Will the Beautiful Beast Still be the One to Beat?

Does BEAUTY AND THE BEAST have what it takes to decimate, in Disney style, of course, their worthy competition this weekend at the movies? Perhaps those mighty POWER RANGERS will put up an even bigger box-office fight. Always-the-fighter LOGAN is still living in the dark future. Has his present success lightened him up any? Maybe a trip to KONG: SKULL ISLAND will make us appreciate our non-island existence as we contemplate the true (movie) meaning of LIFE on the planet Mars, while successful hardly sweet. Will an extended stay sweeten that deal?
Next up, how will movie lovers deal with the BOSS BABY, who is determined to take over movie theaters coast to coast, charming audiences of all ages with his unique, colorful presence.
Last but hardly least, The GHOST IN THE SHELL is ready to save moviegoers from dark beings, fast-talking babies and all-together creepy characters. Can she “soldier” on pass all that fun and frenzy?
It promises to be a fun weekend at the movies, with beauties and babies, blasts from the past, life on other planets and trips to the future with an exotic but eerie locale making the scenery complete.
Which of our eclectic tales will complete your weekend?

Beauty Remained a Box Office Beast

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST remained the most beautiful beast to beat at the box office this weekend, proving once again that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Sizing up the rest of the competition while inspiring a bit of movie-style nostalgia, kid-friendly POWER RANGERS showed they still have what it takes to kick some cinematic butt. LIFE on the planet Mars, meanwhile, offered a glimpse of repulsion (and Ryan Reynolds) while equally-repulsive SKULL: KONG ISLAND was still one gigantic place to visit.
Rounding out the star-studded Top Five, LOGAN loyalists were still being heard.
Disney remained divine, a blast from the imaginative past proved powerful, Reynolds was still Hollywood royalty and an island getaway was anything but idyllic while a future-set hideaway couldn’t keep audiences away.
Which of our present-day tales was worth getting away from it all?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Beauty and the Beast $88.3 million.
2. Power Rangers $40.5 million.
3. Kong: Skull Island $14.4 million.
4. Life $12.6 million.
5. Logan $10.1 million.

Trippin’ Back in Movie Time

Ready for a trip back in story time, as the CHIPS officers travel through those tough Los Angeles streets? Are they ready to take on their powerful competition? Might those also nostalgia-inspiring POWER RANGERS save our modern movie world? LOGAN, meanwhile, is still living in the future as opposed to the memorable past, hoping to speed passed those long-ago legends (in their own minds).
On that rocky road to cinematic success, they’re bound to run into last week’s record-breaking champion BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, still beautifully blending the past with the present. A nearby visit to KONG: SKULL ISLAND, however, might also have a significant place on our movie map this weekend, rivaled only by the humble accommodations waiting within THE SHACK, where the sensitive soul holds a bit more meaningful weight than that scary skull.
The LIFE of a movie lover is filled with twists and turns! Ready to GET OUT and Get Reel?

Beauty Tames the Box Office Beast

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was a sight to behold this weekend, capturing the most beautiful record-breaking spot at the domestic box office. Far from a beauty, KONG: SKULL ISLAND remained the scariest (but still successful) place to visit in our movie universe. Causing a bit of a scare among the others, LOGAN held onto his killer status as thrill seekers remained determined to GET OUT and get to know their film counterparts. Those looking to escape creepy relatives and questionable cast members found THE SHACK still offered a spiritual respite from the aforementioned drama.
It was one beauty of a weekend at the movies, where monsters came in many fascinating forms, an X-Men maintained the X factor, prospective in laws should have been outlawed and an unassuming shack held all the philosophical answers to our deepest movie questions.
Which of our philosophical tales held the answer to an entertaining weekend for you?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Beauty and the Beast $170 million.
2. Kong: Skull Island $28.9 million.
3. Logan $17.5 million.
4. Get Out $13.2 million.
5. The Shack $6.1 million.

Beauty Finds its Own Island

With such a wide variety of stories to choose from, will audiences, having learned prospective in laws just aren’t worth the trouble, decide to Get Out of The Shack, although stirring hardly scenic, and once again make a questionable quest to the Pacific where Kong: Skull Island ominously resides (and the scenery is both picturesque and petrifying?)
Of course, if a bit of beauty is what you seek, the latest rendition of Beauty and the Beast might be more to your movie liking, where the so-called hairy creature is more heartthrob than mythical monster.
Always a heartthrob, and clearly ahead of his time, Logan is still saving the cinematic world in his own way. Is his time almost up?
Maybe what we really need to lighten our movie moments is a Song to Song (with Ryan Gosling) helping to carry that sweet tune.
If a sweet and colorful, G-rated weekend is more your speed, there’s still time to catch The LEGO Batman Movie, where heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
After sizing up all that cinematic competition, how will your weekend shape up?

Kong Crushes the Competition

Kong: Skull Island proved to be one scary but successful place to visit, as moviegoers flocked to the mythical monster locale. In his own gloomy world, Logan was still livin’ the box-office dream, despite the darkness consistently surrounding the infamous character. Audiences continued to Get Out and hang around with some really dangerous, dysfunctional people. Inspiration was once again waiting within The Shack, where movie lovers looking for a bit of peace as opposed to peril had their own other-worldly experience. The LEGO Batman Movie, meanwhile, was left to pick up the rest of the movie pieces.
The pieces of the movie puzzle fit perfectly together, as monsters and a bunch of really mad people crossed paths with spiritual beings and animated wonders.
Which of our wonderful tales crossed your path this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Kong: Skull Island $61 million.
2. Logan $37.9 million.
3. Get Out $21. 1million.
4. The Shack $10.1 million.
5. The LEGO Batman Movie $7.8 million.

Will Kong Kick Logan’s Butt?

With Logan on the movie scene, do any of our other worthy, non-X-Men related characters stand a box-office chance? Will a chance encounter during a visit to The Shack offer the faithful among us a life-altering experience or will moviegoers prefer to Get Out of inspirational tales and into stories of the suspenseful kind? How long can The LEGO Batman Movie keep our littlest movie lovers together? Will the hit John Wick: Chapter 2 be closing that book anytime soon?
Everyone is, naturally, invited to visit Kong: Skull Island, while seemingly idyllic, ultimately proves to be far more appalling than appealing (the name really should have been a tip off).
Dark characters and deeply moving tales highlight our movie experience this weekend, with a remote island setting an even darker stage (to a place no one in their right mind would ever visit outside of a movie theater), with animated heroes adding some much-needed brightness to the Big Screen.
Which of our Big Screen beauties will brighten your weekend?