Thrill Seekers Get Out

The biggest audience decided to Get Out and get caught up in a bit of cinematic thrills this weekend, pushing former champ The LEGO Batman Movie down a peg. Don’t worry too much for our favorite animated heroes, though, who managed to keep all their cinematic pieces successfully together. The Great Wall came crashing down while Fifty Shades Darker was still flying high, holding a starry-eyed shade over romance seekers. John Wick: Chapter Two, while no romance novel, was still a hit
Heroes came in all shapes and colorful sizes this story-filled weekend, hitting all the right notes in movie theaters coast to coast.
Which of our righteous tales hit the most entertaining mark for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

1.Get Out $30.5 million.
2. The LEGO Batman Movie $19 million.
3. John Wick: Chapter Two $9 million.
4. The Great Wall $8.7 million.
5. Fifty Shades Darker $7.7 million.

An Assortment of Animated Tales and More Collide

Ready to Get Out of the winter doldrums and into a warm movie theater, where horror always has a home and the strangest characters are bound to Collide? Crashing into town, Rock Dog can certainly carry a tune but is he strong enough to take apart the champion crew comprising The LEGO Batman Movie? The latest part of that wholesome terrain comes in the form of a special 9-year-old boy, whose tale, My Life as a Zucchini attempts to draw the biggest crowd from the littlest moviegoers.
On a decidedly-less PG-rated note, Fifty Shades Darker plans on enticing the post-Valentine’s Day crowd while John Wick: Chapter 2 plots to make a profitable hit in his latest episode, causing a Fist Fight of sorts among indecisive audience members.
With so much action, animation and inappropriate comedy on the landscape, will The Great Wall come crumbling down? Just how dark can romance get?
Through dark drama, light comedy, freaky characters and family-friendly films, expect fifty ways and more to enjoy an imaginative movie weekend.
Are you prepared for all that action?

A Great Movie Weekend

The LEGO Batman Movie continued to add excitement to the movie neighborhood by assembling an odd assortment of animated heroes, uniting the biggest audience this long holiday weekend. Fifty Shades Darker still shined while The Great Wall came down with great force, taking down the rest of the competition. John Wick: Chapter 2 closed the book (at least for now) on action. Amidst all the action and entertainment, comedy was in competitive attendance during a Fist Fight to the box-office finish line.
Animation remained the victor, a romance grew dark, a hit man brought a different kind of heat, the wall couldn’t keep moviegoers out as a “fierce” fight brought the movie house down.
Which of our fierce films brought you to your favorite movie theater this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:

1. The LEGO Batman Movie $34.2 million.
2. Fifty Shades Darker $21 million.
3. The Great Wall $18.1 million.
4. John Wick: Chapter 2 $16.5 million.
5. Fist Fight $12 million.

Will The Great Wall Lead to a Wellness Cure?

The Great Wall, with Matt Damon as its ultimate defender, is ready to come down on movie theaters this weekend. How great will its arrival, or descent, depending on how you look at it, be? Is there even more greatness to be found for the young fans of The LEGO Batman Movie, who really just want everybody to get along?
Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, might Fifty Shades Darker lose a bit of its dark, dramatic dimensions? What about that drama dude John Wick: (Is his) Chapter Two worth another read? Can the well-read Hidden Figures bring their own drama to even higher NASA-inspired heights or will audiences Split their story time equally between Hollywood’s horrors and delights?
Whatever movie you choose, expect a fun-but-fierce Fist Fight at your local movie theater, where an eclectic cast of characters await!
Which one will offer A Cure for Wellness this weekend for the winter blues?

LEGO Provides the Links to Awesome Entertainment

Those looking for the G-rated kind of entertainment discovered The LEGO Batman Movie united animated and movie lovers of all kinds while a weepie love story got Fifty Shades Darker, adding more dramatic shade to the most romantic of weekends. Hardly the romantic, John Wick: (and his) Chapter 2 brought twice as much dimension to the hit man’s shady repertoire. Despite romance being in the air, the creepiest characters refused to be Split from those with terror (as opposed to tenderness) in their hearts. A Girls Night Out included those Hidden Figures, who gave new meaning to Girl Power.
It was a powerful, passionate weekend at the movies, with a bit of horror and a still-hot hit man thrown into the mix, but our biggest audience preferred heroes of the cartoon-inspired kind, making for one colorfully entertaining experience.
Which of our colorful tales inspired the strongest feelings for you this pre-Valentine’s Day?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. The LEGO Batman Movie $55.6 million.
2. Fifty Shades Darker $48.6 million.
3. John Wick: Chapter 2 $30 million.
4. Split $9.3 million.
5. Hidden Figures $8 million.

Darkness Looms Within Movie Theaters

With A Dog’s Purpose taking its bite out of the box office, are family-friendly audiences willing to make room for that colorful The LEGO Batman Movie? Fortunately, moviegoers are always ready for a trip to Gotham City, even in animated form, guaranteeing The Space Between Us will be occupied quite nicely.
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, our slightly older crowd might prefer time spent with Christian and Anastasia, whose Fifty Shades Darker promises to provide more drama, less color. Also living in a dark yet somewhat different realm is the creepy Resident Evil: (whose) Final Chapter has made for one dramatic page turner. Rings, meanwhile, is working its malevolent magic on its too-scared-to-look-away viewers. Will scare seekers Split their time between all that malevolence?
Luckily, tough John Wick: (and his) Chapter 2 is back in town, ready for his latest action-packed episode as he saves innocent spectators from all that threatens our cinematic well-being.
Of course, a girls’ night out might include a visit to the Gosling-residing La La Land with a Meet-and-Greet with everyone’s favorite female Hidden Figures (who could probably use a well-deserved girls-only get-together).
Which of our thrilling tales is worth getting together for this weekend?

Horror Filled the Movie House

The many personalities creeping their way through M Night Shyamalan’s tale refused to be Split from our cinematically divided community, once again taking over the top spot at the domestic box office. Traveling on equally terrifying roads, Rings kept us going in horrifying circles. Those who preferred appealing over appalling found A Dog’s Purpose gave warm and cozy meaning to family films. Hidden Figures were still making their presence known while the visitors to La La Land were safe and happy in their own music-filled world.
Those who loved a good scare felt right at home in movie theaters coast to coast this weekend, reincarnation was never so sweet, the ladies were still enjoying the limelight as Gosling and Stone continued to shine.
Which of our shining stars sweetened your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Split $14.6 million.
2. Rings $13 million.
3. A Dog’s Purpose $10.8 million.
4. Hidden Figures $10.1 million.
5. La La Land $7.5 million.