Surfing Toward Santa

As we surf toward a meet-and-greet with Santa Clause, will last week’s champ, Moana still hold the largest place in moviegoers’ hearts? Might those Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them continue to lead a large audience to the best places to visit? Could a visit with Allied friends result in the most dramatic of encounters this weekend? What about the Arrival of creatures from outer space (as opposed to the North Pole?) Is that on anyone’s wish list? Perhaps the Incarnate will free us from those pesky pre-holiday demons (clearly NOT on Santa’s good list).
Naturally, a brief, drama-free break in the land of Trolls is sure to provide a happy respite from hectic holiday shopping (and horrors sure to impress even Scrooge). Of course, there’s always a need for a stopover with our favorite healer, Doctor Strange. Will he be out of the healing business anytime soon?
More importantly, will time spent in another cinematic dimension be just what the movie doctor ordered for weary shoppers this weekend?

Moana Sails Straight to the Top

Moana surfed into town just in time for the biggest opening during a long holiday weekend (with our younger moviegoers clearly preferring sailing over school work). Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them found a thankful audience still waiting for them. Doctor Strange maintained a spot on everyone’s Must See list while Allied connected with World War II lovers (and Brad Pitt). Lastly, aliens celebrated the Arrival of the holiday season.
Brad blended beautifully with beasts and strangers made the best of friends while aliens flourished. Animation, however, scored the highest box-office marks, with a fabled island providing a backdrop sure to make every movie lover’s holiday wish list.
Which of our fantastic, fabled tales was a wish come true for you this holiday weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Moana $55.5 million.
2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them $45.1 million.
3. Doctor Strange $13.4 million.
4. Allied $13 million.
5. Arrival $11.3 million.

Thankful Times

Who needs turkey with all the trimmings when we’ve got a cinematic menu chockful of so much goodness? There’s killer comedy, danger-fueled dramas, bigtime action and even Beatty! Of course, you could feast on food and familial festivities before heading to your local movie theater, where our thankful cast is too caught up in their own made-up lives to concern themselves with calorie consumption. Clearly, the Rules Don’t Apply in their larger-than-life universe, where child-friendly Moana is surfing through her fabled existence, hoping the multi-colored tides will bring in big audiences.
Sailing through the turbulent 1940s, Brad Pitt is becoming Allied with all sorts of movie types, working his way through yet another warzone.
Fighting his own war, Bad Santa 2 is onboard for all these money-making endeavors, confident he’ll get his share (and a few others) of the box-office pie.
Lest we forget about last week’s favorite tales, there’s always time to check out those Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, who are still on the lookout for worthy film friends. Doctor Strange is still surreal, sports aficionados are still willing to Bleed for This world and The Edge of Seventeen, during this long weekend, promises a youthful cast on the brink of greatness.
Are you ready for the great Arrival of another blockbuster holiday season?

Fantastic Findings

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them found the biggest audience waiting for them in darkened movie theaters coast-to-coast this weekend, charming audiences with their fantastic tale. Everywhere else we looked, the coolest characters were happily being discovered. Doctor Strange was still feeling the love, Trolls continued to light up our youngest moviegoers and sci-fi lovers once again caught the star-studded Arrival of the aliens du jour. Even though Thanksgiving was next on our holiday radar, Almost Christmas had moviegoers almost glad it was the hectic holiday season.
Which of our festive tales were you the most glad to take in this pre-Thanksgiving weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them $75 million.
2. Doctor Strange $17.7 million.
3. Trolls $17.5 million.
4. Arrival $11.8 million.
5. Almost Christmas $7.0 million.

Where to Find the Edgiest Entertainment

One week to go before Thanksgiving and there’s so much to be cinematically thankful for! After witnessing the Arrival of the latest alienation, perhaps a trip to somber Manchester by the Sea will help put into perspective what matters most in life (namely, families and quality films). Of course, those precariously teetering on The Edge of Seventeen might just be glad for a break from the edgy realities of high-school life. Everyone else looking for a reality break might discover that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them know the ultimate route to a fantasy-driven existence (and box-office success). The Trolls, meanwhile, promise a colorful adventure for moviegoers of all ages. Next up, a visit to Doctor Strange is sure to provide surreal results as will a stopover at Hacksaw Ridge (for strangely different reasons).
Those Shut In by all the thrilling entertainment waiting might be ready to shut out the rest of the world in a darkened movie theater, declaring it’s Almost Christmas (the time when our favorite movie families are locked into forced but festive togetherness).
Are you prepared to Bleed for This world of aliens, angst and all-out entertainment at a movie theater near you this weekend?

Arriving in Strange Style

Doctor Strange was once again in the driver’s seat, feeling right at home among the oddballs, traveling far and wide to cure the pre-holiday movie blues. The Trolls, naturally, brought their own unique color to our storytelling universe while those of us dealing with the thought of it being Almost Christmas, while certainly entertained, were nowhere near ready for the actual holiday. The Arrival of some really odd beings was star-studded this weekend, with aliens and the alienated among us arriving to take in all that action. Spectators took in the harrowing sights of Hacksaw Ridge from the edge of their comfy movie-theater seats.
Which of our edgy, downright odd tales had you on the edge of your seat this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

1. Doctor Strange $43 million.
2. Trolls $35.1 million.
3. Arrival $24 million.
4. Almost Christmas $15.6 million.
5. Hacksaw Ridge $10.8 million.

Arriving in High Style

With the holiday season creeping up on us, are you prepared for the Arrival of alien, albeit, festive fun? With box-office champion Doctor Strange still in residence, can moviegoers expect a healing, cinematic experience this weekend? Visitors to Hacksaw Ridge are clearly in need of a therapeutic experience while those memorable Trolls have been enjoying their colorful trip through time. How long will that journey last?
Now that it’s Almost Christmas, isn’t it time Boo! A Madea Halloween checked its calendar and headed for the dark horizon? Will a dark, fiery path through the Inferno be burning out anytime soon? Perhaps a deep, dark thriller will make a Shut In out of all of us!
Which of our thrilling tales will be worth shutting out the real world for this weekend?