Will Wonder fill our Weekend?

With Christmas just around the story-filled corner, will moviegoers become so caught up in the WONDER currently revolving around a unique family tale (and wonderful, in general, holiday season), that they forget there are no wide releases this weekend? With no new contenders, does last week’s champion COCO still have a lot of life left in her or will that judgmental JUSTICE LEAGUE intend to hold court over anyone who doesn’t believe in the aforementioned wonder of the movie season? Does the (limited-released) DISASTER ARTIST have what it takes to steal some of their holiday joy courtesy of his own artistic tale?
Fortunately, DADDY’S HOME 2 make a believer out of anybody, artist or otherwise, with an assist, naturally, from THOR: RAGNAROK, who’s always ready to help out an imaginative friend (or friendly competition) in need.
Do you need a better reason to take in a movie (or two) this weekend?

Coco Clobbers the Competition

Disney-Pixar’s COCO burst onto the cinematic scene this long holiday weekend, livening up our movie landscape to the biggest, most grateful audience. Our reliable JUSTICE LEAGUE was still serving justice for all moviegoers, illuminating The WONDER of the family-filled season. THOR: RAGNAROK continued to play the hero to perfection while movie lovers (and Santa seekers) once again discovered DADDY’S HOME 2 make our character-driven party complete!
Audiences gave the most thanks for animation this weekend, which was gloriously alive and well. All of our heroes were in a successful league of their own and we learned, once again, there’s no place like home for the holidays!
Which of our gratifying tales made you feel at home this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Coco $49 million.
2. Justice League $40.7 million.
3. Wonder $22.3 million.
4. Thor: Ragnarok $16.8 million.
5. Daddy’s Home 2 $13.3 million.

The Top Ten Holiday Movies I’m Thankful For

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“to live gratitude is to touch Heaven”…Poet Johannes Gaertner

November signifies the start of the heavenly holiday season, when soothing sand and sensational surf are the latest, coolest rage, and a time for family, feasts, and phenomenal films take center stage. There’s so much to be cinematically grateful for, from light family flicks to weighty, thought-provoking drama.
In no particular order (can gratefulness really be graded?), the ultimate, feel-good Thanksgiving films to be enjoyed with or without the assistance of sand and candied yams…

Holiday Inn (1942) was based on a concept by Irving Berlin about an inn that would only be opened during the holidays with our leading men (Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire) vying for the love of their leading lady.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) finds Charlie Brown halfheartedly serving an unexpected dinner for his friends who are in due course served the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
Oscar winner Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) spans a 12-month period beginning and ending with Thanksgiving dinner for an extended family including three New York sisters who bring secrets and scandals to the table.
John Hughes’ Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987) eventually reaches the heart when an impatient-to-get-home family man (Steve Martin) reluctantly lands a holiday travel buddy in an annoying but lonely guy (John Candy).
Macauley Culkin is the forgotten child who’s left Home Alone (1990) and makes the holidays unforgettable for the crooks who try to invade his family’s home.
Scent of a Woman (1992) scored Al Pacino a well-deserved Oscar as a bitter, blind retired army man who is left in the care of a troubled teenager (Chris O’Connell) during the long Thanksgiving weekend.
John Hughes’ Dutch (1991) is a cranky construction worker (Ed O’Neill) who volunteers to pick up his girlfriend’s difficult son (Ethan Embry) from boarding school for Thanksgiving, unaware of the chaos that accompanies the car ride.
Your typical dysfunctional family comes Home for the Holidays (1995) with their own distinct set of problems that they unfortunately feel inclined to share with their “loved ones.”
Paul Newman is Nobody’s Fool (1994) as an unlikeable but lovable small town man who’d rather spend the holidays alone than with his neglected family.
Katie Holmes tries to hold together the Pieces of April (2003) portraying a young woman being pulled in many directions as she struggles to plan a unique Thanksgiving dinner for her equally unique family and boyfriend .

