A Despicable Houseful

It’s shaping up to be one epic summer already, filled with, among others, comediennes, car lovers, transforming beings and despicable darlings! What wonders will our eyes behold this weekend and who, among those “winners,” will be in THE HOUSE?
Comedy is always welcomed in our storytelling neighborhood, but who will have the last laugh?
After a movie-changing moment at the box office last weekend, can champion TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST NIGHT finish first once again? Will CARS 3 be derailed courtesy of the DESPICABLE ME 3 gang, who clearly have no shame? Perhaps the BABY DRIVER, who is aiming for a somewhat older crowd, will take the wheel, cinematically speaking.
Then there’s WONDER WOMAN, who clearly is needed to remain on the scene to direct traffic and keep our crazy characters in their own lane.
Perhaps a stroll down musical memory lane will keep ALL EYEZ ON ME (and numerous bodies glued to their movie theater seats). Naturally, the view is a bit skewed from 47 METERS DOWN, however, above shark-infested seas, the cinematic waters are inviting!
Which of our inviting, memorable tales will catch your eye this weekend?

Transformers Take the Lead

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT naturally took the first place at the domestic box office, becoming the latest hero hell bent on saving our Summer Blockbuster Season. Switching gears, and demographics, the CARS 3 gang was entertaining those interested in a more colorful kind of talking mechanical beings. WONDER WOMAN was still the talk of the town while thrill seekers caught some scary sights from 47 METERS DOWN as music could be heard in the background with ALL EYEZ ON ME catching the many eyes of its fanbase.
Sequels were going strong this summer weekend, bringing the heat to movie theaters coast-to-coast. A knight got the first word on the competitive movie streets while talking Cars found the fast lane on that crowded road to movie success. Girl power remained a wonder to behold, so much was occurring beneath the sea and a slain rapper was once again celebrated.
Which of our powerful tales was worth celebrating for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Transformers: The Last Knight $45.3 million.
2. Cars 3 $25.2 million.
3. Wonder Woman $25.2 million.
4. 47 Meters Down $7.4.
5. All Eyez on Me $5.9 million.

Will Transformers Modernize our Movie World?

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST NIGHT is hoping to have the first AND last word this officially-summer weekend at the movies, transforming the way moviegoers look at those never-ending action films. Its arrival is sure to make for a ROUGH NIGHT for our less-mechanical stars, who are still trying to cover up their assortment of crimes (which include failing to find a place in the Box Office Top Five).
Hardly seeking the same crowd, last week’s champion CARS 3 is sure to stay on the right track with our youngest movie members, out of school and ready to party, Rated G style. Will they be lending a helping hand (and wardrobe change) to CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: (whose) FIRST EPIC MOVIE landed him on an epic road trip of his own?
Speaking of the fashionably challenged, when will the wonderful (movie) days of WONDER WOMAN be up?
Also no slave to fashion, THE MUMMY remains determined to take down anyone who attempts to keep her entombed (i.e. out of the box-office running). Does she have a shot at burying anyone this weekend?
With so many tales to choose from, and ALL EYEZ ON ME, can the story of a slain rapper maintain the short attention span of moviegoers and music lovers alike? Perhaps the scary view from 47 METERS DOWN will put things into perspective this weekend, encouraging beach lovers to become Big Screen spectators instead.
Which of our attention-seeking tales will provide the best view for you this weekend?

Cars 3 Kicks Wonder Woman to the Curb

Lightening McQueen led CARS 3 on the scenic (and most successful) route into town, attracting the biggest audience along the way. After two weeks behind the driver’s seat, WONDER WOMAN graciously took a step down but still remained a cinematic phenomenon. Music lovers were glued to their seats with ALL EYEZ ON ME and the life of Tupac Shakur. Audiences witnessed the stifled life of THE MUMMY and her creepy life above ground. Beach lovers who skipped the actual beach this weekend were taking in the terrifying sights from 47 METERS DOWN.

