A Day of Uncle Drew and Crew

A drug-fueled war is soon to occur within Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Will it result in endless days spent in the spotlight or will also new-in-town Uncle Drew be the ultimate champion, on the courts and in our movie community? Not if the folks behind unstoppable Jurassic World: A Fallen Kingdom have anything to say about it, as they prepare to dominate another weekend. Who’s taking them down?
Certainly not The Incredibles 2, who, although definitively incredible, are happy with the young, loyal following they’ve clearly established outside of that fallen kingdom.
The Ocean’s 8 ladies, far less gracious, can always be counted on to concoct some scheme to get whatever it is they want. How many moviegoers will they be stealing this weekend? Deadpool 2, meanwhile, is feeling the heat as his days of dominating inch closer to a dramatic end.
Before those ending credits, will there be any time left for a rousing game of Tag or will audiences be marking that off their list? What will that do to those guys’ identities? Will they Leave No Trace of their former selves?
Which of our summer stories will you be identifying the most with this weekend?

An Incredible Rise Within a Fallen Kingdom

The inhabitants of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom rose out of extinction and claimed the top spot at the domestic box office this weekend, outpacing last week’s champion The Incredibles 2 (who remained no-less incredible). The ladies of Ocean’s 8 were still kicking cinematic butt while an entertaining game of Tag continued to raise everyone’s spirits. The mood wasn’t quite as lively for the dark soul within Deadpool 2, who clearly did not appreciate being booted further to the curb.
Happily, life in our movie kingdom was thriving, with dinosaurs alive and successfully well, animation still amazing and a more-adult game offering a pleasant diversion, with a war among our stars, Marvel and not, kicking off one incredible summer!
Which of our diverse tales kicked off your summer just right?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $150 million.
2. The Incredibles 2 $80.9 million.
3. Ocean’s 8 $11.7 million.
4. Tag $8.2 million.
5. Deadpool 2 $5.3 million.

Fallen into Summer Movies

Ready for the start of one Jurassic-sized summer? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom promises to rise above all those lacking-in-dinosaurs films we’ve become accustomed to as we’ve patiently waited for their latest edge-of-your-seat installment. How high will they rise in our movie kingdom? Are they ready to take down the ladies of Oceans 8, who will clearly try every underhanded trick to keep their profitable place in town? We can also count on that morally questionable Deadpool 2 do his foul-mouthed best to hold onto as many fans as his Marvelous self can claim.
With so many sure to visit the aforementioned-fossil empire on firm ground, will Solo: A Star Wars Story soon be losing their place in the cinematic skies? Is their story played out? What about our colorful champion friends The Incredibles? Who’s taking that winning team down?
With so many stories to choose from, perhaps a rousing game of Tag will be more to our movie liking, unless we discover it more in our Hereditary to keep moving onto the next best thing (or maybe we’re just running in fear).
The game is on! What imaginative world will you be running to check out this weekend?

An Incredible Weekend

The Incredibles 2 stayed true to their title, finding one incredible box-office locale. The competition was tough among the rest of the less-credible, but a spirited game of Tag proved profitable. The ladies of Ocean’s 8, however,being the devious divas they are, managed to steal their thunder. Solo: A Star Wars Story discovered it really is lonely (and not nearly as profitable) at the (sort of) top while Deadpool 2 was still alive (just not as well as the weeks roll by).
Animation had one amazing opening, the ladies walked away a winner, proving crime Does pay, heroes, however were still alive and kicking and the stars remained as more than one entertaining game was played out on the Big Screen.
Which of our lively tales kicked your weekend into high gear?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.The Incredibles 2 $180 million.
2. Ocean’s 8 $19.5 million.
3. Tag $14.6 million.
4.Solo: A Star Wars Story $9.3 million.
5. Deadpool 2 $8.6 million.

Looking Toward an Incredible Weekend

The Incredibles 2 are ready to take over movie theaters, saving the youngest of moviegoers with their own brand of (animated) heroic skills. Despite his smugness, Deadpool 2 is starting to feel the effects of so many heroes entering the landscape. Will he soon by DOA? Might we find a healing power within Hotel Armetis? Will our Hereditary prove that family really isn’t worth the mind-numbing fear they inspire, or will audiences be too afraid to deny them their cinematic inheritance? Despite their legacy, might Solo: A Star Wars Story be nearing The End? What about the folks comprising Avengers: Infinity War? Do they have a fighting chance among so many Blockbuster wannabes?
Wanting way more than his share, new-in-town Gotti is looking forward to sharing scandalous tips with the ladies of Ocean’s 8 (who could teach their own class on criminal activity). Who will pull off the biggest heist this weekend?
Have all these options left you feeling Adrift, sending you wandering, naturally, to the closest movie theater?
Along that aimless yet entertaining journey, can peace stand a (profitable) chance in this Hollywood-fueled game of Tag (our peacekeeping incredible friends, notwithstanding?)
It’s a Race (3) to the movie finish line!

Ocean Sails to the Top

Ocean’s 8, devious bunch they are, stole the show this weekend, pulling off one great cinematic heist. In our starry solar system, the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story still resided. Living on his own R-rated terms, Deadpool 2 was seeing his own peculiar stars. Horror met with Hereditary, making most of us grateful for the far-less-horrifying families we’ve got while our friends the Avengers: Infinity War were starting to feel like family as they held their place among so many familial stars.
It was all relative this weekend at the movies, with the ladies sailing successfully to the top. We learned Marvel heroes never really die and families can be fatal as the battle between those celestial beings played on…

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Ocean’s 8 $41.5 million.
2. Solo: A Star Wars Story $15.2 million.
3. Deadpool 2 $13.7 million.
4. Hereditary $13 million.
5. Avengers: Infinity War $6.8 million.

Oceans on the Way

Will the stars continue to lead us toward the summer of 2018, courtesy of Solo: A Star Wars Story or will moviegoers be sent Adrift among so many choices? Deadpool 2, naturally, is planning on taking everything he can get, and then some, possibly provoking the Avengers (into the never-ending) Infinity War. Will that battle ever end? Of course, some may prefer a good story in place of a bloody battle, which our female-driven Book Club would be more than happy to provide.
Moving on, but still in a female-centric area, the cast of Ocean’s 8 is hoping to sail past all of them this weekend. Will they be sailing straight to the top of the box office or will audiences prefer fear to females? The ladies probably won’t take it too personally if they do, because, although hardly family-friendly, horror lovers may find it’s all Hereditary this weekend, as they bring their favorite loved ones to the familial fest.
Which of our friendly tales will find the most love this weekend?