ride.

Which of our magnificent, attention-grabbing tales took you on the greatest ride this weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. The Magnificent Seven $35 million.
  2. Storks $21.8 million.
  3. Sully $13.8 million.
  4. Bridget Jones’s Baby $4.5 million.
  5. Snowden $4.1 million.

A Magnificent Movie Delivery

Blair Witch is ready to do bloody battle once again from those demonic woods. Will its followers get lost (and clobbered) on their way to success? When the Bough Breaks, will those horror lovers still be saying Don’t Breathe as they discover their own breathless but unbroken victory? Has success gone to Sully’s head or will he continue to fly high on all those accolades?

Possibly, moviegoers will be bestowing rave reviews upon The Magnificent Seven. Are they ready for all that glory? After some intellectual conversation, might audiences be paying tribute to that chatty Snowden, who’s still searching in vain for his own magnificence?

On a more G-rated, but no less marvelous front, can the Storks deliver the goods or will The Wild Life offer a more scenic cinematic existence? Speaking of precious packages, might Bridget Jones’s Baby (stuck in an R-rated universe) make for a show-stopping delivery?

The stage has been set for another show-stopping weekend! While Sully and the Seven mix it up in the most magnificent of ways, the Storks promise to bring a bit of color to our wild and wonderful movie universe, as Bridget and Blair make their own personal, somewhat chaotic deliveries.

Which of our personable or downright petrifying tales will be delivering the most entertainment for you this weekend?

A Witch Fails to Sideline Sully

Sully was still everyone’s favorite movie hero as he once again took the driver’s seat with a profitable landing at the top spot at the domestic box office. Blair Witch conjured up yet another project filled with horror and not-so-happy profits. Bridget Jones’s Baby made a sweet debut, arriving in time to meet and greet romantic comedy lovers. Snowden was talking up an intellectual storm to anyone who’d listen (finding the aforementioned baby a very poor listener). Horror lovers shouting Don’t Breathe, meanwhile, still clung to the edge of their seats.

Blair was back in business this weekend as a hero and an erstwhile heroine found a sweet spot at the box office, horror was still being heard and a whistleblower had people talking.

Which of our high-energy stories had you talking this weekend?


Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Sully $22 million.
  2. Blair Witch $9.7 million.
  3. Bridget Jones’s Baby $8.2 million.
  4. Snowden $8 million.
  5. Don’t Breath $5.6 million.

A Hero Mixes it up with Some Horrors

After last week’s impressive debut, is hero Sully prepared to take on Bridget Jones’s Baby? Will a crash landing pale in comparison to the drama that follows our favorite overemotional Brit? Is there anything remotely compelling about the story of Snowden? Can any of our chatty Kathy’s talk over that guy?

Although Halloween is more than a month away, horror is definitely in the house, with asthmatics (and others) realizing they Don’t Breathe well in the face of such fear. Is the Blair Witch prepared to suck the air (and the life) out of people who love to have the life sucked out of them (metaphorically speaking?) Will a spine-chilling trip to the forest trump a tropical island excursion, where The Wild Life, despite its untamed players, is way more colorful than creepy? When the Bough Breaks, will another sinister tale break through or will moviegoers be looking for a break from all that psychotic activity?

Are you ready for a weird but wonderfully active movie break this weekend?


Sully Soars

As summer waves a somber good bye, visions of the scariest of seasons are filling movie theaters from coast to coast. Sully, although more heroic than horrifying, had audiences on the edge of their seats, crash landing at the cushy top spot at the box office. Audiences were holding on tight When the Bough Breaks, Don’t Breathe continued to (temporarily) suck the life out of its audience/competition, the Suicide Squad, ironically still full of life, have yet to move on to their next victims, err, story, while The Wild Life, although tame to those R-rated junkies, offered some mad, Robinson Caruso-inspired fun for the just-headed-back-to-school set.

Eastwood and Hanks made one successful pair, a psycho surrogate made for a strange stand in, a tropical island setting found animals gone wild, with horror-loving asthmatics in attendance and danger junkies still killing it.

Which of our killer tales caught your attendance this weekend?


Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

  1. Sully $35.5 million.
  2. When the Bough Breaks $15.million.
  3. Don’t Breathe $8.2 million.
  4. Suicide Squad $5.7 million.
  5. The Wild Life $3.4 million.

A Wild Ride

As we slowly leave summer behind (cue the violins), will audiences be shouting, Don’t Breathe well into the fall or will they soon find their breath taken away by less stifling scenes? Speaking of the appallingly oppressive, will Morgan find the pre-Halloween scene more to her liking, as the sun sets on another blockbuster season? Maybe an ocean view will lighten the mood set by the horrifying among us, as The Light Between Oceans promises to reveal all while ushering the dark Suicide Squad toward the horizon (destined to kill or be killed another day). Guests at the Sausage Party know what it means to run from imminent danger. Will they soon be off the cinematic menu? Of course, we can always count on Kubo and the Two Strings connecting our most quarrelsome characters to the coolest stories, as Pete’s Dragon offers the tallest view. Might young audiences feel more of a connection to The Wild Life, where a tropical island attempts to provide the greatest landscape?

Then there’s Sully, soon to be crash landing into a movie theater near you. Will he be the biggest box-office hero this weekend?

When the Bough Breaks, which of our characters will still be standing, filling The Disappointments Room with even more satisfying horror?

Which of our edge-of-your-seat gems will be the ultimate title holder this weekend?