A woman of wonder continued to command the attention of both men and women, but it was animation that took the lead, driving in high style. A mummy was making connections and a rapper kept things rolling while the shark-infested cinematic seas completed an entertaining, almost-summer weekend.
Which of our stylin’ tales made your weekend complete?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Cars 3 $53.5 million.
2. Wonder Woman $40.7 million.
3. All Eyez on Me $27 million.
4. The Mummy $13.9 million.
5. 47 Meters Down $10.6 million.

Will Cars 3 Command the Lead?

CARS 3 will soon be speeding into town, in broad daylight no less, and is sure to cross paths with fashion-challenged CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, who will not be going gently into that good, animated movie night. As the sun sets on another movie day, A ROUGH NIGHT is predicted for some of our new-in-town characters, whose idea of partying goes comedically wrong.
Nighttime is also apparently the best time to awaken THE MUMMY, who’s clearly holding a grudge against the very-much alive WONDER WOMAN, who did her darndest to keep the undead in her cinematic crypt. Will she be able to keep her “down” another weekend?
Clearly intrigued by her level of deadness, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES are more than happy to share some lively tips with her on how to creep out the fainthearted among us. Do they have what it takes to keep their heads above water? Perhaps the terrifying, shark-infested view from 47 METERS DOWN will keep audiences off the beaches this summer and in front of the big screen where they belong.
Happily belonging to us all, those GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2 guys are still hanging around, making the movie universe safe for everyone, at any hour. With ALL EYEZ ON ME (and, of course, many fictitious others), will audiences be able to look away?
Resting comfortably at sea level, will you be able to take your eyes off another thrilling movie weekend?

Wonder Woman Buries The Mummy

WONDER WOMAN continued to pull in wonderful box office numbers, saving the cinematic world one moviegoer at a time. Saving only herself, THE MUMMY provided countless layers of “lively” entertainment far above ground. Deserving a grounding of his own, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: FIRST EPIC MOVIE led the youngest moviegoers on a colorful caper. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES offered one very telling, seaworthy,adventure. The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Vol 2, meanwhile, was keeping audiences talking.
A heroine and a half-dead provided the girl power with Cruise contributing an entertaining twist, the pirate-filled Caribbean was no match for a challenged but colorful captain as our well-guarded beloved galaxy continued to be a cool crowd pleaser.
Which of our pleasing tales was worth braving the crowds for this hot weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Wonder Woman $57.2 million.
2. The Mummy $32.2 million.
3. Captain Underpants: First Epic Movie $12.3 million.
4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales $10.7 million.
5. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 $6.2 million.

The Mummy Prepares to Bury the Competition

According to the calendar, summer doesn’t technically start for a few more weeks. Hollywood folks, being the impatient bunch they are, clearly have their own profit-determining timetable and have ushered in summer blockbusters weeks before the calendar dictates. Taking a page (dated approximately 75 years ago) out of our illustrious comic book history, WONDER WOMAN proved to be a modern-day, box-office hit last weekend. Will the wonder of her continue indefinitely?
Also taking a giant leap back in time, THE MUMMY, while certainly terrifying, is hoping hanging out with Tom Cruise will result in a long and happy movie future. Does she have what it takes to bury the less-than-dead competition?
Speaking of not-quite dead, just when will PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES stop talking? Perhaps less talk and more action might make the BAYWATCH gang more edge-of-your-beach chair entertaining.
After providing weeks of entertainment, how much is left to say in that entertaining GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2?
As is typically the case with true horror, IT COMES AT NIGHT (when moviegoers are tired and less likely to see the obvious terror approaching). Will audiences come out in droves, day or night, to witness the devastation? Will we be requiring THE HUNTER’S PRAYER to survive that scare?
On a more family-friendly note, might CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, who probably has an early curfew, get a decent wardrobe while maintaining his infamous, animated notoriety?
Then there’s real-life, modern-day marine MEGAN LEAVEY and her loyal, life-saving dog. Will they inspire loyalty among audiences this weekend?
Which of the infamous found on the big screen will inspire loyalty this weekend?