A Successful Homecoming?

Can you ever really go home again? Our favorite, web-slinging superhero sure hopes so, as SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING makes its grand entrance to a homey movie theater near you. Will his adventurous tale have moviegoers on the edge of their seats or will A GHOST STORY be more to the likings of the movie masses? Might the DESPICABLE ME: 3 crew, who would surely run from the aforementioned- ghost, be uncharacteristically gracious enough to offer the CARS 3 kids a lift to a scenic box-office locale? Can that “Me-first” gang really be trusted?
Perhaps the BABY DRIVER will take up even more space on the rocky road to fame and fortune, glimpsing TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT in his rear-view mirror. Does he have the maturity to aid WONDER WOMAN, who’s clearly losing speed as the summer weeks roll by, or will he, like his despicable fellow “drivers,” leave her in his dust?
Once the dust settles, who will take the lead this weekend?


A Despicably Delightful Independence Celebration

During this All-American holiday break, the summer stars were shining, offering one spectacular show filled with old friends and new frenemies. In the old friends’ department, the DESPICABLE ME 3 gang brought the most delight to moviegoers this long weekend, finding the top spot at the domestic box office way more appealing than appalling. Following behind, the BABY DRIVER commanded the attention of those who prefer their action behind the cinematic wheel. Speaking of the action oriented, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT once more offered fast-paced entertainment, nobly paving the way for WONDER WOMAN, whose crown was beginning to slip a bit. Slipping into the Top Five, the CARS 3 cuties found a colorful place to park.
Our summer stars rested comfortably among the fireworks, setting off imaginative sparks coast to coast. Animation held a respectable place in our character-driven atmosphere, a drive was certainly compelling on firm, frenzy ground and a knight remained royalty. Will wonders ever cease?

Which of our wonderful tales made your weekend more compelling?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Despicable Me 3 $75.4 million.
2. Baby Driver $21 million.
3. Transformers: The Last Knight $17 million.
4. Wonder Woman $16.1 million.
5. Cars 3 $9.5 million.