A Purposeful Split

Audiences who love a good scare remained emotionally Split courtesy of the many horrifying personalities involving one complex story. Moving on to a more family-friendly, less freaky film, A Dog’s Purpose, apparently, was to bring a bit of warmth to our winter nights (and dog-loving days) as everyone’s favorite reincarnated canine reawakened our faith in family films.  Headlining their own story, the women comprising those Hidden Figures have certainly figured out the key to movie success while the occupants taking in the latest Resident Evil: (found) The Final Chapter made for one riveting read. The residents of La La Land, who had no time for reading as they prepared for the ultimate award show, were still basking in the accolades currently reverberating throughout our local movie theaters.
It was a furry but purposeful weekend at the movies, as multiple personalities horrified us alongside the latest local evil (forever making a cruel comeback). The ladies of NASA were still flying high and a song-and-dance team had us singing long after the credits rolled.
Which of our purpose-driven tales brought a bit of harmony (or horror) to you weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Split $26.3 million.
2. A Dog’s Purpose $18.4 million.
3. Hidden Figures $14 million.
4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter $13.8 million.
5. La La Land $12 million.

Splitting a Golden Movie Weekend

Will audiences be Split about which movie to see this weekend, causing Hidden Figures to jump out of the shadows with their own unique personalities? Might xXx: The Return of Zander restore audiences’ faith in never-ending action movies (and modern-day action star Vin Diesel?)
On a more melodious note, perhaps a brief break in La La Land is what’s needed to get through this dreary winter, where audiences are welcomed to Sing to their hearts’ content.
Maybe the true meaning of movie happiness lies in the metaphorical Gold waiting to be found in engaging stories (and that always engaging McConaughey). Perhaps Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, far too evil to be happy, will provide the most interesting “read” to finalize an eventful weekend.
Fortunately, no matter how dark things get, we can always count on A Dog’s Purpose putting things into family-friendly perspective.
This weekend, expect to be treated to family-style films, female leads and frightening locals, action, animation and award winners! Need more? How about multiple personalities and Matthew McConaughey! Can we ever get enough of him?
With so many exciting stories playing, which of our lively gems will get the most play?

Horror Comes out of Hiding

Director M. Night Shyamalan is back and has Split the movie world wide open with his horrifying tale filled with freaky personalities, who ALL found the most personable spot at the domestic box office. xXx: The Return of Zander celebrated a profitable, less-horror-filled homecoming. The ladies of Hidden Figures finally relinquished the lead but still enjoyed a prominent locale. Within a more melodious location, La La Land was still the most glorious of places to visit, offering its audience a toe-tapping experience while those compelled to Sing refused to miss a beat.
There was no hiding the horror and edge-of-your-seat action occurring within movie theaters coast to coast this weekend, which happily only enhanced the music that played on and on…
Which of our playful tales livened up your winter weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Split $40.2 million.
2. xXx: The Return of Zander $20 million.
3. Hidden Figures $16.3 million.
4 Sing $9 million.
5. La La Land $8.4 million.

Will Hidden Figures Continue to Bury the Competition?

Will our no-longer Hidden Figures continue to hog the cinematic spotlight this weekend, once again pouncing The Bye Bye Man, who failed to send them on a scary sayonara? In a different dimension, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story remains one trailblazing story. Can they light a fire under Patriot’s Day, inspiring a more patriotic spirit in moviegoers? Perhaps the most loyal of movie lovers would prefer a lighter tale, destined to make them Sing straight into La La Land, where clearly THE best award-winners like to hang out.
During his stay in our award-worthy world, The Founder, while never at a loss for a place to eat, might just discover buttered popcorn makes for a much better movie treat than a Big Mac. Naturally, those health-conscious 20th Century Women are too busy searching for their audience to get caught up in high-calorie cuisine. Far from tasteful, xXx: Return of Zander Cage, meanwhile, is hoping to get the biggest return at the box office.
With so many tasty tales to choose from, which of our heavyweights will hold the most weight at the box office this weekend?

Hidden Figures Finds the Biggest Spotlight

Hidden Figures were out and about this weekend, enjoying their time in the spotlight. A trip to La La Land resulted in one golden melodious experience, giving audiences in multiple theaters something to Sing about. The light surrounding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story started to dim a bit, but fortunately its stars kept right on shining just as The Bye Bye Man offered a warm, wicked hello to fans of freaky films.
Horror was strangely hidden in with our star-studded cast, animation was still amazing and Ryan and Emma were THE golden couple, leaving audiences with a song in their hearts long after the credits rolled.
Which of our diverse tales filled your heart with a melody this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Hidden Figures $20.5 million.
2. La La Land $14.5 million.
3. Sing $13.8 million.
4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $13.8 million.
5. The Bye Bye Man $13.4 million.

Living by a Starry Night

Will Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continue to blind the rest of the competition with their awesome star power? Might audiences start to Sing a different, less-animated tune? Perhaps those colorful Monster Trucks roaring into town will steal a bit of their colorful thunder.
Of course, a visit to the award-winning, multicolored La La Land is sure to leave a song in our hearts, contrary to a detour to that dark Underworld: Blood Wars, which may be what’s needed to help us appreciate life on firm, Vampire-free ground.
Living in a bit of a time warp, are those sleepy Passengers ready to settle on their own solid ground or will their tired heads remain in the clouds for the foreseeable future?
What about the future of those champion Hidden Figures? Do they hold the secret to cinematic success? Now that the holidays are behind us, is there room in that successful universe to honor Patriot’s Day (and patriotic Mark Wahlberg?)
Of course, those who Live by Night (and day for that matter) would surely find it criminal to ignore all the entertainment occurring within movie theaters coast to coast.
Wouldn’t it be a crime to miss out on all the fun and action?

The Stars Shine Through the Darkness

The force of one unstoppable story refused to be toppled as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story still had plenty of starry life let in it. Hidden Figures found a prominent place at the box office, taking on a different kind of space adventure, while those unstoppable animated beings continued to give audiences something to Sing about through the earliest cinematic stages of 2017. Audiences taking a strange outing to the Underworld (discovered a) Blood Wars worth battling. Moving on in a less-bloody manner, folks in the strangely delightful La La Land were enjoying one melodious ride
As we successfully ride through these dreary winter days, the stars promised to brighten our world while animation gave it color, the ladies of NASA shone, a visit to the Underworld was bloody good while music filled the winter air, all making the journey entertainingly worthwhile!
Which of our winter delights was worth the trip to your local movie theater?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $22 million.
2. Hidden Figures $21.8 million.
3. Sing $19.6 million.
4. Underworld: Blood Wars $13.1 million.
5 La La Land $10 million.