Between the cocktail hour and the casserole dishes, there’s plenty of time for quality films, as the Thanksgiving holiday calls to mind the words of the great Roman philosopher Seneca, who once said, “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”
In honor of all movies, great and small, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Feasting on the Finest Films

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE brought righteousness to our world last weekend, in a really big way, leading off a WONDER for moviegoers of all ages, highlighting the amazement of being different. Will they make a difference this weekend? Might THE STAR find a bigger space in our imaginative sky, pointing the way toward the most colorful story (and a long weekend) or will COCO fill our cinematic heavens with the liveliest legend?
Searching for Heaven on Earth, ROMAN J ISRAEL, ESQ. (who bears a striking resemblance to Denzel Washington) is determined to defend movie lovers from the threat of uninspiring stories. Will they find inspiration in his plight or will he be outnumbered by the heroes currently occupying cinematic space?
Might a MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS distract us from what’s truly important, namely turkey and timely tales?
Maybe THOR: RAGNAROK will stick around to assist stressed-out holiday shoppers, offering a much-needed respite from long lines. Now that the festive season is finally here, is DADDY’S HOME 2 small to contain our fellow holiday shoppers?
What will you be shopping for this weekend, good sales or great stories?

…And Justice for All

The JUSTICE LEAGUE gave the biggest audience something to be thankful for this pre-Thanksgiving weekend, taking their rightful place at the top of the box office charts. A WONDER of a movie weekend was discovered in a heartfelt family film while THOR: RAGNAROK remained in the hearts of all those struggling to find an unjustified hero.
Audiences once again found DADDY’S HOME 2 bring us all together for the holidays. Cruising right along, a MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS was still riding the imaginative, bumpy rails.
The stars aligned this weekend, illuminating the wonder of our movie world. We discovered heroes never really die in our universe (through the magic of sequels), being different can be wonderful, murder is always worth the trip and the holidays, naturally, would not be complete without family and chaotic comedy.
Which of our hearty tales made your weekend complete?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Justice League $96 million.
2. Wonder $27.1 million.
3. Thor: Ragnarok $21.8 million.
4. Daddy’s Home 2 $14.8 million.
5. Murder on the Orient Express $13.8 million.

A Wonder of a Weekend

Feeling thankful for an upcoming weekend filled with THE STAR(s) in all their colorful glory? With so much glorious star power, can THOR: RAGNAROK hold onto his champion status? Naturally, DADDY’S HOME TWO take over the movie household, but will A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS prove too good to pass on by?
For those passersby who like to travel, a MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS might be more to their movie liking, fitting in nicely with the murder-seeking JIGSAW gang.
With violence rearing its ugly head, even during our thankful season, it’s a good thing THE JUSTICE LEAGUE has finally arrived to restore our faith in both real and reel life.
If that wasn’t enough entertainment, a sure-to-tug-at-the-heartstrings story promises to round out our weekend quite nicely.
Is it any WONDER movie lovers are so grateful?

Thor Beats Dads, Moms and Murder

THOR: RAGNAROK continued to successfully battle the baddies while taking time from his box-office champion duties to gallantly pave the way for his less heroic competition. Audiences happily found DADDY’S HOME TWO celebrate the season, riding into more festive scenery than a MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, which offered one bumpy, edge-of-your-seat ride. A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS proved once again being bad can bring good results. Finally, a far-from-festive JIGSAW kept it all imaginatively together.
All together, our pre-Thanksgiving stars gave us a weekend to be thankful for, a battle was won, a murder was committed and more than a few of our Christmas-seeking characters really should have been committed, making the cinematic puzzle complete!
Which of our festive tales made your weekend complete?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Thor: Ragnarok $56.6 million.
2. Daddy’s Home Two $30 million.
3. Murder on the Orient Express $28.2 million.
4. A Bad Mom’s Christmas $11.5 million.
5. Jigsaw $3.4 million.